Phuket Restaurants

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  • Boathouse Wine & Grill

    Boathouse Wine & Grill

    Boathouse is a tastefully appointed beachside hotel with one of the most celebrated restaurants and wine cellars in Thailand. Read More...

  • Capannina


    ‘Capannina’ translates into English as ‘small hut’, but this Italian restaurant is a much bigger affair than that. Read More...

  • Kampong Kata Hill

    Kampong Kata Hill

    Part museum, part gallery, part restaurant; Kampong is an unforgettable experience. If you want Thai food in a distinctly Asian atmosphere, look no further. Read More...

  • Mali Seafood

    Mali Seafood

    With impeccable design and an experienced chef on board, Mali has what it takes to deliver an impressive Read More...

  • On The Rocks

    On The Rocks

    On the Rock is one of the oldest established restaurants in Phuket and is rightly regarded as an institution on the island. Read More...

  • Ratri Italian Bar & Grill

    Ratri Italian Bar & Grill

    Modern, stylish and atmospheric; Ratri is the place to be at sunset on a clear evening as the views out over Kata Beach are unbeatable. Read More...

  • RE KÁ TA Beach Club & Restaurant

    RE KÁ TA Beach Club

    RE KÁ TA is a trendy beach club-cum-restaurant on Kata Beach, with an accent on healthy living and ties to the King's Cup Regatta. Read More...

  • Mom Tri's Kitchen

    Mom Tri's Kitchen

    Mom Tri's Kitchen Royale at Villa Royale in Kata Noi invites the diner simply to appreciate and enjoy some fabulous cuisine in a divine setting.  Read More...

Hotel Quick Finder | Select the date of your stay

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