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    Wedding Ceremonies in Phuket

    Phuket is the perfect spot for your dream wedding. Get married in the traditional western style with a non-denominational ceremony, or have a Thai style Buddhist wedding.

    Choose from a variety of venues - tropical gardens or on the beach for your perfect wedding day.

  • Modern Wedding Studio can organize your wedding in any style you desire, whether it is Chinese, Thai, Japanese or Western. Just let us know your dream and we will make it come true. Read More...

    • Location: 1/4 Nimit Rd. Soi 3, Talad-Yai, Muang, Phuket.
    • Address:
    • Tel: +66(0) 76 23 23 86

    Wedding Ceremonies

    Many couples opt to have a local ceremony, with all the legal proceedings done before in their home country. Most of the major hotels can assist with planning and several, including Dusit Laguna and Le Meridien offer inclusive wedding packages. Some tour companies will also arrange custom made and more unusual ceremonies.

    Can We Be Legally Married?

    If you are planning your Phuket wedding be a legal marriage, then you must have the proper paperwork in hand.

    At least a week prior to your planned wedding day, both parties must go their respective Embassy's in Bangkok and sign statuary declaration forms. These forms are proof that each person is single and free to marry, and are a mandatory requirement in registering a marriage in Thailand. Documents brought from overseas will not be accepted. You will need your passport and may be asked to provide documentary proof that you are free to marry (i.e. legally divorced) if you have been married before.

    Once signed and witnessed by officials at the Embassy, these forms must then be translated into Thai and taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to be certified. For this process it is wise to obtain the services of a local agency - there are many available in Bangkok who can arrange the translations and certification at the Ministry. This will take around 3-5 working days, but there are many public holidays in Thailand, so check, or you could have delays. Once the forms and their stamped translations, have been completed, you can then apply to the local district office (in this case Phuket), to arrange an appointment to register your marriage. Please remember - the District Office will only accept documents stamped and authenticated previously in Bangkok.

    The legal part (marriage registration) will take place in the district office in Phuket Town. A local agent like Bangkok Translation Services (BTS) can help you with the government formalities here. They will schedule your appointment, accompany you to the district office, translate the ceremony for you and then translate the Thai legal document into your own language. This legal document can then be used to register your marriage in your own country.

    Once the legal requirements are met, you can choose from a traditional Thai, Buddhist or Christian ceremony, Phuket Christian Centre offers a Christian ceremony in Thai or English, either in the church or at your own wedding location, or design your own unique event from exchanging vows on elephant back to paddling in the waters of the Andaman Sea!

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