Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket Resort


The spa pavilions here have been newly refurbished in refreshing hues of yellow and blue, with an exotic yet contemporary Asian décor, outdoor shower facilities, and side-by-side treatment beds with their own private relaxation areas. The open-air spa pavilions bring you closer to nature allowing you to doze off to the sounds of birds chirping in the trees and leaves rustling in the ocean breeze. Alternatively, you can enjoy your spa experience in the air-conditioned comfort of a private spa room. The choice is yours.

The Angsana Spa menu offers a complete range of traditional and western spa treatments, which include massages, body wraps, body scrubs, facials, special treatments and packages. Spa treatment hours: 10.00 - 21.00 daily. Last treatment finishes at 21.00. 

Essence of Angsana

Duet For the lady : 150-minute session

30-minute Flower Petal body polish • 60-minute body conditioner massage • 30-minute face massage

Adorn your body with flowers for a memorable start to this Duet. The Flower Petal body polish is a natural, purifying scrub, followed by a warm body lotion that is smoothly absorbed into skin. Finally, a soothing massage releases tension in face muscles, improving blood circulation and complexion.

Duet For the gentleman : 150-minute session

30-minute Indo Spice body polish • 60-minute body massage • 30-minute face massage

Spice and all things nice are used to exfoliate skin for maximum smoothness. Aromatic ginger and clove ingredients are chosen to have an anti-bacterial and detoxifying effect, followed by a blissful body massage. For a refreshing finish, chill out to an enriching facial for that perfect glow.

Serenity : 210-minute session
15-minute herbal steam • 30-minute body polish • 60-minute body massage • 60-minute facial • 15-minute herbal bath

Draw in the tranquility of this ultimate pampering session that combines an invigorating herbal steam, your choice of a body polish, body massage, and facial. A complete head-to-toe treat that will soothe your senses and smoothen your skin. A herbal bath completes this surreal experience. 

Bliss : 180-minute session
90-minute body massage • 60-minute body treat OR facial

Surrender to the touch and techniques of our therapist as you feel your tension and stress melting away with one of the specially developed massages in our menu. Pamper yourself to a skin-softening body treat or a revitalising facial - it is pure bliss.

Ayu-Reverie : 150-minute session

60-minute Ayurvedic massage • 30-minute Shirodhara • 30-minute Indian head massage

Benefit from 5000-year old Ayurvedic traditions with an inspiring body massage. Then drift into a dream-like state enhanced by the spiritual sensations of warm sesame oil trickling down the forehead in Shirodhara. Once the “third eye” awakes, treatment concludes with a face cleanse and a thorough head and scalp massage. 

Revitaliser : 150-minute session
15-minute Herbal steam • 30-minute body polish • 60-minute body massage • 15-minute fusion bath

The buzz word is recharge. Start with an enlivening herbal steam treat and choose your favourite among six different body polishes to exfoliate your skin, adding the healthy fuel of Nature’s gems. Purify your body with a massage that will rekindle your natural vitality. A soak in the bath oozes breezy relaxation. 

Sun Balm : 150-minute session

60-minute Oasis body massage • 60-minute Sweet Soother facial

Trust the sun to give you a golden tan, but trust the Oasis that uses a blend of six oils rich in vitamins and minerals to restore the moisture and health of your skin after your fun. The gentle strokes are ideal for mature, sensitive or sunbaked skin. Complete the treatment with Sweet Soother, a calming facial. 

Glow : 120-minute session
30-minute body polish • 60-minute body massage

A treatment for both the ladies and the gentleman, this vigorous session suited to your body type will leave you positively glowing and radiant. The polish helps to remove dead skin cells while the rejuvenating massage relaxes your body. You’ll feel lighter, and it will show on your skin. 

Equilibrium : 90-minute session
30-minute back massage • 30-minute face massage

Get back to basics with treats for the body and face. Let the therapist knead tight muscle knots on the back, followed by a face massage to bring your whole body back into equilibrium. This unisex treatment varies in intensity according to your preference. 

Angsana for Her

Top To Toe : 210-minute session
60-minute body massage • 60-minute body treat • 60-minute facial

Give your body a tune-up from head to toe. This is the ultimate treatment that combines all of Angsana Spa’s signature therapies. Body treat comprises a cleansing body polish and a nourishing body conditioner. Your beauty session also comes with a refreshing facial.

Glitter : 180-minute session

30-minute Pure Gold body polish • 60-minute Gold body conditioner massage • 60-minute facial

Meet your new beauty accessory –- gold foil tossed within a moisturising body polish followed by a shimmering body conditioning massage fine-tuned to irresistibly flatter your skin. This body sculpting experience comes with a gentle facial for show-stopping splendour. 

Peace : 150-minute session
60-minute body massage • 60-minute body treat OR facial

For true peace of mind, drift away on a cloud of contentment as the therapist works wonders. You won’t have a worry after making a choice of body treat to moisturise skin, or a facial to put your fresh new complexion in harmony with your body. 

Angsana for Him

Expressions : 150-minute session
60-minute body massage • 60-minute men’s facial

Face the world with confidence after a body massage of your choice, and a complementing facial. A hot shave is expertly administered, which helps to soothe and condition facial skin, while the facial gets rid of surface impurities for a fresh healthy glow. 

Back Up : 120-minute session
30-minute back massage • 30-minute back cleansing & back ginger mask • 30-minute face massage

This much-loved treatment for your back relieves tension with a strong massage using Vitality Oil. Once muscles are thoroughly kneaded, a cleansing and refreshing ginger mask removes impurities. Finally, a soothing face massage is the ideal treat to rest and relax.Rest : 90-minute session

10-minute foot bath • 30-minute foot massage • 30-minute head & shoulder massage

For instant relief, simple does it. Take five with this pleasant stress buster that peels off fatigue with an invigorating foot ritual that relaxes your entire body. Feel energised after a holistic head and shoulder massage that puts a smile on your face. 

Body Massages


Angsana : 120-minute session

Using palm strokes and thumb pressure, our skilled therapist works on your body’s key pressure points to strengthen inner qi. This signature massage was created exclusively for Angsana Spa and uses the specially formulated Euphoria Oil to enhance the experience. 

Fusion : 90-minute session, 120-minute session

This clever blend of Thai and Swedish massage techniques is unique to Angsana Spa. Our therapist uses strong palm strokes to deliver the massage while stretching you for complete relaxation. The Invigorating Oil soothes all aches, unblocks stiffness and enhances flexibility.

Aroma Thai
: 120-minute session

Take a relaxing journey back to ancient days with the age-old Thai massage that has been skilfully adapted to complement the properties of Vitality Oil. This 90-minute massage encompasses the use of palm strokes, stretching techniques and the revitalising aroma of the oil to help improve blood circulation and mobility as well as relieve tension. 

Java : 90-minute session, 120-minute session

This medium to strong Javanese massage soothes your body with Harmony Oil to balance up your mind, body and spirit. Your therapist uses smooth, long strokes, thumb pressure and palm pressure concentrating on your shoulder, spine area, neck and lower back to release tension. 

Siam : 120-minute session

Unwind to a delicate stretching of your body to improve mobility and flexibility. This is followed by Thai massage techniques of palming and thumbing on your meridian lines to relieve tension. No oil is used in this classic ritual dating back 2,500 years – only the simple touch of your therapist, leaving you energised all over.

Waves : 90-minute session, 120-minute session

Inspired by traditional Hawaiian techniques, this massage relaxes your body and restores balance and harmony. Our therapist delivers long, smooth strokes using her entire arm for this strong massage.

Dreams : 90-minute session, 120-minute session

Created specially for tired bodies, this calming experience is also a perfect remedy for jet lag. Long, firm palm strokes with Sesame Oil soothe tense muscles, and helps to induce body, mind and soul to a state of complete relaxation. 

Rhythmic : 90-minute session

This massage brings relief to tensed muscles with a combination of strokes and light percussion, and is suitable if you prefer to lie on your sides. A linen pouch filled with rice flour and dipped in warm Vitamin E-enriched oil is glided over the body. This is a favourite among mature guests and ladies who are pregnant. 

On The Spot
Head & Shoulders
: 60-minute session

To clear your head and to untie all the knots on your shoulder, this is the ultimate tension reliever that fulfills the needs of fatigue and stress. A dose of this therapeutic healer is a truly heavenly experience that will let you drift into a healing state of relaxation, peace and well-being. 

Back Energy : 60-minute session

Enjoy renewed energy after this tension relief massage done on your back. The therapist employs medium to strong pressure, using deep strokes to iron out tensed muscles for a stronger, healthier back. 

Press Run : 90-minute session

Perfect for tired legs, this massage is a combination of hand and heel strokes to soothe your calf muscles. Stepping up the rejuvenating quotient is the use of Sesame Oil with stretching techniques right up to your upper thigh for relaxation.

Foot Loose : 60-minute session

Let your tired feet experience the Zen of a soothing foot soak and a cleansing salt scrub. The highlight is when the therapist gives you a massage by applying pressure on your sole, feet and leg right up to your knee, with Vitality Oil. After a warm towel wipe, you are all set to put your best foot forward. 


Angsana Facial : 90-minute session
for all skin types

Wake up those sleepy cells beneath the epidermis with our special blend of invigorating natural ingredients. This therapeutic mix of yoghurt, honey, almond, soya and milk cleanses, moisturises and refreshes your skin.  

Euro Star : 90-minute session
for normal/combination skin

All the best spa ingredients go into this simple but effective facial treatment that removes impurity. Fine European massage techniques relaxes facial muscles and bring life back to dull skin.  

Instant Lift* : 90-minute session
for mature skin

Make time stand still with this luxurious anti-ageing treatment that moisturises the skin. The special restructuring mask contains Vitamins A, E and F to combat free radicals and offer maximum protection for a revitalising effect. This exquisite treatment gives your face an instant lift and restores firmness, leaving your skin feeling supple and glowing with refreshed vitality.

*Available as a la carte treatment only  

Pure Radiance : 90-minute session
for oily skin

Cucumber, with cooling and toning properties, is used in this facial to remove oil from your T-zone area. Our therapist then applies a purifying mask to absorb impurities, leaving your skin dewy. 

Sweet Soother : 90-minute session
for dry/sensitive skin

Choose this gentle facial to revitalise problem skin. Cooled with a mask of natural fruit extracts, your skin will go from wilted to wonderful in three easy steps - cleanse, mask and moisturise. 

Body Polishes

Choose your favourite Body Polish to complete your pampering spa packages. All Body Polishes are not available individually.

Almond Milk
for all skin types

This is a whitening scrub where our therapist uses a mix of milk, honey and almond to gently exfoliate your skin. Particularly suitable for blemished and tired skin, this scrub also helps to fade off fine lines, leaving your skin lighter and more refined. 

Banana Turmeric
for dry skin

Need to cleanse, heal and moisturise? Help is at hand with vitamin rich banana and the renowned warming qualities of turmeric that pay tribute to natural-looking skin.

Honey Sesame

for dry/normal skin

A sweet, smelling scrub made from golden honey and black sesame seeds that is ideal for dry to normal skin. The sesame seeds gently exfoliate your skin, while honey, a natural remedy, aids in healing of wounds and promotes new cell growth.  

Jasmine Frangipani
for oily skin

Fragrant jasmine and frangipani blend with mineral spa salt to give skin a moisturising and anti-bacterial treat. Your skin will almost sparkle as the scented salt rubs off dead skin cells.

Pure Gold
for all skin types

All that glitters is gold and it’s more sparkle with this prized favourite. Luxurious honey, olive oil, fresh milk and almond confetti glazed with shimmery gold foil head turning drama epitomised.

Tangy Tamarind
for all skin types

Long recognised as a Thai beauty secret, Vitamin C rich tamarind renews your skin by removing all the surface dead skin cells. Fresh watermelon and oatmeal, an effective body and face cleanser, are added to make this tangy scrub a truly refreshing treat. 

Body Conditioners

Choose your favourite Body Conditioner to complete your pampering spa packages. All Body Conditioners are not available individually.

Aloe Cream
for dry skin

Moisten your skin with this natural blend of aloe vera, fresh cream and olive oil that pampers you with nourishing vitamins and conditioning elements to aid skin repair. This delectable mix of healing remedy will do wonders if you are searching for glowing skin. 

Barley Wrap
for dry skin

Dress up with tender barley, which is a cooling treat for skin rejuvenation. It helps to restore moisture, tone your skin and brings back a lovely sheen leaving you uplifted and blushing with delight.

Creamy Banana
for dry skin

A deliciously moisturizing treat for your skin. All the goodness of vitamin A and potassium go into this wrap to cleanse and refine your skin. Suitable for all skin types, this sweet-smelling wrap nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Fresh Carrot
for all skin types

This is the great escape from tired skin. Give new life to your body with this cocktail of everything carrot, a root vegetable that contains a sea of vitamin A, antioxidants and minerals. Raw is good.

Honey Milk
for dry skin

Be lulled into slumber as a Sesame Pouch, dipped in warm milk and honey gently glides over you to relieve tense muscles while nourishing your skin. This is a highly moisturising and luxurious remedy. 

Mud Pie
for oily/all skin types

Well known for its therapeutic, deep cleansing properties, the rich mineral mud mask relaxes tense muscles and enhances blood

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