Laguna Phuket Golf Club

Hole-by-hole Course Review

PAR: 71. Yardage from the back tees: 6654

Formerly the Banyan Tree Golf Club, Laguna has had a facelift and a name change. All the greens have been rebuilt and reshaped, the once-flat fairways now roll and dip, strategic hazards have been added and more mature trees enhance the woodlands setting. Rapid improvements have seen the course rated in surveys among the top 10 courses in Thailand. British tournament pro Nick Faldo is said to have been most complimentary about the course, which he played while on vacation on Phuket.

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Hole 1

BLUE 315 WHITE 301 RED 285
The first four holes pose a relatively easy start for a good golfer. This first par four swoops right, with out of bounds on the left behind a barrier of bunkers. A big tree marks the dogleg, with plenty of other trees on the left. Bunkers protect the left, front and back of the green, with another on the right and water at the rear.

Hole 2

The fairway provides a broad slope as a target, with whispy pines on the right and a bunker dead ahead at the point where the hole doglegs right. Up the slope, the hole swings right, with a small water hazard set left. More traps guard both entrances to the green.

Hole 3

Trees line this downhill par three, with bunkers left and right. Among the most gentle holes on the course.

Hole 4

A par four with plenty of water to the left, from tee to green. Coconut palms and a bunker can be seen on the right, from an open fairway. Water crosses the route but too close to the tee to spell trouble. The hole swings right, with a bunker on the corner and palms along the water. A large bunker lies right of the green at this pretty hole.

Hole 5

Water traces the left edge of a par five that has the virtue of allowing you to see the pin in the distance. Tall pines guard both sides, with a bevvy of bunkers towards the green on the right. Left of the green is a scraper bunker, which includes a couple of coconut palms and some spinafex. A small, conventional bunker blocks the right-hand approach.

Hole 6

Bunkers and out-of-bounds threaten on the left of a relatively straight par four with whispy pines and a big fairway bunker among other elements to avoid. Possibly the widest fairway on the course. Large traps ring this green.

Hole 7

Out-of-bounds lies left, with small greenside bunkers adding to the test on this long par three. Water awaits the wayward on the right.

Hole 8

A par four with bunkers blossoming down the right and woods on the left. Wispy pines lie left and right. Although bunkers guard both sides of the green, it's a fairly open approach.

Hole 9

A shot over the corner as this par four doglegs left will be rewarded with a clear approach to a pretty island green in the lagoon in front of the clubhouse. The island holds bunkers right and back and some low shrubs, too. Mounds in the fairway produce uphill or downhill lies, making the approach shot even more difficult.

Hole 10

The fairway opening to this par four looks narrow but it widens beyond a yawning fairway bunker to reveal a large stretch of water on the right. A string of bunkers also run down towards the green, so the second shot is across water and bunkers. Water also meanders around the back of the green.

Hole 11

Water crosses the fairway then lingers along the right of this par three, which is nastier when the pin is placed at the back of the green. There's also a bunker sprawling between the green and the water on the right, in case you try your luck.

Hole 12

Trouble at this par four lies out of sight, with water left and right as it doglegs right. Bunkers and some mounds traipse along the left, heading towards the dogleg. More bunkers are strung in front of the green. Low grass and trees lie through the back.

Hole 13

A scenic par three with out-of-bounds left and water on the right. The lilly-covered water hazard is a beautiful spot to lose your ball. A small bunker nestles left in front of the green. Pine trees complete an attractive setting.

Hole 14

A narrow but straight par four, heavily bunkered and with out-of-bounds left and water right. A large fairway bunker poses a special test because of the tree right behind it. More bunkers lie downhill to the green, offering a better destination than the water.

Hole 15

A mound to the left of the fairway holds three bunkers, each higher than the last. Beyond them to the left, a wayward shot finds out-of-bounds. On the right, more pots bounce down to the green. Whispy pines lie out the back.

Hole 16

You could be forgiven for thinking there's more sand than grass on this short par three. Bunkers start early and finish late. Palms line the left and pines line the right, with out-of-bounds at the rear.

Hole 17

A daunting par five, this is hardest hole on the course, as perilous as it is pretty. Water cuts the fairway to drown drives and continues all the way along the right and behind the green. An army of bunkers march down the left. Water cuts the fairway again before the relatively benign green is reached. 

Hole 18

A second par five to finish. This one is straighter, but with water all along the right and trouble in the trees and beyond on the left. The line to a tight green is reasonably open, but the clubhouse lagoon lies in waiting just behind the putting surface.


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