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Where to Eat on Rat U Thit Road

Rat-U-Thit Road is the second most prolific road in Patong and runs parallel to the Beach Road for over two kilometres. Rat-U-Thit Road features a dizzying variety of businesses ventures from night entertainments to hotels, banks, malls and many good dining venues. It is slowly gaining a reputation as a culinary destination with a truly international selection of quality eating establishments.

Patong Seafood Court Patong Seafood Court

Patong Seafood Court embodies all that is good about Patong’s culinary scene. Made up of several adjacent open-air and enclosed restaurants as you pass you’ll smell the exotic aroma of the freshest fish and seafood. Read More...

Nicky's Handlebar Nicky's Handlebar

Nicky’s Handlebar is a unique place in Phuket: a restaurant-bar-hotel-garage entirely dedicated to big bikes. Located on Rat-U-Thit Road in Patong Beach, Nicky’s Handlebar looks like a large orange and metallic grey hangar. Read More...

The 9th Floor Restaurant The 9th Floor

9th Floor dishes up Alpine, Thai and Mediterranean food with panache and this award-winning fine-dining location also handles Italian and French dishes, for good measure. Read More...

Casablanca Casablanca

For many, Patong's hedonistic mix of Sea, Sand, Sun – and a couple of other things that begin with 'S' – aptly defines the town's character. However, what quite a few folks miss out on, in their pursuit of the party. Read More...


Restaurants On Rat U Thit Road

9th Floor Restaurant

A must-visit for those who care about high-quality food with extraordinary views of Patong Bay. The sliding floor-to-ceiling glass windows make the 9th floor the highest open-air restaurant in Phuket. The restaurant has a good menu of international food with more than 180 different wines and a large Cuban cigar selection. Open daily from 16:00 until late. Booking is necessary and prices are quite high. Read More...

Location: Ninth floor of Patong Condotel
Tel: +66 (0) 76 344 311
Cuisine: Western

Ali Baba

Alibaba Restaurant offers Indian and Arabic food on separate menus as well as seafood. They have an air-con room for dining and al fresco dining where customers can enjoy smoking a hookah. Appetizers start from 60 baht.

Opening Hours: Opposite Top Charoen Opticians
Cuisine: Indian and Arabic food

Aroonsom Patong Food Park

Open until late, Aroonsom Food Park is one of the most popular open-air dining setups in Patong. Most stands start readying themselves at about 15:00 and are serving food as early as 16:30. The food park offers various choices of Thai, Asian, and international cuisine plus seafood. This is a far cry from luxury dining (think plastic chairs and not-so-solid tables) but the food is usually very good and quite reasonably priced.

Location: Opposite Siam Commercial Bank
Type : Food Court, Thai and Seafood


BBQ Hut is very popular with expats for its good value, delicious Mexican food and barbeque dishes. A burger served with salad and chips here is extremely reasonably priced for Patong. Try their famous sweet potato pie (ask for vanilla ice-cream on the side). 

Opening Hours: from 08:00 to 23:00
Location: 63/1 Sirirath Road, opposite Safari Club and near to Kon Liang Chang Elephant Camp.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 340 452
Cuisine: Tex-Mex barbeque

Bistro & Bar @ BYD Lofts

Jean-Pierre is the signature restaurant of BYD Lofts and it features gourmet European cuisine as well as outside grills. Enjoy their Friday night parties with top-name DJ’s. Prices above average. Reservations recommended. Read More...

Location: Off Rat-U-Thit Road, on Aroonsom Plaza next to the Andaman Beach Suite Resort.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 343024
Cuisine: European/International

Briley Restaurant (Khao Man Kai)

You can find kao man kai (boiled chicken and rice) everywhere in Patong especially on the side street restaurants but Briley probably serves the best in town. Kao man kai is a one-plate meal consisting of chicken-flavoured rice with boiled chicken. The ingredients used in kao man kai include ginger, garlic, bean sauce, vinegar and chili (optional) which results in a very tasty and incredibly cheap lunch – Thailand's answer to fish and chips. 

Opening Hours: late in the morning and closes about 14:00 or when the food runs out.
Location: Next to the Friendly Dental Clinic opposite Siam Commercial Bank.
Cuisine: Chicken Rice

Cairo Restaurant

Cairo Restaurant

Cairo Restaurant is a place where people not only go for Halal food but for a smoke on a waterpipe. Cairo has an amazing 12 different flavors to choose from such as grape and apple – all imported from Egypt. Here's where to chill in a nice ambience with Arabic music in the background – in fact all it really misses is a belly dancer. The menu features Thai, Arabic and Indian dishes as well as mint tea and Arabic coffee to accompany your hookah experience. 

Opening Hours: from noon to 02:00 daily
Location: Near Holiday Inn Phuket Resort
Tel: 086- 9466143
Cuisine: Thai, Arabic and Indian

Casablanca Indian Restaurant

A good example of single-minded dedication is Casablanca Indian and Arabian restaurant in the Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa. Casablanca serves up certified Halal food and meets the standards set by the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand and it does so with panache. Read More...

Opening Hours: Every day 11:00 – 23:00
Location: Casablanca at The Royal Paradise Hotel
Address: 135/23 Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong
Tel: +66 (0)76 340 666

Coffee Re Gelato

Coffee Re Gelato offers homemade Italian dishes include pasta and pizza. Prices are affordable.

Location: Near Christin Massage
Cuisine: Italian

Dubai Sheeshah

Dubai Sheeshah Restaurant offers Indian, Arabic and seafood. They also have waterpipes.

Location: Next to Tony Resort
Cuisine: Indian, Arabic and seafood

Dubai Restaurant

If you feel like Indian and Arabic food, try Dubai Restaurant. On top of good food, you can enjoy a relaxing waterpipe (aka a sheeshah or hookah) with flavored tobacco. This unique waterpipe has been used for centuries in the Middle East.

Location: Next door to Parles Fish n' Chip shop, very close to Club Andaman Resort
Cuisine: Indian and Arabic

Euro Deli

Euro Deli Restaurant is a modern Thai-European restaurant, part of the Sand Inn. It also serves Russian cuisine. Food is reasonably priced and it's a good place to people watch.

Opening Hours: 24 hours
Location: At the corner of Bangla Road junction.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 340275
Cuisine: Thai-European

Family Mansion

The restaurant at the Family Mansion is located on its ground floor. This big eatery looks busy all the time, especially during lunchtime. Prices are reasonable.

Location: Next to the entrance of Patong Sub Inn
Cuisine: Thai and western

Food Court at Banzaan Fresh Market

Many tourists will enjoy exploring the Banzaan Fresh Market. It is basically a modern-looking Thai market (meaning cleaner and less smelly). Their goods are separated into sections, each for meat, seafood, vegetables, flowers and Thai sweets. Here, it's fun to browse through and try out some of the weird-looking but wonderfully tasting tropical fruit.

There is a big food court on the second floor which is opens from 09:00 to 19:00 but sometimes the food is all finished an hour before that. You can even buy fresh seafood from the first floor then go upstairs and have it cooked for you on the spot for very little money. On the ground floor outside the market is a stand-alone restaurant worth visiting. It is called Hemingway’s and their menu covers steaks, pastas, spaghetti and (real) Thai food.

Location: Behind Jungceylon

Joe Louis Thai Restaurant

Themed restaurants can be tricky to pull off but Joe Louis, with its well-displayed puppets originally used in the multi-award-winning Joe Louis puppet theatre in Bangkok, is a winner. Located in Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong, this beutiful restaurant deals primarily in Thai food with specialty dishes such as tom yam river prawns, spicy sliced Chinese kale stalks salad with ground pork and shrimp, spicy salted duck’s egg paste with vegetables. For visitors it’s good to know that the original ‘Thainess’ is intact – but without scalding-hot sauces and peppers. English-speaking friendly service.

Location: Second floor Silang Zone, Jungceylon, Patong
Tel: 076-366740
Price Range: Affordable to Pricey

Joy’s Cafe

Joy’s Café is a popular restaurant with expats and tourists alike. It features a wide range of homemade food from Thai dishes to steaks, pizzas and pastas. Open daily from 07:00 to 02:00. Prices are reasonable.

Location: Right across from the Club Andaman Resort main gates
Tel: +66 (0) 76 344 770
Cuisine: Thai, International

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Now you're really talking choices. At the last count, Jungceylon was home to fifteen trillion restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs, ice cream parlours and coffee shops. All the major players are here, spread throughout the multilayered five shopping zones and there's a fresh food market out back with its own restaurants and food stalls. Read More...

Location: Diagonally opposite Soi Bangla

Nicky’s Handlebar

Nicky’s Handlebar is a unique place in Phuket: a restaurant-bar-hotel-garage entirely dedicated to big motorbikes. This is the creation of Somnuek ‘Nicky’ Phonkaew. Located on Rat-U-Thit Road in Patong Beach, Nicky’s Handlebar looks like a large orange and metallic grey hangar. To the right side of the entrance is a large corridor-like path leading to the garage and the 27-room hotel; the left-side is the restaurant. Read More...

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 01:00
Location: at the northern part of Rat-U-Thit Road next to Patong Post Office
Remarks: Free Wi-Fi
Tel: +66 (0)76-343211-3

Orient Palace

Orient Palace is another good Arabic restaurant which also serves Thai and seafood dishes.

Location: Next to the fruit stands, opposite Royal Paradise Hotel.
Cuisine: Arabic, Thai and Seafood

Patong Seafood Court

This food court is a must for all seafood lovers. The dozen or so excellent seafood restaurants (among of them are 99 Seafood, No 64, Red Boat and Yoyo) make it the biggest open-air seafood dining complex in town. Simply make your choice of seafood and they will instantly prepare it for you. The food court starts getting busy in the late afternoon and stays open till late. Diners like this place because of its easy going atmosphere and the friendly waiters with reasonable English. Menus usually have photographs of the dishes available and prices are reasonable. Many people start their evening there before crossing the road to the Paradise bazaar for shopping. Read More...

Opening Hours: Opposite the Royal Paradise Hotel
Cuisine: Food Court, Seafood

Pum’s Cooking School & Restaurant

Pum’s Restaurant & Bar is in a bright orange-coloured shop-house, and also operates as a cooking school . It has an open space to one side which is used as a dining area and a small open-bar at one end. Thai food.  Read More...

Location: Near Jungceylon
Tel: +66 (0) 76 346 269
Cuisine: Thai Food

Royal Kitchen Chinese Restaurant

Royal Kitchen is a well-known Chinese Restaurant inside the Royal Paradise Hotel. They serve Cantonese cuisine with many famous dishes (and some hard-to-find dishes) including 'Monk Jumps over a Wall' soup. Read More...

Opening Hours: Lunch: 11:00 to 14:00. Dinner: 18:00 to 23:00
Location: on 25th Floor at the Royal Paradise Hotel
Tel: +66 (0)76 340 666
Cuisine: Cantonese/Chinese Cuisine

Sawaddi Patong Resort

Sawaddi Patong Resort is peacefully but conveniently located on Patong area the west coast of the island, within a comfortable stroll of Patong's renowned entertainment heart land and glorious beach offer 2 restaurant.

  • Roydi Restaurant  
    Located: ground floor
    Type of Cuisine: Western, Asian, & Thai Cuisines
  • Ploendi Lobby Lounge
    Located: lobby terrace
    Type of Cuisine: Pastry & Continental Breakfast Corner, BBQ Skewer & Kebab Read More...

Location: Sainamyen Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket
Tel: +66 (0) 76 343444

SKAL Restaurant

SKAL Restaurant serves Scandinavian and Thai dishes at very reasonable prices. They also do Russian and Mediterranean fare.

Location: Near Christin Massage
Tel: +66 (0) 76 340583
Cuisine: Scandinavian and Thai


If you need something simple and fast, try the sandwich shop Subway. It is a part of the Subway brand from the US which has more than 20,000 stores worldwide. They also have a 24-hour delivery service

Location: Opposite the Baan Sainamyen Municipality School
Tel: +86 (0) 76 349009
Cuisine: Sandwiches

The Playhouse Restaurant & Cabaret

The Playhouse

This unique restaurant and theatre has New York-style cabaret shows at 20:30 and then again at 22:00 nightly except Sundays. They have successfully converted five shop-houses into a good looking restaurant with an up-market environment and an outside beer garden. The Playhouse has a good menu with affordable prices. They also run a cooking school by the name of Manathai.  Read More...

Location: Diagonally opposite the Paradise Complex.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 341500
Cuisine: Thai, International

Tiger Inn Restaurant

Tiger Restaurant is part of Tiger Inn and is another busy place. The restaurant has an interesting exterior and interior with a jungle theme. There is a pool table on the second floor.

Location: Between Baan Sainamyen Municipality School and Royal Paradise Hotel.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 340877
Cuisine: Thai and Seafood

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