Coral Island Resort, Phuket, Thailand


Coral Island Resort, Phuket, Thailand


Coral Island is outstanding, and comes closer than most to fulfilling that seductive mental image we all seen to have of discovering a remote, perfect, untouched island escape, where the sand is pure and white, the water translucent, the sunsets inspiring and the crowds far away.

Situated three kilometres off the south-east coast of Phuket, the island is surrounded by colourful coral reefs, hence the name Coral Island. The island has two long stretches of white, sandy beach on one side, and a few quiet bays on the other.

Only 15 mins by speedboat or 30 mins by ferry from Phuket, there's total seclusion in this lovely resort.

A short trek over the small hill and rocks will lead you to a small, quiet cove with a beautiful beach.

An excellent hideaway during the day. Fishing and a sunset sailing cruise can also be arranged. Watersports are available on the beach. Diving and instruction is available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Thai.

Coral Island Resort, Phuket, Thailand