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  • Radar Hill Viewpoint in Phuket

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    Radar Hill Viewpoint is the highest in Phuket. Towering above Patong and looking out over the eastern part of the island it’s unmistakable from both east and western Phuket.

    Accessible only from the east, the picturesque (and sometimes steep) road winds up through villages and rubber plantations.

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  • Radar Hill Viewpoint Highlights

    If you look directly up to the east up above Patong you will see a bubble-like structure at the very top of the hill. This, at 529 metres and sometimes in the clouds, is the second-highest peak on Phuket Island. To get there, you'll have to go via Chao Fa West Road where there is a gateway-like entrance and a big yellow sign in Thai leading to the Wat (temple) Silsupahram, home of the monk Luang Pu Supah who at 115 years old (2011) is allegedly the oldest man in the world. Turn down this road and keep going past the temple. Here, the road starts to ascend and at times it can be quite steep. If you are confused as to which road to take ask locals for 'grom utu' (which means ‘weather station’) and point upwards.

    The views on the way up are spectacular and feature Phuket's Bang Wad reservoir and of course Chalong Bay with surrounding islands. It's definitely worth a few stops along the way to take it all in and when you reach the top you're in for a big surprise as there down below, on the other side of the hill spread out like a toy town, is Patong with the Andaman Sea receding off into the distance.

    Good to Know about Radar Hill

    The road ends at the military owned weather station so park well away from it and do not point your camera at the gates. Fresh air, great views and a sense of achievement from being on the highest viewpoint on the island - what can beat that? Just remember to get enough petrol or diesel beforehand because this is quite a trek - there are several gas stations located on Chao Fa West Road.

    Radar Hill

    • How to get there: On Chao Fa West Road, take the small road up to Villa Zolitude. Radar Hill Viewpoint is located about two kilometres after the hotel.
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