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  • Lim's Restaurant

    Lim's Restaurant

    Lim's restaurant encompasses everything a class act should: ultra-fresh food and a sense of occasion in unusual and tasteful surroundings. Read More...

  • Nicky's Handlebar

    Nicky's Handlebar

    Nicky’s Handlebar is a unique place in Phuket: a restaurant-bar-hotel-garage entirely dedicated to big bikes. Read More...

  • Sala Bua Restaurant

    Sala Bua Restaurant

    Sala Bua roughly translates as ‘Lotus Pavillion’ in English and the flower is the leitmotif running through Impiana Cabana Resort. Read More...

  • Salvatore's Patong

    Salvatore's Patong

    Well known on the island, Salvatore has that rare combination of talent and humility that adds up to an extremely likeable personality. Read More...

  • Joe's Downstairs

    Joe's Downstairs

    It’s a humble-sounding name, for sure, but Joe’s Downstairs is one of Phuket’s leading restaurants. Read More...

  • Lair Lay Tong Restaurant

    Lair Lay Tong Restaurant

    There's a lot on offer here, including a strong medley of seafood dishes and family favourites such as sandwiches, spare ribs and fish steaks. Read More...

  • The 9th Floor Restaurant

    The 9th Floor

    9th Floor dishes up Alpine, Thai, French, Italian and Mediterranean food with award-winning panache. Read More...

  • Baan Rim Pa

    Baan Rim Pa

    For a special night out and a real dining experience, there’s pretty much only one restaurant that covers all the bases - Baan Rim Pa.  Read More...

  • Baan Yin Dee

    Baan Yin Dee

    Baan Yin Dee is a gem, with a view to die for, in a location that only the privileged could dream about, and an execution of service that rivals the best. Read More...

  • Baluchi Restaurant

    Baluchi Restaurant

    Indian food is extremely popular, but there are good and bad places for it. One successful Indian restaurant is Baluchi in Patong. Read More...

  • Barefoot Beach Shack on Patong Beach, Phuket

    Barefoot Beach Shack

    This zany-looking beachside restaurant is the work of John Underwood, a Phuket-based designer admired for his innovation. Read More...

  • The Surface Restaurant & Bar

    The Surface Restaurant

    The Surface Restaurant is a rooftop venue overlooking the bay from the third floor, offering great yet affordable dining under the stars. Read More...

  • Sea Hag Restaurant

    Sea Hag Restaurant

    A legend in its own lifetime already, Sea Hag is not only the flagship gay restaurant in Patong, but it stands on its own as a culinary landmark. Read More...

  • Sunday Brunch in 5 Resorts

    Sunday Brunch in 12 Resorts

    Much of the pleasure in visiting Phuket is choosing from the selection of Read More...

  • Terrazzo


    If you enjoy dining amid the breezy hustle of beach life while watching the world go by then Terrazzo is just for you. Read More...

  • The Beach Seafood & Restaurant - Patong Beach

    The Beach Restaurant

    The Beach, as its name suggests, is one of the very few Patong restaurants where you can get sand between your toes as you dine. Read More...

  • The Royal Kitchen

    The Royal Kitchen

    The Royal Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant at the top of the Royal Paradise Hotel, one of the tallest buildings in Patong. Read More...

  • White Box (Kalim Beach)

    White Box

    Ever since its conception, the White Box has been inextricably linked with chic parties, exotic cocktails, famous DJs and hi-so gatherings. Read More...

  • Thong Dee Restaurant

    Thong Dee Restaurant

    Thong Dee Restaurant & Bar is a world class restaurant hidden in Kathu. It has become one of the most-liked venues in Phuket. Read More...

  • Charm Thai Restaurant at Holiday Inn Resort

    Charm Thai Restaurant

    This stylish venue is designed in a delicate Thai contemporary style and set right next to the large swimming pool. Read More...

  • Wine Connection Deli & Bistro at Jungceylon

    Wine Connection Bistro

    Wine Connection sells quality wines at the lowest possible price so, for those who enjoy a tipple with their meal, this is where to head to. Read More...

  • B-Hive Gallery

    B-Hive Gallery

    B-Hive Gallery Bar & Restaurant is a multi-faceted place: art gallery, cocktail lounge, beach club, coffee-shop, and fine-dining restaurant. Read More...

  • Kaab Gluay Restaurant

    Kaab Gluay Restaurant

    Kaab Gluay is a long-established restaurant. Renovated at the end of 2013, this casual venue is famous for the quality of its food. Read More...

  • Cefalu Restaurant

    Cefalu Restaurant

    Cefalu Restaurant is a nice and unpretentious Italian restaurant located Soi Banzaan – right behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall – in the centre of Patong Beach. Read More...

  • Sizzle in Patong Beach


    Sizzle is in one of the loveliest locations possible, enjoying lofty views over two gorgeous beaches and a sunset vista at certain times of year. Read More...

  • Hooters Phuket

    Hooters Phuket

    Hooters Phuket is the first establishment of this North American restaurant chain to settle in Thailand. Read More...

  • ELLA Bar & Bistro

    ELLA Bar & Bistro

    ELLA Bar & Bistro is the signature’s restaurant of the well-thought out and trendy Ella Bed Hotel admirably located in Patong's Soi Post-Office. Read More...

  • Patong Seafood Court

    Patong Seafood Court

    Made up of several adjacent open-air and enclosed restaurants, you’ll smell the exotic aroma of the freshest fish and seafood. Read More...

  • Pan Yaah Restaurant in Kalim Beach, Phuket

    Pan Yaah Restaurant

    For one of the best restaurant views of Patong Bay and the town itself, a good choice would be Pan Yaah, in Kalim. Read More...

  • Churrasco Steakhouse

    Churrasco Steakhouse

    Churrasco - The South American Steakhouse - is a modern and unpretentious restaurant located in Jungceylon. Read More...

  • Rodizio Brazil Phuket Steakhouse

    Rodizio Steakhouse

    ‘Rodizio’ means ‘rotating’ and describes the popular Brazilian restaurants worldwide that serve meat up on skewers. Read More...

  • Climax Restaurant

    Climax Restaurant

    Climax is the only rooftop poolside restaurant in Patong and its central location makes it the perfect place to start your night out. Read More...

  • Coyote Phuket & Chicago Steak House in Patong Beach

    Coyote Phuket

    Coyote Phuket Mexican Restaurant and Chicago Steak House are two sister restaurants located in the same building on Thaweewong Road. Read More...

  • The Irish Times Pub

    The Irish Times Pub

    One minute you’re wandering  around a Patong shopping mall, the next thing you’re in what looks for all the world like a Dublin pub. Read More...

  • The Kee Sky Lounge

    The Kee Sky Lounge

    The Kee Sky Lounge is a unique rooftop restaurant overlooking Patong Beach with 360-degree views. Read More...

  • S&G Restaurant

    S&G Restaurant

    Unobtrusive, easy to pass on a busy street, but ultimately delivering the goods, S&G epitomises the best of mid-range Patong eateries. Read More...

  • Big Chicken Restaurant

    Big Chicken Restaurant

    Krua Tungtong, a popular restaurant in Kathu, is better known by its nickname ‘The Big Chicken.’ It’s easy to understand why. Read More...

  • Casablanca


    Casablanca serves up certified Halal food and meets the standards set by the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand and it does so with panache. Read More...

  • Da Maurizio

    Da Maurizio

    There are very few restaurants that emit romance, mood and sophistication in the same breath, yet at the same time deliver world-class cuisine. Read More...

  • Hog's Breath Cafe, Saloon & Grill

    Hog's Breath Cafe

    For a wide-ranging menu that covers culinary ground from Mexico to Melbourne, Hog’s Breath Café Saloon & Grill is centrally located, easy to find and Read More...

  • IndoChine Restaurant in Kalim Beach

    IndoChine Restaurant

    IndoChine features an ultramodern design, a groovy musical backdrop and impressive views out over Patong bay. Read More...

  • Jean-Pierre at BYD Lofts

    Jean-Pierre at BYD Lofts

    There are multiple seating options involving wall benches, tables for two and al fresco dining. A fresh evening breeze is pretty much a norm. Read More...

  • La Casa

    La Casa

    La Casa Pizzeria e Ristorante is smack-bang in the heart of Patong’s action and is a popular tourist eating spot. Read More...

  • Savoey Seafood

    Savoey Seafood

    Like many tourist-orientated restaurants, Savoey has a picture menu and the eatery appears to have a hard-and-fast ethic: 'If it swims, serve it up'. Read More...

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