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On our Daily Dive Trips on Racha Yai Island, we offer you top quality diving in a non-crowded and relaxed atmosphere. We avoid big boats, crowded reefs and always dive in small groups. Because we are already located just beside all the best dive sites, another advantage is that you don't have to spend half of your day traveling to the reefs.

If you want to do a beach dive, just gear up, jump in and you're at the dive site. When going with boats to the other reefs around the island, the trip still takes maximum of 15 minutes. This way you can easily make three dives every day, and still have time in between to enjoy the beaches and the Nature on the island.

PADI Dive Courses

Introduction Dives

Scuba diving is a very safe and relaxing activity when done together with trained professionals. Anyone from eight years onwards in normal health can experience the thrill of the underwater sights.

You will meet our professional diving instructors, who guide you to your first underwater experience step by step. We avoid crowded beaches or boats, always diving in very small groups so our instructors can provide more time and personal attention to you. We dive in shallow calm bays, where the waters are always clear and warm.

After the theory part you have the basic knowledge about pressure, equipment and environment. Then you'll practice in shallow water breathing underwater and few simple skills. When getting used to be underwater you are ready for your first scuba dive.

Together with the instructor, you will swim along the beautiful reef, observing the colorful corals and fish. You will stay all the time in shallow depth and the dive will last about one hour.

The whole program is conducted in about two hours and it is a great chance for anyone to try diving and see why millions of people are scuba diving today. If you like this experience, you can enroll in the PADI Open Water Course and get an international scuba diving license. If you decide to do your course with us, we won't charge you for the introduction dive. 

Open Water Course

On Racha Yai island, we offer you an Open Water Course to suit your needs and learning abilities. We concentrate on personal attention and extra time from the instructors can always be provided.

We never teach big groups, which provides you with much better learning capabilities.

All our multilingual instructors and Divemaster are experienced divers and teachers already for several years.

The course is a basic beginner level diving course that can be conducted in four days, and is a combination of theory and diving. Five theory lessons will be conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surrounding. Diving is a combination of shallow-water practice and four actual scuba dives.

After the completion of the course you will receive a PADI Open Water Diver certificate, as well as an international scuba diving license.

The best part of the course at Racha Yai island is that instead of spending half of your day in boats for traveling, after your theory lesson, you gear up, walk 20 meters and you are at the dive site. 

Advanced Open Water Course

The Advanced Open Water Course is the Open Water Divers' next step to gain more experience. The aim of the course is to introduce to several different diving specialty areas.

In Racha Yai island, we carefully build the program together with our students, letting you to decide what kind of dives you are interested in.

During two-three days you will make five dives under the supervision of our instructors, learning new skills and becoming more confident in the water. You can participate in an Advanced Open Water Course immediately after being certified as a Open Water Diver.

There are plenty of different diving specialty areas to choose the five dives you want, like Navigation Dive, Deep Dive, Night Dive, Wreck Dive, Multilevel Dive, Drift Dive, Underwater Naturalist etc... The whole course will be conducted in small groups, and if needed, extra time from the instructor is always available.

Theory is mostly self-study from the PADI manuals just going through the main aspects together with your instructor. The aim is being in the water and diving, learning new skills and gaining more experience in a safe environment. 

Rescue Diver Course

During the Open Water Course and Advanced Open Water Course you have learned the critical skills of becoming a safe diver. When feeling confident in the water, you might consider becoming a rescue diver. The aim of the course is to learn how to prevent and deal with problems related to diving.

The course is a combination of theory and practice. Theory lessons provide you with the vital information you need to response properly in several different situations. In the water you practice 10 different exercises and two scenarios during three-four days. 

Medic First aid Course

efore becoming certified as a PADI Rescue Diver, you need to have basic knowledge about First Aid and CPR. During this one-day course you learn about these important non-diving related emergencies. 

Divemaster Course

When you are thinking about scuba diving as your full or part time job, you might consider enrolling in the PADI Divemaster Course. This course is the first step in becoming a recreational diving professional. Divemaster is an underwater guide and an assistant for instructor.

In Racha Yai island, we provide you with all the required steps in becoming a Divemaster, but we also will concentrate to give you an idea how it is to work in the diving industry. You will be part of our diving team and engage in all possible activities.

The course can be done in a minimum of two weeks, but for your learning, we recommend to have a minimum of one month. During the whole course, we offer you unlimited diving. After the course, we will help with finding your first job and provide you with lots of good contacts in the industry, in Thailand and overseas.

The course is a combination of theory, skill practice and work with actual customers. The theory part provides you with a high level of diving knowledge. In the water you will practice the vital skills that are required from a Divemasterand the main part of the course is working together with our diving team. You will be in the water with actual students helping the instructors and learning how to supervise diving activities. 

Specialty Diving Courses

If you are interested in a certain diving specialty area, we can offer several different PADI Specialty Diver Courses. All courses will be conducted at Racha Yai Island's various dive sites and upon finishing the course you will receive a PADI Specialty Diver Certificate.

Deep Diver Course
This course is designed to learn about deep diving planning, equipment and techniques. The course includes four dives over two days.

Night Diver Course
This course is designed to learn about the specialized equipment and dive planning considerations to safely participate in night diving activities. The course includes three dives during two-three evenings.

Search And Recovery Course
The aim of this course is to learn how to safely conduct underwater searches and recover small to medium-sized objects to the surface. The course includes four dives over two days.

Underwater Navigator Course
This course concentrates on different navigation techniques and equipment considerations for underwater navigation. The course includes three dives over two days.

Wreck Diver Course
This course is designed to teach about specialized equipment, techniques and planning involved in wreck penetrations. The course includes four dives over two days.

Drift Diver Course
The aim is to learn safe drift diving techniques, including dive planning and equipment considerations. The course includes two dives over one-two days.

Multilevel Diver Course
The course provides you with important dive planning information and the knowledge of using diving computers and the PADI Wheel to safely engage in multilevel diving activities. The course includes two dives over one-two days.

Underwater Naturalist Course
The course gives you a lot of information about the aquatic life and different diving environments. It also educates divers how to protect the underwater reefs. The course includes two dives during one-two days.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Course
Buoyancy checks, fine-tuning your buoyancy and streamlining are the main aspects of the course. The course includes two dives over one-two days.