Bhukitta Hotel & Spa, Phuket, Thailand


Bhukitta Hotel & Spa


Thai Chakras Spa managed by 'Sukko Spa' to balance energy, colour the senses and soothe the soul.

Thai Chakras Spa @ Bhukitta

We merge the traditional healing massages with sensations of the rainbow colours and Thai culture of hospitality to enhance the chakras, which is fundamental to inner harmony and health. Among the outstanding highlights is its signature treatment, “The Bliss of Thai Chakras” a specially created combination of Thai Herb’s Body Scrub & Mask, aromatherapy body massage, Floral Water Body Spray and Thai Herbs Purifying Facial Spa.

Thai Energy Healing Legacy
Thai culture, rich in its diversity of source has been crystallized to form the basis of treatments delivered at Thai Chakras Spa.
The energy healing in traditional Thai medicine is based on the belief in the energy life force that runs throughout an intricate and complex network of 72,000 energy channels within the human body. Only ten of which are focused as the main channels. Major acupressure points found along these ten energy lines correspond to the chakras or energy centers. Applying appropriate pressure on these points is believed to release the body’s natural healing energies and redirect them to areas that need healing. When energy flows and is in balance, health is maintained, youthfulness is preserved, self- healing is promoted and well-being is restored.
Thai Chakras Spa merges the traditional healing massages with sensations of the rainbow colours and Thai culture of hospitality to enhance the chakras, which is fundamental to inner harmony and health.

Traditionally Natural Products
Products used must meet the stringent standards and code of ethics passed down through generations of traditional Thai herbalists. Raw materials are derived from herbs grown, harvested and preserved in the prescribed manner. And the compounding of medicine is strictly controlled by certified traditional Thai herbalists, complementing the spa’s concept of traditional healing. No petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colours are allowed.

Culturally Trained Staff
All Thai Chakras staff is trained at Sukko Spa Academy, Certified by the Ministry of Education. The training consists of both theoretical and practical skills. Trainees must first successfully complete the mandatory 800-hour course before being chosen to be on the team of therapists. This stringent process of selection ensures a high standard of proficiency. The method of teaching follows Thai traditions: the trainees pay respect and gratitude to "Kru"- the trainers, and as a form of reciprocation, "Kru" share all their knowledge, show kindness and patience while providing expert supervision. The trainees will also receive instruction in morality and meditation in order to understand Thai Chakras’s holistic approach to the treatment process.

Spa-ing to balance the energy, colour the senses and sooth the soul.
From glorious morning to tranquil night, Thai Chakras treatments enable guests to experience every essence of happiness through traditional Thai living, living a colourful life.

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