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  • Phuket Fishing

    Sportfishing and Big Game Fishing in Phuket

    Everyone knows that Phuket offers some of the world's best beaches, diving and nightlife. What you might not know is that Phuket also offers world-class sportfishing and angling. Blue and black marlin, sailfish, dog-tooth tuna, giant trevally, jacks and even swordfish have been caught in Phuket and its surrounding waters, and the fishing community's firm catch-and-release policy helps ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to test themselves against these magnificent animals. Phuket's charter companies know all the best spots and will get where you want to be in comfort and style.

  • Sportfishing in Phuket

    Sportfishing in Phuket

    There is an abundance of gamefish here and farther out in the Andaman Sea roam pelagic species like black marlin and sailfish, as well as king mackerel and tiger sharks. Read More...

  • Fishing Seasons in Phuket

    Fishing Seasons in Phuket

    Different seasons bring different quarry. Find out when and where to go after black marlin, dog-toothed tuna, giant trevally and dorado with our handy seasonal fishing guide. Read More...

  • Sport Fishing Tours near Phuket

    Sportfishing Tours near Phuket

    Charter a boat with friends for the day or join a fishing trip. Trips to nearby islands such as Racha Island, operate year round. Read More...

  • Fishing Spots around Phuket

    Fishing Spots around Phuket

    If you want to land the big ones you'll need to know where to look for them. There are plenty of great fishing spots, many of them located right off the coast of Phuket.  Read More...

AC's Phuket Fishing Park

For fishing enthusiasts, enjoy a relaxing time freshwater fishing at Phuket Fishing Park in Koh Kheaw. Alligator gars, arapaimas, red-tail catfish, and Siamese mud carp are among the interesting fish here. If you visit the park unprepared, don’t worry; Phuket Fishing Park also has a fishing shop providing rods for rent, bait and fishing assistants that can help you. Their on-site restaurant serves Thai and international food from 08:00 and stays open until 17:00.

  • Opening Hours: From 08:00 and closed on Mondays
  • Location: On Thepkhasattri Road, Koh Kheaw, Phuket
  • Tel: +66 (0) 85 573-8881

Koh Rok Island

Located about 80 km (50 miles) southeast of Phuket, this tiny island is named for a small furry creature that inhabits it. The island features some lovely beaches and is also home to monitor lizards. The real attraction for the sport fisherman, however are the multitudes of sailfish that can be found here.

During the late afternoon and early evening the action heats up and free jumpers can be seen in amazing amounts. Multiple hook-ups are the norm here and anyone who wants to bag a sailfish would do well to put this on their itenerary. A short cruise south lands you at Hin Daeng, which is a fantastic dive site that also provides some excellent fishing oppotunities.

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