Phuket Attractions

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  • Monkey Hill in Phuket Town

    Phuket Town Attractions

    Toe Sae Hill in Phuket Town is sometime referred to as Monkey Hill.The reason why becomes fairly obvious after a few hundred metres when you come across a troupe of macaques munching away on fruit brought to them by locals.

    Probably the highest hill in Phuket Town, Monkey Hill is home to a few TV and radio stations and a popular recreation spot where many locals jog on a daily basis. The hill has a number of great viewpoints at different levels.

  • Phuket Monkey Hill's Highlights

    There is one man in particular known as Pae Hog (aka Uncle Hog) who is there daily and will do a 'show' for you with his little friends. According to him there are about 400 macaques in total. They live in groups all over Monkey Hill. When he comes he gives them food separately or else they fight for it so it can get chaotic. These macaques are not aggressive and do not approach people as certain temple monkeys do, nevertheless care should be taken if you are with small children.

    Near the bottom of the hill stands a colourful shrine devoted to three holy spirits; Toe Sae Dang, Toe Sae Dam and Toe Sae Kaow. It’s usually busy on Friday though it opens every day. Many people come here specifically to ask for lucky numbers for the lottery.

    Good to Know

    Halfway up to Monkey Hill peak is a rudimentary exercise park. Unlike other viewpoints in Phuket the views on the way up are better than at the peak itself. This is because there are TV stations on the top and satellite towers dominate the summit, obscuring the views down over Phuket. There are several places to stop and peek through the trees at Phuket's port, the town and the sea.

    You can drive a car up to the peak but remember that the hill is quite steep. The best way to enjoy the place is the local way – by walking up and admiring the scenery along the way. It takes roughly about two hours for a round trip, depending on each person. The road is not long but the steepness makes it quite difficult to go fast.

    There is a restaurant by the name Green Forest near the bottom of the hill with a view of the east coast and it’s a nice place to sit and have some lunch or cold drinks.

    Monkey Hill

    • Location: Near Phuket Provincial Hall and Provincial Court in Phuket Town. If you are coming from Thepkasattri Road, take the first road left after Phuket Prison situated on Dammrong Road. This is Toe Sae Road which leads up to Monkey Hill.
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