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  • Phuket Bus Terminal 2 and Prices

    New Bus Station at the Entrance of Phuket Town


    Travelling from and to Phuket without spending a fortune on taxi or flights can be challenging. Even finding the necessary information to reach nearby Krabi and Khao Lak isn’t that easy. Here are some prices and schedules to help you orientate yourself.

    Phuket’s Bus Terminal 2 on Thepkasatri Road leading out of town is relatively new and handles all passengers coming to and leaving the island. As you enter the large building you will find ticket counters to the left and right to specific destinations.

    Take your time in choosing a window and compare and contrast fares as prices can vary to the same destination depending on the bus type. The bus Terminal is also the place to catch mini-buses to Koh Lanta and Krabi. Prices are non-negotiable.

    Do make sure that your bags are securely locked if you store them in the bus's luggage compartment.

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  • Carrying on through the terminus, a left-luggage counter stands to the left and to the right a 7-Eleven lookalike B&B supermarket sells all the essentials you will need for your journey. Here, you’ll also find public payphones and a large-screen LCD television set high on the wall.

    In the midst of the large departure area stands two rows of reinforced plastic seating as well as nearer to the waiting buses. At the far end of the departure hall is a taxi rank with a list of destinations and prices with public toilets to one side as well as several snack concessions.

    Nearby Phuket Bus Terminal 2

    Two-hundred metres north of Bus Terminal 2 and on the opposite side of the road is Supercheap, a veritable monster of a shop that sells everything from computers to crackers so if you have a few hours to kill before your bus leaves, wander over and have a look.

    And if all else has failed and you cannot find the bus you need, take heart: Right next to the building is a used car dealership…

    Bus Destinations and Average Prices from Phuket

    Destinations Departures/Day Average Duration (in hours) Average Prices
    Bangkok 21 12 1100 Baht
    Chiang Mai 1 15 1,500 Baht
    Chiang Rai 1 17 1,700 Baht
    Chumphon 4 5 600 Baht
    Danok (border with Malaysia) 2 7 700 Baht
    Hadyai 43 6 500 Baht
    Hua Hin 1 8 800 Baht
    Khao Lak - Takuapa 2 1.30 - 2 80 Baht
    Khao Sok 6 2.30 100 Baht
    Khon Kaen 1 18 1,700 Baht
    Koh Lanta 8 6 600 Baht
    Koh Phangan 1 7 700 Baht
    Koh Samui 1 6 600 Baht
    Korat - Ubon Ratchathani 3 17 - 19 1,600 - 1,800 Baht
    Krabi Town 11 4 200 Baht
    Nakhon Sri Thammarat 17 6 500 Baht
    Nongkhai 2 22 2,000 Baht
    Pattaya 1 14 1300 Baht
    Phang Nga Town 54 1 80 Baht
    Ranong 3 4 200 Baht
    Satun 8 6 500 Baht
    Suratthani 17 4 200 Baht
    Trang 17 5.30 700 Baht

    Note: departures/day column includes all types of buses and mini-buses. Prices and travel time duration are approximate. We suggest you to go and book your bus transfer directly at Phuket Bus Terminal or at a travel agency.

    • Toilets, taxi & information desk
    • Front entrance of Phuket Bus Terminal

    Phuket Bus Terminal 2

    • Location: On Thepkasattri Road, between Mission Hospital and Supercheap
    • Remarks: Tickets for bus travel can be purchased at the bus station or at one of the many local travel agents
    • Tel: +66 (0)7 621 1977 (Information line in Thai only)
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