Laem Singh Beach

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  • Laem Singh Beach

    Everything You Need to Know About Laem Singh Beach

    Laem Singh Beach is one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches and hides on the west coast between Kamala and Surin beaches. 'Laem' is Thai for 'cape' and this 150 meters beach is indeed situated under a steep promontory, nestled in a hidden bay surrounded by palm trees and dotted with giant boulders, it has a feeling of secret beach.

    Because of its limited size, Laem Singh gets crowded during the high season but is pleasantly busy during low season sunny days.

    This beach is located in between Kamala and Surin beaches. From the main Beach Road, two pathways lead down from two separate car parks located just to the north and to the south of the beach.

    During high season, parking might be scarce and it will cost you 20 baht for a motorcycle and 40 baht for a car. These paths are not easy to negotiate and descent time is around five minutes, the northernmost path is the easiest.

  • Laem Singh Beach Facilities

    Laem Singh offers several sets of sun loungers with parasols generally rented out by the nearby restaurants and you can have drinks or even food served by them. The south end offers a rudimentary 'shower' (a hose with running fresh water tied to a stick) and the restaurants have basic toilets.

    Don't miss the chance to try a Thai beach massage in the shade of the palm trees once you had enough swimming or sunburn. Price is around 300 baht for an hour. 

    Laem Singh Beach Restaurants

    Laem Singh is a particularly popular destination for Italian visitors to Phuket. It is sometimes referred to as 'The Italian Beach' and some restaurants make a decent stab at Neapolitan cuisine, mostly seafood dishes and of course Thai seafood is a guaranteed favourite.

    Made of bamboo and thatched palm roofs, these restaurants blend perfectly with the beautiful jungle setting of Laem Singh Beach. The most popular restaurant is certainly 'Ristorante Da Ali' with his well known host "Ali' followed by two other wooden Thai restaurants will be the perfect opportunity for a lazy and shady lunch with your feet in the sand. The general atmosphere among the restaurant workers is extremely friendly and you will receive a warm welcome.

    Laem Singh Beach Activities

    The northern part of the beach is good for body boarding and swimming and snorkeling is excellent in the southern part within the rocky part. Don't forget to keep some of your lunch bread to feed the fishes, and hundred of them with surround you within seconds.

    Inflatable rafts and body boards are for rent at most restaurants as are kayaks. During high season, banana boats, jetskis and even waterski can be enjoyed.

    Beach Vendors

    Beach vendors will also approach, even while you eat, and they bear a wide variety of wares from silk bed covers to travel bags to wooden games to snacks, or might even offer you to have your photo taken with an Iguana.

    A simple 'no thanks' is usually enough, or avoid eye contact if you would prefer not to be disturbed. If you see something you like, make sure to bargain with them and to not accept their original asking prices.

    Where to Stay near Laem Singh Beach

    There is no immediate accommodation near this beach and it normally 'closes' at 18:30 but nearby accommodation is available at Surin beach, only a couple of hundred meters away. Best known are the beautiful hillside Ayara Hilltops Boutique Resort and the stylish Twinpalms Phuket, a very popular well designed Hotel.

    Laem Singh Beach

    • Location: On the coastal road between Kamala and Surin Beaches
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