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ACCESS Resort and Villa

Guest's Comments

 - Mr. EA S. Pedersen, room 170, Danish, Period 10-24/9/2009

Very nice hotel, love the Pool / Pool bar and all staff.

- Ms. Joanna lerry, room 115, USA, Period 4-11/9/2009
Wonderful Hotel – will return again. Thank you.

- Chariotte Hawsen, room 223, Danish, Period 16-30 /07/2009
To many kind.

- Lisa Christhansen & Frank Mogen, room 118, Norwegian, Period 06-20/08/2009
Thank you so much to all of you who have contributed in making our holiday here in Phuket. A Fantastic and truly memorable experience!! Hope to see you all again soon.

- Mana Kaus, room 222, Danish, period 16/7 – 30/7/2009
Fantastic Hotel!!

- Chariotte Hawsten, room 223, Danish, period 16/7 – 30/7/2009
To many kind.

- Marianne S. Pedersn, Denmark, room no. 227, period 8-23/1/2009
Uraiwan S. have been the best, we love hear, hope that we get hear next year also.

- Gitte S. Peter Haalk, Denmark, room no. 226, period 9-23/1/2009
The best holiday. Ever hope we come back will miss your kindness, You’re a lovely people.

- Jurgen / Muna Surensen, Denmark, room no. 175, period 2-23/1/2009
Say to the staff that they do everything excellent!! Always smiling, helping and so on.
Thank you for everything.

- Inge Grell, Denmark, room no. 174, period 2-23/1/2009
It has been an fantastic holiday.

- Into Sirpa / Pentti, Finnish, room no. 135, period 4-25/1/2009
We are so happy to stay hear in your hotel. We love all of you.

- Elina Maki, Timo Klukkonen, Finnish, room no. 265, period 15-25/1/2009
Thank your. Very much for hospitality and friendly maybe we see you next year again.

- Jensolsen, Denmark, room no. 217, period 1-16/1/2009
Nice people, always smiling.

- Jessica Grundy, Australian, room no. 146, period 1-5/12/2008
Overall a fantastic holiday!. Its amazing just having the pool. Just steps away! A beautiful resort.

- Hagberg / Dennis, Sweden, room no. 119, period 7-21/1/2009
Very nice hotel, the people who works here are very helpful and nice to the guests.

- Joakim / Annika Lundbladh, Sweden, room no. 126, period 7-21/1/2009
Perfect place, service, staff. We had a perfect vacation here, We are so happy and thankful!!
We will recommend this to everyone we know.

- Pedersea, Norway, room no. 163, period 3-17/1/2009
Very Good!!!

- Steinar Suversen / Lill Gro Gulldy, Norway, room no. 162, period 16-31/1/2009
We are satisfied with your hotel and staff.

- Leosve, Estonia, room no. 167, period 28/12/2009-11/1/2009
Very nice people and hotel!!

- Jane Andersen / Flemming Rasmuse, Danish, room no. 256, period 15-29/1/2009
We will like to say thank you to all personal for an unforgeteble two weeks. We have enjoyed it all.

- Barbara Sikorska / Patrick Nilsson, Swedish, room no. 132, period 24/12/2008-7/1/2009
We will like to say thank you to all personal for an unforgeteble two weeks. We have enjoyed it all.

- Carita / Benny Liljendahl, Finnish & Swedish, room no. 182, period 20/12/2008 – 3/1/2009
Thank you for giving us two lovely weeks in this beautiful place. We will never forget this Christmas and New Year, and all kind, smiling, helpful people. Perhaps we will return with 2-4 years!?.

- Wilson / Jacks, Australia, room no. 158, period 21/12/2008-3/1/2009
Thank you for a wonderful stay. We found all staff, friendly and always happy.

- Vig Jauncssou Chustel Bodenas, Swedish, room no. 135, period 19/12/2008-2/1/2009
We are very satisfied. The place and the staff are lovely. The service is very good!. We will come back as soon as we can. Thank you for everything!! Happy New Year!!.

- Lisa Gibbon, Australia, room no. 224, period 25/12/2008-2/1/2009
Very lovely stay. Thank you very much.

- Levich Jahnike, Australia, room no. 266, period 30/12/2008-4/1/2009
Thank you very much for the lovely service. We especially liked our fevourite member of staff.

- Vari ja Katia Savolainen, Finish, room no. 218, period 24/12/2008-7/1/2009
We haven’t used The Elements spa. This is a paradise. Thank you for your services. We hope that we can come back here someday.

- Gardiner, Australian, room no. 227, period 19/12/2008-02/1/2009
Phatcharaporn T, Chalin, Mana, and all other staff are very friendly and deliver excellent service.

- Katreina Mauwule, Finish, room no. 145, period 4-18/1/2009
Very kind, friendly hotel and staff. We love very much, nice, beautiful hotel.

- Ella and timo korolainen, Finish, room no. 173, 213, period 28/12/2008-11/1/2009
Staff is really friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is also excellent. We can recommend this place to our friends. 

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