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Phuket Restaurants

  • Ka Jok See Restaurant

    Ka Jok See Restaurant

    Ka Jok See is the sort of place you can stroll past and not even notice, yet it’s one of Phuket’s most popular restaurants. Read More...

  • Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant

    Khao Rang Breeze

    Khao Rang Breeze is the nearest thing to treetop dining in Phuket. This restaurant at the summit of Rang Hill enjoys fabulous views at any time of day. Read More...

  • Khun Jeed’s Rad-Na Yod Pak

    Khun Jeed’s Rad-Na

    'Rad-na' or 'kwit-teow rad-na' is a Thai-style wide rice-noodle dish with meat and vegetables in a gravy-like sauce - Thai fast food. Read More...

  • Kopitiam by Wilai

    Kopitiam by Wilai

    If ever there was a restaurant/café that succinctly surmised Phuket Town’s old quarter it is Kopitiam by Wilai. Read More...

  • Kota Khao Man Gai

    Kota Khao Man Gai

    Imagine a restaurant in which almost everyone is eating the same dish or variations of it. This happens on a daily basis here. Read More...

  • La Gaetana

    La Gaetana

    La Gaetana enjoys a formidable reputation in Phuket as a small, family-run Italian restaurant with an eye for details. Read More...

  • Mee Ton Poe Restaurant

    Mee Ton Poe Restaurant

    A great way to get a typical taste of Phuket is by going to Mee Ton Poe. The shop is famous for its signature dish – stir-fried Hokkien noodles. Read More...

  • Monkeypod Coffee House

    Monkeypod Coffee House

    Being impeccably clean and the only air-conditioned eatery in the area, it’s not surprising that Monkeypod is very popular. Read More...

  • Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant

    Pak Nam Seafood

    Pak Nam is a bustling seafood place recommended to those who like a bit of animation along with a good meal. Read More...

  • Raya Restaurant

    Raya Restaurant

    The charm of Old Town is nowhere more evident than in its Sino-Portuguese architecture and Raya Restaurant is a good example. Read More...

  • Rider Café

    Rider Café

    For a friendly, farang-Thai experience downtown Phuket try out Rider Café and maybe you’ll be jamming along after a few beers. Read More...

  • Salvatore's


    Salvatore Cossu moved to Phuket Town some seven years ago and has since stamped his inimitable culinary style in the heart of the city. Read More...

  • Tamachart Restaurant

    Tamachart Restaurant

    Tamachart Restaurant in Phuket City has got to be the most unusual, out-of-the-ordinary eatery this side of Bangkok. Read More...

  • Tung Ka Café

    Tung Ka Café

    Tung Ka Cafe is one of Phuket's best sunset viewing points and one of the only points that isn't actually on the west coast. Read More...

  • Uptown Restaurant

    Uptown Restaurant

    Uptown has none of the romance or brashness of a west coast restaurant, but it serves genuine Thai food at very reasonable prices. Read More...

  • Wilai Restaurant

    Wilai Restaurant

    If you were to judge a restaurant solely on its looks you’d keep on walking. If you took a look inside, you see a spotless little shop-house restaurant. Read More...

  • Breeze Restaurant at Cape Yamu

    Breeze Restaurant

    Living up to its moniker, Breeze straddles a beachside incline with views out over Cape Yamu and distant Phuket Town and is caressed by light winds. Read More...

  • Le Winch

    Le Winch

    Le Winch - run by Chef Vincent Meuwly from Lausanne - is a cosy, 40-cover restaurant with loads of personal and welcoming touches. Read More...

  • Lock Tien Food Court

    Lock Tien Food Court

    Discovering the authentic tastes and cuisine of the island is not difficult when you explore Phuket Old Town. Read More...

  • Suay Restaurant

    Suay Restaurant

    Suay (meaning ‘beautiful’ in Thai) keeps things uncomplicated and cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without a lot of allure. Read More...

  • Bang Pae Seafood

    Bang Pae Seafood

    Bang Pae Seafood is one of the island’s all-time favourite neighborhood restaurants and is located not far from Bang Pae Waterfall. Read More...

  • Kaewjai Bakery

    Kaewjai Bakery

    Enjoy a fair selection of Thai food as well as desserts. The restaurant is usually packed during lunch hour. Read More...

  • China Inn Café

    China Inn Café

    You may be tempted to sit down in the lovely red sofa there and stare in wonder at the beautiful Chinese artifacts, figurines, lacquer work, textiles and fabrics. Read More...

  • Chicroom Café

    Chicroom Café

    Quip Bed & Breakfast, this restaurant/coffee & cake shop has a retro look, lending it a back-to-the-‘60s feel. Read More...

  • Baan Kanom Thai

    Baan Kanom Thai

    Baan Kanom Thai (meaning ‘Thai Desserts House’) is known as one of the busiest lunch outlets for people who live and work in and around Phuket City. Read More...

  • Crust Café & Restaurant

    Crust Café & Restaurant

    Entering the restaurant is like discovering a new world as it’s wooden and timber-based theme is refreshingly thought out. Read More...

  • Green Forest Restaurant

    Green Forest Restaurant

    Established a little way up Toe Sae Hill, Green Forest’s main asset is its superb views of Phuket’s eastern coast and its offshore islands. Read More...

  • B Cat Café & B Shady Restaurant in Phuket Town

    B Cat Café

    Located in Phuket Old Town, this unique venue blends the concept of cat cafés and the vintage spirit of the historical district of Phuket City. Read More...

  • Ruamjai Vegetarian Restaurant

    Ruamjai Restaurant

    Ruamjai Restaurant is the perfect place for curious people to get introduced to the multitude tastes and textures of vegetarian food. Read More...

  • Rendez-Vous Coffee Wine Dine Phuket

    Rendez-Vous Restaurant

    Rendez-Vous Coffee Wine Dine Phuket is a bistro-like restaurant right in the heart of downtown Phuket. Read More...

  • Flavor Organic Kitchen

    Flavor Organic Kitchen

    Opened in January 2014 by the talented Belgian chef Erik Vranckx, Flavor is small in size but huge when it comes to the quality of the dishes. Read More...

  • Madame Saigon

    Madame Saigon

    Madame Saigon is an attractive and clean-cut Vietnamese restaurant located in the impressive and expansive Royal Phuket Marina. Read More...

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