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Evason Phuket & Bon Island


Our luxuriously appointed spa is spread over three floors and sets a new standard in spa design. The Six Senses Spa provides a truly relaxing and revitalising experience as well as healing treatments by offering a comprehensive menu of signature treatments and specialist practitioner programmes for holistic wellness, rejuvenation and beauty. Using only natural products, skilled Six Senses Spa therapists create sensory journeys to rejuvenate and balance the senses. 

Six Senses Spa

Sensory Journey 90 minutes
Two therapists performing a unique facial and body massage at the same time! You will experience a luxurious footbath, a non-traditional body aroma massage using long strokes.

The Scent of Within 90 minutes
Awakening the body and mind with scent to allow you to be within, generating and balancing body energy through body exfoliation, hot compresses and deep tissue massage. 

Heat Treatment

We highly recommend a hydrotherapy session in our Sauna and Steamroom prior to any of your treatments. This will enhance the benefits of your treatment as your body’s response to the alternation of heat and cold stimulates circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, helping to purify and cleanse. It will improve skin tone and texture and warm and relax the muscles preparing them for the treatment to follow. 

The Touch of Body

A traditional touch of body spa experience for anyone seeking rejuvenation and relaxation.

  • Holistic Massage 50-80 minutes
  • Swedish Massage 80 minutes
  • Thai Massage 80 minutes
  • Oriental Massage 50-80 minutes
  • Energizer Massage 50 minutes
  • Aroma Massage
  • (Relax, Detox, Tonic, Flow) 50 minutes
The Touch of Beauty

Pamper yourself with a touch of beauty, allowing you to indulge in herbal recipes specifically designed for beauty and vitality. Therapies include Body Treatments, Facial Treatments, Bath Rituals, and Hand and Foot Care.

• Body Treatments
• Hand and Foot Care

The Touch of Well-being

Jet Lag Recovery 80 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy 80 minutes
Thai Herbal Massage 110 minutes
Reflexology 50 minutes
Indian Head Massage 50 minutes
Lomi Lomi 80 minutes
Ear Candling 45 minutes
Reiki 60 minutes 

Men’s Journeys

Highly recommended treatments for men.

Hot Stone Therapy 90 minutes
Indian Head Massage 50 minutes
Men’s Facial 60 minutes

Mint Foot Soother Treatment 30 minutes 

Classes and Workshops

We offer various complimentary classes and workshops; please refer to the Life Department weekly calendars. We provide private sessions customized to your individual needs. Please contact spa reception for details regarding our extensive Holistic Practitioner menu.


We have created journeys ideal for series of treatments to enjoy and awaken all the senses.

Detoxifier Three hours
Four hours
Romance Two people x two hours

Energising Two hours 45 minutes 

Holistic Health - Visiting Practitioners

Pat is a physical therapist and a certified craniosacral therapist trained in the States in alternative healing modalities with the Upledger Institute. She now assists in teaching several modalities world wide and is currently based in Phuket, Thailand. 

Monthly Wellness Activities

Couples Massage Class
Learn and receive massage with our basic techniques from our Six Senses Signature massages. Please bring your partner along for our complimentary one- hour class that will provide you the techniques that you can take home with you to continue your six senses experience.

Festive New Year Spa Package

This treatment will help you get back on track. It starts with dry brushing to help circulation and to remove toxins. Then enjoy a specially designed natural foot bath followed by softening and exfoliating your body with a Green Tea Body Scrub. The foot zone and one of six senses signature massages are included into this package. .

Duration: Three hours

Six Senses Purification Programme

The Six Senses Purification Programme comprehensively purifies and detoxifies your body; it encourages gentle purification of your body’s major organs. By purifying these vital parts, we have an opportunity to achieve optimum health and vitality. There is no magic key, no pill we can take to remove the symptoms and consequences of years of lack of consideration for our bodies. This programme makes it easier for you to get back on track with your health.