Top 10 Best Local Restaurants in Phuket

Phuket Restaurants

Phuket’s Top 10 Phuket local restaurants are a sample of local eating venues that specialize in Thai and/or Phuket cuisine. These are where locals go when feel like good, familiar food. Some of these popular eateries do not even bother with any interior décor! Most have simple tables and plastic chairs (if you are lucky you might have a plastic tablecloth as well as a roll of toilet paper in a container – Thailand’s answer to table napkins.)

As long as the food is delicious, clean and fresh and at reasonable prices of course, customers will always come. This type of venue is usually run within the same family for generation after generation. Customers are mainly from the same neighborhood or attracted from far by word of month. Eating at a restaurant on the Top 10 list can be challenging, especially at lunchtime because many are crowded but it’s worth it.

Phuket Floating Restaurants Must Try - Thai Oysters

Phuket’s floating seafood restaurants can be found along the east coast. The restaurants keep fish, crabs, prawns and other seafood in floating wood-and-net enclosures. Some of the fishes found there might surprise you: Leopard sharks, Blowfishes, Moray Eels or even Mantis Shrimps. Read More...

Mor Mudong Restaurant Must Try - Whole Fish Steamed in Salt Crust

Mor Mudong is right in among the mangroves. Many of the dishes are typical fiery-hot Phuket food but there are milder dishes on the menu. What’s fascinating about this place is its location and atmosphere. Here, you can sit and enjoy your meal with the mangroves alongside, within your reach. Read More...

Bangpae Seafood Must Try - Tom Yum Seafood, Steamed Blue Crab

Bangpae is one of the island’s all-time favourites and is located not far from Bangpae Waterfall near Thalang. Try their Tom Yam Talay, steamed blue crab, deep-fried tempura shrimp, stir-fried vegetables with cashew nuts and fresh oysters with local herbs. This seaside restaurant has a lovely backdrop of mangroves. Read More...


Khun Jeed’s Rad-Na Yod Pak Must Try - Rad-Na noodle and Satay

Rad-na or kwit-teow rad-na is a Thai-style wide rice-noodle dish with meat and vegetables in a gravy-like sauce: Thai fast food, if you want. At Khun Jeed’s Rad-Na Yod Pak, you can enjoy the popular rad-na dish with pork or seafood. Other popular items are pork and chicken satays. Read More...

Lock Tien (aka Old Siam Theatre Local Food Court) Must Try - Po Pia (spring roll) and oh eaw (iced dessert)

Discovering the authentic tastes and cuisine of the island is not difficult when you explore Phuket Old Town. Just head to the local food stands known by the collective names of ‘Lock Tien’ or ‘Old Siam Theatre’ on Yaowarat Road. This simple food court caters to a variety of local tastes with dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. Read More...

Mee Ton Poh Must Try - Hokkien Noodles and Satays

Mee Ton Poh serves some of Phuket's best fried noodles in Hokkien style. Yellow egg noodles are stir fried with vegetables in soy sauce, usually with different choices of meat like pork, chicken or seafood. Located near the clock tower traffic circle on Phuket Road, this shop has been run by the same Phuket family for several generations. Read More...

Kota Khao Man Gai (Chicken Rice) Must Try - Chicken Rice

Ko Ta serves mainly khao man gai (Thai chicken rice); one of Thailand's most popular fast-food dishes. Khao man gai is rice steamed with garlic, with boiled chicken and chicken stock. It's eaten with fresh vegetables, chicken soup and a dipping sauce. Prices start from about 35 baht, which is unbelievable for such an outstanding dish. Read More...

Keawjai Bakery and Restaurant Must Try - Khao Pad Gai (fried rice with chicken) and Tom Yum Seafood

A family run restaurant opened in 1961, Keawjai is a popular spot for real Thai food. The restaurant is rather small with an air-con space inside and a few more tables just outside the door. Enjoy a fair selection of Thai and Thai-Chinese food as well as desserts. Read More...

Wilai Must Try - Hokkien Noodles

Popular with locals and visitors, this small restaurant has long list of ready-made curries/dishes. The must-try menu includes fried basil leaves and chili with pork/shrimp, tom yum goong (spicy Thai soup with shrimp), tom kha kai ((hot sweet soup with chicken and coconut milk) and pa nang moo (coconut curry with pork). Read More...

Tamachart Must Try - Fresh oyster with assorted condiments, steamed sea bass in lemon sauce

Tamachart Restaurant in Phuket City has got to be the most unusual, out-of-the-ordinary eatery this side of Bangkok. The word ‘Tamachart’ translates into English as ‘Natural’ and many people in Phuket use the English word when discussing this oddly fitted out Thai-Chinese eating place. Read More...

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