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  • Restaurant Reviews Nearby Phuket

    Khao Lak - Phi Phi Island - Krabi - Koh Samui Restaurants

    Don’t despair if you find yourself away from the South of Thailand’s culinary centre, Phuket. You’ll find several good restaurants dotting the surrounding areas and Samui is a gourmet’s dream destination with award-winning establishments (mostly in resorts) all around the island.

    Phi Phi has Le Grand Bleu, an attractive French bistro, while Krabi Town has a plethora of backpacker venues, all serving western food. Khao Lak has several good restaurant choices, generally speaking in the La On area but with a few more in Bang Niang. Have a look through our guides and decide for yourself.

Phi Phi Islands Restaurant Reviews

  • Tonsai Seafood

    Tonsai Seafood

    Tonsai Bay is a bustling and colourful place at most times of day. But when the sun sinks into the Andaman Sea and the lights go up along the coastline there is a tangible sense of magic in the air. Tonsai Seafood is right in the heart of all this fairylike seaside sorcery and, like a fairy’s magic wand, the restaurant glistens and glitters with bright lights. Price Range: $$ Read More...

Khao Lak Restaurants Reviews

  • Bamboo Bar & Seafood Grill

    Bamboo Bar & Seafood Grill

    The name sounds modest enough – after all, how many bamboo-and-thatch seaside restaurants are there in Thailand? It’s only when you wind your way towards the beach that you suspect that this evening is going to be a special one. Read More...

  • Ficus Restaurant

    Ficus Restaurant

    If anyone could explain just exactly what it is that makes a successful restaurant they’d be able to retire a very rich person after writing a book about the magical ingredients. It’s definitely a combination of atmosphere, décor, fine dining and location. Read More...

  • Thanoon Seafood Restaurant

    Thanoon Seafood

    Just off the island at the beginning of Phang Nga Province, right by the Sarasin Bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland you’ll find a peaceful restaurant called Thanoon Seafood right on the beach. Read More...

Krabi Restaurants Reviews

  • Lae Lay Grill

    Lae Lay Grill

    If you’re a seafood aficionado and find yourself in Ao Nang you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Almost every restaurant in the area sells spanking fresh shrimp, crab, squid, sea bass, red snapper and much, much more. Read More...

  • Malati Restaurant

    Malati Restaurant

    It seems incongruous that people should come all the way to Thailand and eat Indian food. But when Thai cuisine is thrown in as well then it's a completely different ball game. Price Range: $$$$

  • Takola Restaurant

    Takola Restaurant

    Krabi Town may not be known for its culinary inventiveness but it does have a few Aces up its sleeve, one of which is Takola, a chic eatery on the outskirts of the town. Takola is a relative newcomer to Krabi’s dining scene. Read More...

  • Venezia


    Italian is one of the most-loved cuisines in the world. In various permutations you can score pasta or pizza from Rome to Rotherham to Rio. Still, it's certainly not a given that just because a resort has an Italian food.. Price Range: $$$$

Koh Samui Restaurants Reviews

  • Olivio Restaurant

    Olivio Restaurant

    One important factor of Olivio's atmosphere is that it is busy. No empty, characterless hotel outlet this… the 60-cover place fairly buzzes with resort guests and outsiders eager to try the delights here. Read More...

  • View Phangan

    View Phangan

    Promoting a restaurant as a 'tranquil oasis of peacefulness' when it's kerbside, downtown isn't the best of ideas but when a restaurant gets its concept right the wow factor really kicks in. Read More...

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