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Phuket is changing at breakneck speed. The island's infrastructure, and population is growing and morphing into an almost unrecognisable version of what it was several years ago.

Nowadays it's no longer unusual to discover niches in Phuket that have all the commodities of Bangkok or even a western town. Have a look below to familiarise yourself with what is happening on the island nowadays.

Banks in Phuket Banks in Phuket

Opening hours - 8.30am and 3.30pm (Monday to Friday) except public and bank holidays. Most major banks have ATM machines which accept major cards within the Cirrus/Maestro system. Read More...

Communications in Phuket Communications in Phuket

Most hotels can provide telephone and fax services. You can also make your calls from one of the many business centres that offer this service. Read More...

Geography of Phuket Geography of Phuket

Eight degrees north of the Equator, and well below the latitudes of destructive tropical storms, Phuket's balmy tropical climate is tempered by cool northeasterly breezes from November to March. Read More...

Phuket History Phuket History

Phuket has a long history of playing host to foreigners. Phuket Town was founded in the first century by colonists from India. Ptolemy in the third century referred to it as ‘Jang Si Lang'.  Read More...

Phuket Population, Religions and Culture Phuket Population

About 75 percent of the inhabitants of Thailand are Thai. The largest minority group consists of the Chinese, who make up about 14% of the total population, and most are Thai nationals. Read More...

Phuket Schools Phuket Schools

As Phuket has become more cosmopolitan, education on the island has kept apace. Below is a list of Phuket preschools, schools, and universities with English-language curriculums. Read More...

Phuket Environment Phuket Environment

The waters around Phuket contain some excellent underwater scenery and fringing coral reefs with the result that diving has become a major Phuket-based recreational industry. Read More...

Thailand Lands and Resources Lands and Resources

Most of Thailand lies within the Indochinese Peninsula. The country's extreme dimensions are about 1770km from north to south and about 800km from east to west. Read More...

Phuket Industries Phuket Industries

Tourism continues to grow rapidly with more than three million visitors every year. In recent years, tourism revenues have resulted in better roads, better hospitals and public utilities. Read More...

Animal Conservation in Phuket Animal Conservation

Phuket houses the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. Set by Bang Pae waterfall, visitors are welcome to observe (from a distance) the process. Elephants come to Phuket to work in the tourist industry. Read More...

10 Movies Shot in Phuket 10 Movies Shot in Phuket

There are plenty of movies shot in Phuket and its nearby areas due to the fact that Thailand has always been eager to attract Hollywood and the international cinema industry on its soil as a way to promote tourism in the country. Read More...


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