Aquamarine Resort & Villa, Phuket, Kamala Beach


Aquamarine Resort & Villa


The spa is open from 10:00- 22:00 

Facial Treatments
  • Classical Facial (60 mins.)
    Another sensational deep cleansing treatment specially for oily skin to combination skin to assist in healing sunburn.
  • Special Treatment For Sun Damage Skin (60 mins.)
    Specially designed to relieve over exposure to the sun. Is cleanses the face and gently massages followed by application of Multi Vitamin recovery masque to enrich the skin.
  • Anti-Wrinkle Facial Treatment (60 mins.)
    This facial treatment is designed to soften and reduce facial lines by applying in gentle steps.
  • The Lotus Fruit Facial Treatment (45 mins.)
    A real natural beauty treatment - it cleanses, massage and moisturizes your face by using traditional Thai herbs and fruits to leave you with a natural and refreshing feeling.
  • Aroma Therapy Facial (50 mins.)
    An uplifting experience using pure essential oils to cleanse and refresh, a facial massage and mask is designed to purify and promote beautiful radiant skin.
  • Deep Cleansing Facial
    A refreshing facial treatment providing cleansing, gentle exfoliation and followed by a detoxifying facial mask.
Body Treatments
    An invigorating body scrub that will refine and soften skin texture and slough away dead skin cells giving your skin smooth silky touch.
  • Coconut Body Glow
    Grate the flesh of Coconut and mix it with ground yellow bean to exfoliate and moisturize the skin will leave your skin a satiny smooth silky touch. 30 mins.
  • Traditional Thai Herbal Scrub (30 mins. )
    Wakes up tired skin, this Thai herbal body scrub by uses plant extracts containing ingredients such as Turmeric pineapple, tamarind Honey & milk is applied to further nourish the skin.
  • BODY WRAP (60 mins.)
    Detoxify Seaweed Wrap
    A detoxifying treatment designed to draw toxins out from the body using the beneficial properties of seaweed. Heat is used to activate the efficacy of the seaweed to further nourish the skin.
  • Dead Sea Mask Body Mask (60 mins.)
    A skin-brightening treatment by using dead sea black mud with its skin healing benefits. The treatment starts with a body glow using dead sea salt thereafter which dead sea black mud is applied especially beneficial for those with dry skin conditions.
  • Aquamarine Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage (60 mins.)
    A special pleasant massage using volcanic stone warm stone used to ease away the stress and muscular tension; thoroughly soothing and relaxing.
  • Traditional Thai Massage (60/90 mins.)
    Thai massage is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine. An ancient technique stretching and pressure point working to balance energy and to soothe aches and pains and relieve areas of tension.
  • Tranquility Massage (50 mins.)
    Full-body massage working effectively to tone muscles. This oil-based massage are absorbed through the skin circulating their healing properties throughout the body.
  • Aromatherapy Hydrating Massage (50 mins.)
    A relaxing massage style with your choice of essential oil, this aromatic blend is applied through gentle kneading and rhythmic light strokes to create a feeling of complete relaxation for both body & mind.
  • The Lotus Head & Shoulder Massage (30 mins)
    A soothing head massage with essential oils help to penetrate the blood stream and central nervous system to cleans and balance the internal systems and energy centers of the body.
  • Traditional Balinese Massage (75 mins)
    A medium pressure with a long sensual strokes, working the length of the muscle to relieve tension, all sequences finish with upward strokes toward heard. with the pressure techniques to ease away muscular tension and stress.
  • Yin & Yung Soothing Aroma Meridian Massage (75 mins.)
    A unique massage based upon Chinese belief of Yin &Yung and aromatherapy a warm compress of herbal extracts is applied to warm the body's meridian's pathways and stimulate acupressure points. A soothing massage is applied using aromatic essential oils.
  • Swedish Body Massage (50 mins)
    A popular European massage style full body massage using the long strokes and classical massage movement thoroughly soothing and relaxing.
  • Relaxing Back Massage (30 mins)
    A deep tissue massage that will work on the muscle tissues to release tensions and tightness across the back.
  • Royal Foot massage (30 mins.)
    Foot massage is the effect way relieving pain and relaxing by palpitating the pressure points in the feet that reflect the body's structure and considered to be part of the healing process.
  • Deep Tissue Sport Massage (50 mins)
    A deep tissue massage is focused on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Through slow strokes and pressure across the grain of muscles and tendon. It's great for relieving chronic muscular tension.
Beauty Salon
  • Nail Care: Manicure Pedicure
  • Hair Care: Shampoo and Blow Dry
    Hair Braid (Short Hair)
    Hair Braid (Long Hair) 
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