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At Access Resort & Villas, we not only provide you with an extremely nice treatment with all those beautiful essences at our Elements Spa, but also keep you fit at all times in our fitness room as well.

Be our guest and enjoy your lazy day at our Spa. Do nothing but lie on your back all day long - let us do the rest and you may end up asking yourself whether you would love to stay a little longer, with our classy treatment.

Body Massage

Thai Traditional Massage

A Traditional body massage passed down from generations using palms, thumbs, elbows and stretching to concentrate on the pressure points of your body to revive tired muscle and blood circulation.

Aromatic Massage 

Using The Elements for a wonderful gentle aromatic Massage. Using the pressure of palms and thumbs with long strokes to apply a unique blend of oil.  This massage will improve energy flow and leave  the entire body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

Swedish Massage 

Created specially for your tired body. This oil massage uses thumbs in gliding strokes to soothe aching muscles and relieve tension.

The Elements Massage 

The most popular full body massage is a combination of Deep Tissue and Ancient Thai Traditional technique. This traditional method of massage loosens and soothes tight and sore muscles.

Sport Massage 

This Massage is a Deep Tissue technique. Highly recommended for those who prefer a strong massage or have a specific muscular problem area.

Back Massage 

This massage is adapted from Thai Traditional Massage.  Using palms and thumbs to concentrate on the neck, shoulders and lower back.  It is designed to alleviate tension throughout the body especially on the back area.

Body Treatments

The Elements Body Scrub 

Treat your body using fresh Tamarind Seed, Honey and Milk Powder to remove dead skin cells and leave your body with soft and glowing skin.

Coconut Body Scrub 

This premium body exfoliating treatment is perfect for dry-skin types.  Using fresh local Thai Coconut mixed with rich moisturizing yogurt and Milk Power to exfoliate and remove surface cells.

Banana Body Wrap 

Using Organic Honey and Black Sesame Seed to exfoliated the dead skin and a nourishing skin wrap with fresh bananas mixed with Oat Milk will leave your skin supple.

Sea Salt Body Scrub 

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Scrub is gently rubbed over your body to remove dead skin cells with a blend of milk oil and Sea Salt that nourishes the skin, improves blood circulation, leaving your skin as soft as velvet.

Herbal Body Scrub 

A Thai Herbal Scrub using Clay, Rice, Dried Flower, Magrut and Patchouli oil.  This scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated.

After-Sun Relief 

This treatment has been specially designed to help relieve the pain and damaged skin. The purest essential oil compress and aloe vera is applied to the body to moisturize.

Facial Treatments

 The Elements Cleansing Facial

This is a facial treatment using natural ingredients such as an  Organic Honey and Fresh Cucumber mask to complete the facial and leave your skin feeling fresh and invigorated.

Aroma Cleansing Facial

A gentle cleansing facial which helps to extract impurities while rebalancing and correcting.  A purifying scrub and hydrating mask revitalizes the skin.

Anti-Stress Cleansing Facial

A gentle facial using pure essential oils and pressure point massage on your face, neck, shoulders. This facial will leave your skin felling fresh and invigorated.

Men’s Pampering Cleansing Facial

 A cleansing, refreshing facial incorporating all of the elements of the Ultimate Aromatic facial, using products specifically designed for men.

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