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  • Tri Tra Beach (Emerald Beach)

    Everything you need to know about Tri Tra Beach

    Snuggled into the headland south of Patong, Tri Tra Beach ('Hat Tri Tra' in Thai) is the perfect place for sun lovers and those who are dead serious about going for the maximum tan. There is a long line of northern-facing sunbeds along this 500-metre beach and it is popular with guests from the nearby Merlin Beach Resort, being the nearest large beach to it.

    This lovely beach is recognised on the Internet as being a peaceful haven of tranquility but ask the man in the street in nearby Patong where it is and he'll more than likely not know. 

    North-facing Tri Tra Beach (Somtimes called Emerald Beach) has an open feel to it because, instead of the usual shade-providing palms and casuarinas, there is hinter beach vegetation and rough grass for over half of its length. You can relax in the shade near the restaurant or at the resort end but most of the beach basks in direct sunlight.

    Tri Tra Beach is to the southwest of Patong and is reached by going south along the last part of Patong's Beach Road. and taking a left turn at the Amari Coral Beach Resort. Go past Baan Yin Dee then turn down the road that leads to the Tri Trang Resort.

    Alternatively, carry on the road past the Merlin Beach Resort until you come to Naik Rang at the foot of a hill and a restaurant on the sea side of the road called 'Windsulf' (this is really how it is spelled). You can access  Tri Tra Beach by parking here and walking through this restaurant during high tide.

  • Tri Tra Beach Facilities

    Sun loungers go for the normal 200 baht for a set, and you can have an hour's beach massage for 400 baht and a pedicure for 300 baht. Both oil and foot massages are 400 baht and girls, if you want your hair braided it will cost 1,500 baht. Jet-skis operate from here and cost 1,500 baht an hour and you can parasail for 1,200 baht.

    Snorkel sets are 300 baht an hour and going out on a sea kayak to explore the environs will cost 400 baht.

    There are toilets at both ends of the beach; one in the 'Windsulf' restaurant and at the Tri Trang Resort.

    Tri Tra Beach Restaurants & Food

    'Windsulf' is a very attractive looking place overlooking the sea. It has basic Thai and European food and its interior décor is wooden, quirky and unusual. You can rent snorkeling gear here too. There is a restaurant serving both Thai and international food at the resort end as well. 

    Tri Tra Beach Activities

    The waters off  Tri Trang Beach are not deep and are also quite rocky so this makes swimming a little difficult except at high tide. The best place for swimming is the end of the beach closest to Patong. Tri Trang Beach is more of a quiet destination - especially when compared with busy Patong Beach, visible in the distance. 

    Beach Vendors

    Beach vendors occasionally pass by from Patong Beach but Emerald Beach is not on their priority list as it is quiet and isolated. If approached, a simple 'no thanks' and a smile is usually enough if you would prefer not to be disturbed. If you see something you like, make sure to bargain with them and to not accept their original asking prices.

    Where to Stay near Tri Tra Beach

    There are no hotels located directly on the beach, but three choices of accommodation near Emerald Beach: Tri Trang Resort, the three-pooled Merlin Beach Resort and the sumptuous Baan Yin Dee. Closer to Patong is the ever popular Amari Coral Beach Resort.

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