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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  2C Phuket Residence   Patong Beach 1474 THB
  7Q Resident   Patong Beach 1092 THB
  88 Hotel   Patong Beach 758 THB
  91Residence Patong Beach   Patong Beach 581 THB

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  A2 Resort Phuket   Phuket Town 1348 THB
  Absolute Bangla Suites   Patong Beach 6655 THB
  Absolute Guesthouse Phuket   Patong Beach 716 THB
  Absolute Nakalay Boutique Resort   Patong Beach 6655 THB
  Absolute Seapearl Beach Resort   Patong Beach 5139 THB
  Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 6655 THB
  Acca Patong   Patong Beach 1129 THB
  Access Resort & Villas   Karon Beach 2527 THB
  Action Point   Rawai 2780 THB
  Add Plus Hotel   Patong Beach 3791 THB
  Ai Phuket Hostel   Phuket Town 252 THB
  Airport Overnight Hotel   Phuket Airport 1179 THB
  Airport Resort & Spa   Phuket Airport 1095 THB
  Airport Resort   Phuket Airport 1853 THB
  Alfresco Phuket Hotel   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  All Seasons Naiharn Phuket   Nai Harn 2182 THB
  Aloha Residence   Kata Beach  
  Aloha Villa   Patong Beach 1217 THB
  Alpina Phuket Nalina Resort & Spa   Kata Beach 2274 THB
  AM Surin Place   Surin Beach 1432 THB
  Amari Phuket   Patong Beach 5605 THB
  Amata Resort   Patong Beach 984 THB
  Amora Beach Resort Phuket   Bang Tao 4549 THB
  Ananta Thai Pool Villas Resort Phuket   Rawai 4971 THB
  Anantara Phuket Layan Resort and Spa   Bang Tao 8851 THB
  Anantara Phuket Villas   Mai Khao 13500 THB
  Anantara Vacation Club Phuket   Mai Khao 4949 THB
  Anchalee Inn   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Andakira Hotel   Patong Beach 1711 THB
  Andaman Beach Suites Hotel   Patong Beach 1643 THB
  Andaman Cannacia Resort & Spa   Kata Beach 3985 THB
  Andaman Embrace Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 3096 THB
  Andaman Seaside Resort Bangtao Beach   Bang Tao 1820 THB
  Andaman Seaview Hotel   Karon Beach 5392 THB
  Andaman White Beach Resort Phuket   Nai Thon 7616 THB
  Andara Resort & Villas   Kamala Beach 22528 THB
  Andatel Grande Patong Phuket   Patong Beach 1145 THB
  Angsana Laguna Phuket   Bang Tao 8200 THB
  Anodard Phuket Resort   Phuket Airport 1011 THB
  Ao Chalong Villa Resort & Spa   Chalong 1853 THB
  Apk Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Apk Resort   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Apsara Residence   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Aquamarine Resort & Villa   Kamala Beach 3286 THB
  Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort   Bang Tao 2856 THB
  Art Patong   Patong Beach 1651 THB
  Arya Boutique Room   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  AsiaLoop G-House   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Aspery Hotel   Patong Beach 1489 THB
  At Home Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 918 THB
  At Home Budget Hotel   Patong Beach 741 THB
  At Panta Phuket   Thalang 2949 THB
  Atchara Villa   Patong Beach 2190 THB
  Athome Hotel at Nanai 8   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Athome Hotel Two at Nanai 8   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Austrian Garden - Tai Pan Village   Patong Beach 1895 THB
  Avantika Boutique Hotel Patong Beach   Patong Beach 2662 THB
  Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa Phuket   Patong Beach 4548 THB
  Avista Phuket Resort & Spa   Kata Beach 4169 THB
  Ayara Hilltops Boutique Resort & Spa   Surin Beach 10200 THB
  Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa   Kamala Beach 4928 THB
  B-Bossa Patong Hotel   Patong Beach 589 THB
  B-Lay Tong Phuket MGallery Collection   Patong Beach 4451 THB
  B2 Phuket Hotel   Phuket Town 581 THB
  Baan Boa Resort   Patong Beach 1601 THB
  Baan Chayna Lounge Resort   Bang Tao 1264 THB
  Baan Halle Hallo   Kata Beach 1264 THB
  Baan Jao Sua Residence   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Baan Kamala Backpacker   Kamala Beach 379 THB
  Baan Kamala   Kamala Beach 1432 THB
  Baan Karon Resort   Karon Beach 1516 THB
  Baan Karon View Phuket   Karon Beach 10110 THB
  Baan Karonburi Resort   Karon Beach 2190 THB
  Baan Kata Maytha   Kata Beach 1011 THB
  Baan Krating Phuket Resort   Nai Harn 2527 THB
  Baan Laimai Beach Resort   Patong Beach 2738 THB
  Baan Mai Cottages & Restaurant   Nearby Island 1318 THB
  Baan Mak Song Resort & Spa   Phuket Town 1516 THB
  Baan Panwa Resort and Spa   Panwa 1137 THB
  Baan Paradise Hotel   Patong Beach 834 THB
  Baan Sabai Phuket   Nai Harn 1138 THB
  Baan Suay Karon Hotel   Karon Beach 1601 THB
  Baan Taranya Resort   Koh Yao 1929 THB
  Baan Yamu Residences   Ao Por 5813 THB
  Baan Yin Dee Boutique Resort   Patong Beach 2864 THB
  Baan Yuree Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 2106 THB
  BaanNueng at Kathu   Phuket Town 842 THB
  Bamboo Beach Hotel   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Bamboo House Phuket   Karon Beach 3538 THB
  Bangkok Residence Patong   Patong Beach 1084 THB
  Bangtao Beach Chalet   Bang Tao 2780 THB
  Bangtao Kanita House   Bang Tao 1348 THB
  Bangtao Private Villas   Bang Tao  
  Bangtao Tropical Residence Resort & Spa   Bang Tao 2388 THB
  Bangtao Village Resort-Phuket   Bang Tao 2148 THB
  Banthai Beach Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 2527 THB
  Banyan Tree Phuket   Bang Tao 14040 THB
  Banyan Tree SPA Sanctuary   Bang Tao 23670 THB
  Baramee Hip Hotel   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Baramee Resortel   Patong Beach 1584 THB
  Bauman Hotel   Patong Beach 1390 THB
  Bauman Residence   Patong Beach 1641 THB
  Baumanburi   Patong Beach 1390 THB
  Begonia Wing K-Hotel   Patong Beach 2359 THB
  BelAire Patong   Patong Beach 1157 THB
  Bella Tropicana Hotel & Guesthouse   Patong Beach 758 THB
  Benetti Lodge   Patong Beach  
  Benyada Lodge   Surin Beach 1516 THB
  Best Western Patong Beach   Patong Beach 2948 THB
  Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort   Karon Beach 2021 THB
  Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort & Spa   Bang Tao 4072 THB
  Beyond Resort Karon - Formerly Karon Beach Resort and Spa   Karon Beach 9212 THB
  Bhukitta Hotel & Spa   Phuket Town 1274 THB
  Bliss Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 3033 THB
  Blu Monkey Bed & Breakfast Phuket   Phuket Town 944 THB
  Blue Bay Resort   Koh Yao 2443 THB
  Blue Garden Resort & Spa   Bang Tao 1264 THB
  Blue Ocean Beach Resort Tri Trang   Patong Beach 1348 THB
  Blue Ocean Resort and Spa   Patong Beach 2270 THB
  Blue Ocean Studio   Patong Beach 712 THB
  Blue Sky Patong   Patong Beach 1390 THB
  Boat Lagoon Resort   Phuket Town 1468 THB
  Boathouse by Montara   Kata Beach 7347 THB
  Burasari Resort   Patong Beach 3538 THB
  Butterfly Phuket   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  By The Lake   Nai Harn 4128 THB
  By The Sea   Panwa 3235 THB
  Cape Panwa Hotel   Panwa 5139 THB
  Cape Sienna Phuket   Kamala Beach 3833 THB
  Capsule Hostel Patong   Patong Beach 253 THB
  Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel   Phuket Town 1550 THB
  Casa Brazil Homestay and Gallery   Karon Beach 716 THB
  Casa Del M Resort   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  Casa Sakoo Resort   Nai Thon 1853 THB
  CC Porntip Hotel   Patong Beach 674 THB
  CC s Hideaway Karon   Karon Beach 2118 THB
  Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket   Karon Beach 7239 THB
  Centara Grand West Sands Resort & Villa Phuket   Mai Khao 2737 THB
  Centara Karon Resort Phuket   Karon Beach 2776 THB
  Centara Kata Resort Phuket   Kata Beach 3168 THB
  Centara Villas Phuket   Karon Beach 3570 THB
  Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 1963 THB
  Chalong Beach Hotel & Spa   Chalong 1516 THB
  Chalong Seaview Resort   Chalong 1264 THB
  Chanalai Flora Resort   Kata Beach 1928 THB
  Chanalai Garden Resort   Kata Beach 2716 THB
  Chanalai Hillside Resort   Karon Beach 2106 THB
  Chanalai Romantica Resort   Kata Beach 3067 THB
  Chandara Resort & Spa   Ao Por 6740 THB
  Chang Residence Patong   Patong Beach 1084 THB
  Chinotel   Phuket Town 666 THB
  Citin Plaza Patong Hotel & Spa Phuket by Compass Hospitality   Patong Beach 1347 THB
  Citrus Heights Patong Hotel Phuket by Compass Hospitality   Patong Beach 2021 THB
  Clear House Phuket   Kamala Beach 1432 THB
  Clearhouse Resort   Kamala Beach 1938 THB
  Cloud19 Beach Retreat   Panwa 2206 THB
  Club Bamboo Boutique Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 1769 THB
  Coco Resort   Patong Beach 1179 THB
  Coconut Paradise Holiday Villas   Rawai 3580 THB
  Coconut Village Resort   Patong Beach 1990 THB
  Cocoville Resort Phuket   Chalong 1264 THB
  Coral Island Resort   Nearby Island 1348 THB
  Cottonian Inn Patong   Patong Beach 1095 THB
  CRYSTAL INN HOTEL   Phuket Town 716 THB
  Crystal Wild Resort Panwa Phuket   Panwa 3235 THB
  D Varee Mai Khao Beach   Mai Khao 1853 THB
  D Varee Residence Patong   Patong Beach 1095 THB
  Darin Bungalow   Rawai 1264 THB
  Deevana Patong Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 2064 THB
  Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong   Patong Beach 3150 THB
  Dewa Phuket   Nai Yang 5222 THB
  Dfeel Hostel   Patong Beach 569 THB
  Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 4195 THB
  Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 2561 THB
  Dome Resort   Kata Beach 1769 THB
  Double Pool Villas by Banyan Tree   Bang Tao 27000 THB
  DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Phuket-Surin Beach   Surin Beach 6000 THB
  Duangjitt Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 3324 THB
  Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket   Bang Tao 5199 THB
  Dusit Thani Laguna Pool Villas   Bang Tao 16000 THB

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  dusitD2 Phuket Resort   Patong Beach 3224 THB

A to E

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Eastin Easy Patong Phuket   Patong Beach 1999 THB
  Eastin Yama Hotel Phuket   Kata Beach 2799 THB
  Eazy Resort Kata Beach   Kata Beach 2022 THB
  Eden Resort Serviced Apartments   Karon Beach 2864 THB
  Eden Villa Phuket   Bang Tao 2949 THB
  Ella Bed Hotel   Patong Beach 1719 THB
  Expat Guesthouse   Patong Beach 666 THB
  Expat Hotel   Patong Beach 1497 THB

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Fishermens Harbour Urban Resort   Patong Beach 2780 THB
  Foto Hotel   Kata Beach 4693 THB
  Friendship Beach Resort & Atmanjai Wellness Centre   Rawai 2400 THB
  FunDee Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 2527 THB
  Garden Home Kata   Kata Beach 948 THB
  GB GuestHouse   Patong Beach 657 THB
  GLOW Elixir Koh Yao Yai   Koh Yao 3568 THB
  Golden House   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Gotum Hostel & Restaurant   Phuket Town 253 THB
  Grand Mercure Phuket Patong   Patong Beach 3870 THB
  Grand Sunset Hotel   Karon Beach 2085 THB
  Green Mansion   Patong Beach 948 THB
  Hallo Patong   Patong Beach 800 THB
  Happy Eight Resort Phuket   Nai Harn 1516 THB
  Happy Elephant Resort   Rawai 1028 THB
  Haven Serviced-Apartments   Patong Beach 1848 THB
  Hemingways Silk Hotel   Patong Beach 1685 THB
  High Style Condominium   Patong Beach 2527 THB
  Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 3900 THB
  Holiday Inn Resort Phuket   Patong Beach 4264 THB
  Hollywood Inn Love   Patong Beach 690 THB
  Horizon Karon Beach Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 3833 THB
  Horizon Patong Beach Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 3286 THB
  Hotel de Karon   Karon Beach 1095 THB
  Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort   Kamala Beach 4665 THB
  Hyton Leelavadee Resort Phuket   Patong Beach 1575 THB
  I Dee Hotel   Patong Beach 1601 THB
  Ibis Phuket Kata   Kata Beach 1530 THB
  Ibis Phuket Patong   Patong Beach 1620 THB
  Ice Kamala Beach Hotel   Kamala Beach 1850 THB

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  iCheck Inn Central Patong   Patong Beach 1348 THB
  iCheck Inn Patong   Patong Beach 1062 THB

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ideo Phuket Hotel   Nai Yang 1415 THB
  IL Mare Patong Place   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi   Kata Beach 13479 THB
  Indigo Pearl   Nai Yang 7468 THB
  IndoChine Residence & Resort   Patong Beach 3437 THB
  Inn Patong Hotel Phuket   Patong Beach 799 THB
  Jang Resort   Patong Beach 1179 THB
  Jinny Guesthouse   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Jinta Andaman   Kata Beach 1053 THB
  Jiraporn Hill Resort   Patong Beach 590 THB
  JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa   Mai Khao 7400 THB

K to O

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Kalim Beach Place   Patong Beach 1062 THB
  Kalim Resort   Patong Beach 1744 THB
  Kalima Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 4660 THB
  Kamala Beach Resort-a Sunprime Resort   Kamala Beach 4326 THB
  Kamala BS Hotel   Kamala Beach 1685 THB
  Kamala Dreams   Kamala Beach 2190 THB
  Kamala Resort and Spa   Kamala Beach 3538 THB
  Kantary Bay Hotel   Panwa 2527 THB
  Karon Butterfly   Karon Beach 2864 THB
  Karon Cafe Inn and Restaurant   Karon Beach 707 THB
  Karon Cliff Boutique Bungalow Resort   Karon Beach 1171 THB
  Karon Living Room   Karon Beach 1011 THB
  Karon Phunaka Resort and Spa   Karon Beach 3992 THB
  Karon Princess Hotel   Karon Beach 1790 THB
  Karon Sea Sands Resort   Karon Beach 2948 THB
  Karon Sunshine Guesthouse Bar & Restaurant   Karon Beach 1010 THB
  Karon Whale Resort   Karon Beach 1769 THB
  Karona Resort And Spa   Karon Beach 2527 THB
  Kasalong Phuket Resort   Nai Yang 1264 THB
  Kata Bai D Boutique   Kata Beach 1011 THB
  Kata Beach Resort & Spa   Kata Beach 5285 THB
  Kata Beach Studio   Kata Beach 1727 THB
  Kata Blue Sea Resort   Kata Beach 2359 THB
  Kata Country House   Kata Beach 1643 THB
  Kata Gardens Luxury Apartments   Kata Beach 6318 THB
  Kata Green Beach Hotel & Restaurant   Kata Beach 1938 THB
  Kata Lucky Villa & Pool Access   Kata Beach 2230 THB
  Kata Ocean View Residences   Kata Beach 2982 THB
  Kata Palace Phuket   Kata Beach 1011 THB
  Kata Palm Resort & Spa   Kata Beach 4170 THB
  Kata Pool Lagoon   Kata Beach 2654 THB
  Kata Poolside Resort   Kata Beach 1592 THB
  Kata Sea Breeze Resort   Kata Beach 1646 THB
  Kata Tranquil Villa   Kata Beach 1516 THB
  Katathani Phuket Beach Resort   Kata Beach 7266 THB
  Katina Hotel   Phuket Town 1870 THB
  Koh Yao Chukit Dachanan Resort   Koh Yao 2527 THB
  Koh Yao Yai Village   Koh Yao 3707 THB
  Koyao Bay Pavilions   Koh Yao 7266 THB
  Koyao Island Resort   Koh Yao 6066 THB
  La De Bua   Patong Beach 1095 THB
  La Flora Resort Patong   Patong Beach 7228 THB
  Lae Lay Suites   Karon Beach 1264 THB
  Laguna Holiday Club Phuket Resort   Bang Tao 2783 THB
  Lamai Apartment   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Lamai Guesthouse Phuket   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Lamai Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 1432 THB
  Lamai Inn Patong   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Lavender Hotel Phuket   Patong Beach 788 THB
  Layalina Hotel   Kamala Beach 4587 THB
  Layan Villas   Bang Tao 3580 THB
  Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort   Patong Beach 6305 THB
  Leelawadee Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 960 THB
  Lemonade Phuket   Chalong 1087 THB
  Les Palmares Villas   Bang Tao 14322 THB
  Lesprit de Naiyang Beach Resort   Nai Yang 2275 THB
  Limburi Hometel   Patong Beach 1137 THB
  Live at Loft Apartelle   Thalang 1179 THB
  Loveli Boutique Guesthouse   Patong Beach 1136 THB
  Lub Sbuy House Hotel   Phuket Town 1137 THB
  Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa Phuket   Mai Khao 13269 THB
  Maithai Hostel   Kata Beach 1264 THB
  Malin Patong Hotel   Patong Beach 2780 THB
  Malisa Villa Suites   Kata Beach 8846 THB
  Mandarava Resort and Spa Karon Beach   Karon Beach 3960 THB
  Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa   Rawai 8088 THB
  Marriott Mai Khao Beach Phuket   Mai Khao 11125 THB
  Marriotts Phuket Beach Club   Mai Khao 13243 THB
  Martini House Ban Kanchana   Patong Beach 463 THB
  Me Hotel   Patong Beach 814 THB
  Mei Zhou Phuket Hotel   Phuket Town 1500 THB
  Meir Jarr   Patong Beach 1516 THB
  Mellow Space Boutique Rooms   Karon Beach  
  Merlin Beach Resort   Patong Beach 4484 THB
  MEROOM   Phuket Town 1053 THB
  Metadee Resort and Villas   Kata Beach 3833 THB
  Metropole Hotel Phuket   Phuket Town 1179 THB
  Millennium Resort Patong Phuket   Patong Beach 3033 THB
  Mirage Patong Phuket   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort   Ao Por 5055 THB
  Mochic Residence Nanai   Patong Beach 499 THB
  Moevenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket   Karon Beach 5250 THB
  Moevenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket   Bang Tao 6318 THB
  Moevenpick Villas & Spa Karon Beach Phuket   Karon Beach 6860 THB
  Mom Tri s Villa Royale   Kata Beach 12216 THB
  Monaburi Boutique Resort   Rawai 1643 THB
  MVC Patong House   Patong Beach 937 THB
  My Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 1853 THB
  Mystery Hotel - 5 Star Luxurious Tropical Resort Naiyang Beach Phuket   Nai Yang 3728 THB
  Mystery Hotel Karon Beach Phuket - 4 Star Unique Pool Access Resort   Karon Beach 2022 THB
  Mystery Hotel Karon Beach Phuket - 5 star Internationally recognized   Karon Beach 5055 THB
  Mystery Hotel Kata Beach Phuket - 4 Star resort great view and swimming pool   Kata Beach 2275 THB
  Mystery Hotel Kata Beach Phuket - 4 Star with stylish boutique resort in Kata Beach   Kata Beach 2684 THB
  Mystery Hotel Mai Khao Beach Phuket - 4 Star uniquely designed beachfront resort   Mai Khao 1853 THB
  Mystery Hotel Nai Harn Beach - 4 stars Pool Villas Holiday ideal for couples & family vacation   Nai Harn 3791 THB
  Mystery Hotel Nai Harn Beach Phuket - 4 Star Sunset Gateway Destination Hotel   Nai Harn 2233 THB
  Mystery Hotel Patong Phuket - 4 star great hotel international standard at prime location   Patong Beach 2527 THB
  Mystery Hotel Patong Phuket - 4 Star Resort Enjoying the Panoramic Scenery of Patong Bay   Patong Beach 3370 THB
  Mystery Hotel Patong Phuket - 5 Star Luxury Hideaway Resort in Tri Trang with Full Hotel Facilities   Patong Beach 16849 THB
  Mystery Hotel Patong Phuket - 5 Star Romantic Retreat in Luxury Patong Resort with Jacuzzi   Patong Beach 2443 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 4 Star A Luxurious Resort Ideal for Couples Located in Kata Beach   Kata Beach 1474 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 4 Star A Modern Designed Resort on Karon Beach   Karon Beach 1516 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 4 Star A Resort on Hillside at Kata Beach Town   Kata Beach 1348 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 4 Star Modern new hotel in Kata Beach   Kata Beach 5521 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 5 Star Beachfront Resort in a Peaceful Cove on Makham Bay Panwa Cape   Panwa 4050 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 5 Star hotel Amid the Beautiful Scenic Nature of Nai Harn Beach   Nai Harn 3151 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - 5 Star Resort and Spa Retreat with 30 secluded pool villas in Bangtao Beach   Bang Tao 3286 THB
  Mystery Hotel Phuket - A 5 star contemporary resort on a hillside closed to Patong Beach   Patong Beach 4239 THB
  Mystery Hotels Phuket - 4 Star A Sea View Resort in Beach Town of Kata   Kata Beach 1474 THB
  Mystery Hotels Phuket Karon Beach - 4 Star new hotel International brand   Karon Beach 1500 THB
  Na Siam Guest House and Cafe   Phuket Town 957 THB
  Nai Yang Beach Resort   Nai Yang 1769 THB
  Naina Resort and Spa   Patong Beach 1365 THB
  Naiya Buree Resort at Nai Harn Beach   Nai Harn 885 THB
  Nanai Villa   Patong Beach 1095 THB
  Nap Patong   Patong Beach 2965 THB
  Nara Grandeur Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 1348 THB
  Navatara Phuket Resort   Rawai 2696 THB
  Naya Paradise Retreat   Nai Harn 1769 THB
  Nipa Resort Phuket   Patong Beach 2376 THB
  Niramaya Villa & Wellness   Koh Yao 6318 THB
  Nize Hotel   Phuket Town 1348 THB
  Noble House   Patong Beach 674 THB
  Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach   Kamala Beach 3250 THB
  Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 3243 THB
  Novotel Phuket Resort   Patong Beach 2949 THB
  Novotel Phuket Vintage Park   Patong Beach 3061 THB
  Ocean and Ole Hotel at Patong   Patong Beach 1346 THB
  Orchid Garden Rawai Hotel   Rawai 1011 THB
  Orchid Residence   Patong Beach 1432 THB
  Orchid Resortel   Patong Beach 1348 THB
  Orchidacea Resort   Kata Beach 1769 THB
  Outdoor Inn & Restaurant   Kata Beach 1601 THB
  Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort   Bang Tao 4395 THB
  Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort & Villas   Bang Tao 3484 THB

P to R

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Pacific Club Resort   Karon Beach 2384 THB
  Palm Garden Resort   Chalong 2022 THB
  Palm Oasis Boutique Hotel   Nai Harn 1459 THB
  Palmyra Patong Resort   Patong Beach 1651 THB
  Panomporn Patong Place   Patong Beach 834 THB
  Panwa Beach Resort Phuket   Panwa 4549 THB
  Paradise Inn   Karon Beach 707 THB
  Paresa Resort Phuket   Kamala Beach 12174 THB
  Paripas Express   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Patong Bay Garden Resort   Patong Beach 2021 THB
  Patong Bay Residence   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Patong Bay Sunset   Patong Beach 2443 THB
  Patong Beach Bed and Breakfast   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Patong Beach Hotel   Patong Beach 2831 THB
  Patong Budget Rooms   Patong Beach 581 THB
  Patong City Hometel   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Patong Gallery Hotel   Patong Beach 1516 THB
  Patong Hemingway Hotel   Patong Beach 1668 THB
  Patong Heritage   Patong Beach 3817 THB
  Patong Hillside Hotel   Patong Beach 666 THB
  Patong Lodge Hotel   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  Patong Max Value Hotel   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  Patong Merlin Hotel   Patong Beach 3875 THB
  Patong Paradee Resort   Patong Beach 590 THB
  Patong Paragon Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 2696 THB
  Patong Pearl Resortel   Patong Beach 1685 THB
  Patong Premier Resort   Patong Beach 1297 THB
  Patong Princess Hotel   Patong Beach 1095 THB
  Patong Resort Hotel   Patong Beach 3538 THB
  Patong Signature Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 4212 THB
  Patong Terrace Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 1491 THB
  Patong V Hotel   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Patong Voyage Place   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Peach Blossom Resort   Karon Beach 3412 THB
  Peach Hill Resort   Kata Beach 3033 THB
  Perennial Resort   Phuket Airport 2511 THB
  PGS Hotels Kris Hotel & Spa   Patong Beach 1236 THB
  Phil Boutique Hotel at Sansabai   Patong Beach 1171 THB
  Phu NaNa Boutique Hotel   Rawai 2148 THB
  Phu-ke-ta Hotel   Phuket Town 1853 THB
  Phuket Airport 24-7 Hotel   Phuket Airport 842 THB
  Phuket Airport Bed & Breakfast   Phuket Airport 1095 THB
  Phuket Airport Hotel   Phuket Airport 1853 THB
  Phuket Airport Inn   Phuket Airport 1264 THB
  Phuket Art Home   Chalong 842 THB
  Phuket Bike Resort   Bang Tao 1706 THB
  Phuket Center Apartment   Phuket Town 516 THB
  Phuket Chaba Hotel Manage by The Beach Group   Kata Beach 1685 THB
  Phuket Ecozy Hotel   Phuket Town 741 THB
  Phuket Garden Home   Chalong 1011 THB
  Phuket Golden Sand Inn   Karon Beach 1348 THB
  Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 3437 THB
  Phuket Heritage Hotel   Karon Beach 1516 THB
  Phuket Island View   Karon Beach 2300 THB
  Phuket Merlin Hotel   Phuket Town 1011 THB
  Phuket Nature Home Resort   Nai Yang 1365 THB
  Phuket Orchid Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 6221 THB
  Phuket Panwa Beachfront Resort   Panwa 3779 THB
  Phuket Racha Guesthouse   Kata Beach 1011 THB
  Phuket Sea Resort   Rawai 1516 THB
  Phuket Seaview Resotel   Rawai 1752 THB
  Phuket Siray Hut Resort   Phuket Town 842 THB
  Phumundra Resort Phuket   Phuket Town 2654 THB
  Phunawa Resort   Karon Beach 3159 THB
  Pier 42 Boutique Resort & Spa   Chalong 2406 THB
  Pimnara Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 2084 THB
  Pimrada Hotel   Patong Beach 948 THB
  Pj Patong Resortel   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Point Yamu by COMO   Ao Por 10399 THB
  Poppa Palace Hotel   Patong Beach 1235 THB
  Priewwan Guesthouse   Patong Beach 674 THB
  Prince Edouard Apartments & Resort   Patong Beach 3707 THB
  Princess Seaview Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 2275 THB
  PT Residence at Patong Beach   Patong Beach 463 THB
  Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach   Nai Thon 3530 THB
  Quip Design Phuket Hotel   Phuket Town 1241 THB
  R-Mar Resort and Spa   Patong Beach 3370 THB
  Radisson Blu Plaza Resort Phuket Panwa Beach   Panwa 3623 THB
  Rama Kata Beach Hotel   Kata Beach 2275 THB
  Ramada Phuket Southsea   Karon Beach 5255 THB
  Ratana Apart Hotel Kamala   Kamala Beach 1853 THB
  Ratana Apart Hotel   Chalong 1264 THB
  Rattana Beach Hotel   Karon Beach 1264 THB
  Rattana Hill Apartment   Patong Beach 1516 THB
  Rattana Mansion   Phuket Town 632 THB
  Rattana Residence Sakdidet   Phuket Town 674 THB
  Rawai Grand House   Rawai 2616 THB
  Rawai Palm Beach Resort   Rawai 2654 THB
  Rayaburi Beach Club   Patong Beach 2300 THB
  Rayaburi Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 1297 THB
  Rayaburi Resort Racha Island   Nearby Island 3724 THB
  Regent Phuket Cape Panwa   Panwa 5476 THB
  Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa   Mai Khao 6600 THB
  Renoir Boutique Hotel   Patong Beach 926 THB
  Ricos Hotel   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  Rising Sun Residence   Chalong 21230 THB
  Rojjana Residence   Kamala Beach 1980 THB
  Rome Place Hotel   Phuket Town 834 THB
  Royal Embassy Resort & Spa   Kamala Beach 3361 THB
  Royal Phawadee Village   Patong Beach 2527 THB
  Royal Phuket City Hotel   Phuket Town 1853 THB
  Ruen Buathong Boutique Guest House   Patong Beach 1053 THB

S to Z

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Sabaidee Patong   Patong Beach  
  Safari Beach Hotel   Patong Beach 2317 THB
  Sai Rougn Residence   Patong Beach 848 THB
  Saiyuan Buri Resort and Residences Phuket   Rawai 5055 THB
  SALA Phuket Resort and Spa   Mai Khao 7160 THB
  Salathai Resort Phuket   Patong Beach 2291 THB
  Samkong Place   Phuket Town 716 THB
  Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa   Koh Yao 8056 THB
  Santi White Hotel   Patong Beach 758 THB
  Sapaan Pla Residence   Chalong 716 THB
  Sawaddi Patong Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 1685 THB
  Sawasdee Village   Kata Beach 4634 THB
  SBLiving Place   Phuket Town 927 THB
  Sea Front Home   Patong Beach 948 THB
  Sea Host Inn   Kata Beach 1053 THB
  Sea Pearl Villas Resort   Patong Beach 2527 THB
  Sea Sun Sand Resort and Spa   Patong Beach 4148 THB
  Seastone Pool Villa   Bang Tao 3707 THB
  Seaview Patong Hotel   Patong Beach 5257 THB
  Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant   Karon Beach 2123 THB
  Secret Cliff Villa   Karon Beach 1921 THB
  Seeka Boutique Resort   Patong Beach 1685 THB
  Serenity Hotel Phuket   Phuket Town 2190 THB
  Serenity Resort & Residences Phuket   Rawai 3360 THB
  Seven Seas Hotel   Patong Beach 548 THB
  Siam BB Resort   Rawai 1011 THB
  Siam Hotel   Patong Beach 674 THB
  Siam Palm Residence   Patong Beach 1853 THB
  Silver Resortel Patong   Patong Beach 948 THB
  Simplitel Phuket   Karon Beach 1618 THB
  Sino Backpacker Phuket   Phuket Town 295 THB
  Sino House Phuket Hotel and Apartment   Phuket Town 1062 THB
  Sino Imperial Phuket   Phuket Town 674 THB
  Sino Inn Phuket Hotel   Phuket Town 295 THB
  Sino Maison Hotel   Patong Beach 885 THB
  Sira Boutique Residence   Patong Beach 1179 THB
  Sira Grande Hotel   Patong Beach 1942 THB
  Siray House   Phuket Town 1011 THB
  Six Senses Yao Noi   Koh Yao 26327 THB
  Sleep Room Guesthouse   Phuket Town 800 THB
  Sleep Sheep Phuket Hostel   Phuket Town 253 THB
  SLEEP WITH ME HOTEL Design Hotel at Patong   Patong Beach 3034 THB
  SM Resort   Patong Beach 1432 THB
  Squareone   Patong Beach 244 THB
  Sri Panwa Phuket   Panwa 17472 THB
  Star Guesthouse   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Sugar Marina Resort - ART- Karon Beach   Karon Beach 2113 THB
  Sugar Marina Resort - FASHION - Kata Beach   Kata Beach 2224 THB
  Sugar Marina Resort - NAUTICAL - Kata Beach   Kata Beach 2502 THB
  Sugar Marina Resort-SURF-Kata Beach   Kata Beach 2224 THB
  Sugar Palm Grand Hillside   Kata Beach 3402 THB
  Sugar Palm Residence   Phuket Town 2106 THB
  Sukko Spa Resort   Phuket Town 4212 THB
  Summer Breeze Inn   Phuket Town 1171 THB
  Sun Hill Hotel   Patong Beach 1592 THB
  Sunset Beach Resort   Patong Beach 2949 THB
  Sunset Plaza Serviced Apartments   Karon Beach 2300 THB
  Sunsuri Phuket   Nai Harn 3572 THB
  Sunwest Apartment   Phuket Town 548 THB
  Sunwing Resort & Spa   Bang Tao 7088 THB
  Sunwing Resort - Kamala Beach   Kamala Beach 4548 THB
  Supalai Resort & Spa Phuket   Ao Por 2500 THB
  Surin Park   Surin Beach 2300 THB
  Surin Sabai Condominium   Surin Beach 2106 THB
  Surintra Boutique Hotel   Surin Beach 1297 THB
  Suwanpupa Hotel   Phuket Town 1095 THB
  Swiss Palm Beach   Patong Beach 2359 THB
  Swissotel Resort - Phuket - All Suites   Kamala Beach 4000 THB
  T-VILLA RESORT   Nai Yang 2949 THB
  Tanamas House   Phuket Airport 1222 THB
  Tanawan Phuket Hotel   Patong Beach 1321 THB
  Taro Hotel   Kamala Beach 1348 THB
  Tatum Mansion   Patong Beach 926 THB
  Thai Dream Pool Villa   Rawai 842 THB
  Thanthip Beach Resort   Patong Beach 2317 THB
  Thanyapura Sports Hotel   Phuket Airport 2359 THB
  Thara Patong Beach Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 2793 THB
  Thavorn Beach Village & Spa   Kamala Beach 3614 THB
  Thavorn Palm Beach Resort   Karon Beach 3086 THB
  The 8 Pool Villa   Chalong 3833 THB
  The Aim Patong Hotel   Patong Beach 1149 THB
  The Album Hotel   Patong Beach 1179 THB
  The Album Loft at Nanai Road   Patong Beach 1053 THB
  The Allano Phuket Hotel   Patong Beach 1165 THB
  The Artist House   Patong Beach 800 THB
  The Aspasia Phuket   Kata Beach 3119 THB
  The Baray Villa   Kata Beach 14027 THB
  The Baycliff Condominium   Patong Beach 2654 THB
  The Beach Boutique House   Kata Beach 1601 THB
  The Beach Heights Resort   Kata Beach 2022 THB
  The Bell Pool Villa Resort Phuket   Kamala Beach 6752 THB
  The Belle Resort   Patong Beach 842 THB
  The Best House   Karon Beach 986 THB
  The Best Mansion Hotel   Chalong 1095 THB
  The Bird Cage Patong Guesthouse   Patong Beach 716 THB
  The Blue Marine Resort & Spa Phuket Managed by Centara   Patong Beach 2529 THB
  The Blue Pearl   Kata Beach 2949 THB
  The Charm Hotel Phuket   Kata Beach 1685 THB
  The Charm Resort Phuket   Patong Beach 2826 THB
  The Chava Resort   Surin Beach 16382 THB
  The Chilli Salza Patong   Patong Beach 834 THB
  The Club Residence Serviced Apartments   Kamala Beach 1281 THB
  The Color Kata   Kata Beach 1567 THB
  The Cozy House   Nai Harn 758 THB
  The Crib Patong   Patong Beach 1168 THB
  The Crystal Beach Hotel   Patong Beach 1062 THB
  The Front Village   Karon Beach 2022 THB
  The Frutta Boutique   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  The Gallery Phuket   Patong Beach 1179 THB
  The Great at Patong Residence   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  The Guest House   Patong Beach 477 THB
  The Journey Patong   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  The Kata Orient House   Kata Beach 842 THB
  The Kata Resort   Kata Beach 1390 THB
  The Kee Resort & Spa   Patong Beach 3033 THB
  The Kris Residence   Patong Beach  
  The Lantern Resorts Patong   Patong Beach 2857 THB
  The Little Moon Residence   Patong Beach 925 THB
  The Mangrove Panwa Phuket Resort   Panwa 2906 THB
  The Melody Phuket   Kata Beach 1668 THB
  The Memory at On On Hotel   Phuket Town 421 THB
  The Naka Island A Luxury Collection Resort and Spa Phuket   Nearby Island 13200 THB
  The NAKA Phuket   Kamala Beach 21483 THB
  The Nchantra Pool Suite Phuket   Phuket Town 5560 THB
  The Nest Resort   Patong Beach 1340 THB
  The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort   Karon Beach 3146 THB
  The One Phuket   Chalong 1264 THB
  The Pago Design Hotel Phuket   Phuket Town 1516 THB
  The Palmery Resort And Spa   Kata Beach 1955 THB
  The Palms Kamala Beach   Kamala Beach 2317 THB
  The Par Phuket   Phuket Town 1601 THB
  The Paradise Koh Yao   Koh Yao 4701 THB
  The Pavilions Phuket   Bang Tao 13500 THB
  The Phulin Resort   Karon Beach 1213 THB
  The Privilege Residence   Patong Beach 3606 THB
  The Quarter Phuket   Surin Beach 2654 THB
  The Racha   Nearby Island 10200 THB
  The Residence Resort & Spa Retreat   Bang Tao 4128 THB
  The Royal Palm Beach Front   Patong Beach 1213 THB
  The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa   Patong Beach 2317 THB
  The Senses Resort Phuket   Patong Beach 2780 THB
  The Shore at Katathani   Kata Beach 20156 THB
  The Signature Phuket Resort   Chalong 1432 THB
  The Sky Dream Phuket Hotel   Phuket Town 1432 THB
  The Sunflower Holiday Hostel   Thalang 931 THB
  The Surin Phuket   Surin Beach 9029 THB
  The Three by APK   Patong Beach 927 THB
  The Tint at Phuket Town   Phuket Town 1011 THB
  The Title Phuket   Rawai 1706 THB
  The Unity Patong   Patong Beach 1853 THB
  The View Rawada Resort & Spa   Rawai 2738 THB
  The Vijitt Resort Phuket   Rawai 5371 THB
  The Village Coconut Island Beach Resort   Nearby Island 4044 THB
  The Village Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 3370 THB
  The Viridian Resort   Patong Beach 1647 THB
  The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa Phuket   Phuket Town 4374 THB
  Thiw Son Beach Resort   Koh Yao 1348 THB
  Tiger Hotel Complex   Patong Beach 1084 THB
  Tiger Inn Patong   Patong Beach 1084 THB
  Tinidee Golf Resort at Phuket   Phuket Town 1483 THB
  TIRAS Patong Beach Hotel   Patong Beach 1516 THB
  Tony Resort   Patong Beach 1213 THB
  Tri Trang Beach Resort   Patong Beach 3012 THB
  Triple Rund Place Hotel   Patong Beach 632 THB
  Trisara Phuket Villas & Residences   Nai Thon 27142 THB
  Tropica Bungalow Hotel   Patong Beach 2443 THB
  Tune Hotel Patong   Patong Beach 842 THB
  Twin Hotel   Phuket Town 1095 THB
  Twin Inn   Phuket Town 590 THB
  Twinpalms Phuket   Surin Beach 6413 THB
  Two Chefs Inn   Kata Beach 1516 THB
  Two Villas Holiday Phuket - Onyx Style Naiharn beach   Nai Harn 4297 THB
  Two Villas Holiday Phuket - Oriental Style Layan   Bang Tao 6078 THB
  Two Villas Holiday Phuket - Oriental Style Nai Harn   Nai Harn 5257 THB
  Two Villas Holiday Phuket Oxygen Style Bang Tao   Bang Tao 6546 THB
  U Zenmaya Phuket   Kamala Beach 4699 THB
  Urban Patong Mini Hotel & More   Patong Beach 1264 THB
  Viking Residence   Patong Beach 1011 THB
  Villa De Mama   Chalong 666 THB
  Villa Elisabeth   Kata Beach 4634 THB
  Villa Tantawan Resort and Spa   Kamala Beach 10075 THB
  Villa Zolitude Phuket Resort   Chalong 7112 THB
  Villareal Heights   Kata Beach 1264 THB
  Wanaburi Resort   Thalang 1938 THB
  Waterfront Suites Phuket by Centara   Karon Beach 2568 THB
  We Hotel at Sansabai - Formerly San Sabai Patong Resort   Patong Beach 1516 THB
  White Sand Resortel   Patong Beach 1516 THB
  Windsor Court guest house   Patong Beach 927 THB
  Wings Phuket Villa by Two Villas HOLIDAY   Bang Tao 5661 THB
  Wonderful Pool House at Kata   Kata Beach 1516 THB
  Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa   Karon Beach 1946 THB
  Yaya Residence   Patong Beach 757 THB

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