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    1. Sunwing Resort - Kamala Beach 4.3/ 5
    2. Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort 4.2/ 5
    3. The Naka Phuket 4.5/ 5
    4. Kamala Resort and Spa 3.9/ 5
    5. Swissotel Resort Phuket 3.9/ 5
    6. Keemala / 5
    7. Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach 4.1/ 5
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    Tranquil and calm, the pretty white sands of Kamala beckon most people by day, but if you're seeking more than sunbathing on a perfect beach, there are other options such as snorkeling at the north end of the beach.

    There aren't any waves from November to April (NE monsoon) and the water is crystal clear and calm. From May to October (SW monsoon) at times there can be large waves caused by ocean swell, however most of the time swimming is perfectly safe on Kamala beach, take note when the red flags are flying.

    Head north out of Patong Beach on the beach road and pass through Kalim, or alternatively head due south out of Surin Beach.

    Kamala Beach Facilities

    There are no public toilets on Kamala Beach but the many beachfront hotels have facilities. Beach mats and umbrellas are available for a few hundred baht each from small stores near the sand.

    Kamala Beach Restaurants

    The main source of lunch towards the south end of Kamala beach is the many beachfront hotels, that serve mainly Thai and International dishes. There are also a few local restaurants a short walk away.

    At the north end there's an area with many hawker stalls selling all kinds of Thai delights from different areas of the country. You'll usually find chicken satay, spicy Thai salads, Phad Thai and Thai curries amongst other dishes and all kinds of sweet deserts.

    Kamala Beach Watersports

    There's not really any snorkeling close to the shore on Kamala Beach, although there is some good scuba diving however it's not from the beach. Dive shops will be able to arrange this for you.

    Jetskiing and parasailing is available in high season and often in low season. If unsure ask at the beachfront hotels. Beware when jetskiing, most jetskis have 'no insurance' stickers on the front of them! Or why not go for a longtail boat ride?

    Surfing: This north end of Kamala's northernmost beach is a beach break with stable sandbanks, due to the reefs. Here, there are consistent waves of up to three metres and they build up the closer to shore you get.

    Variable winds with swell up to three metres. There is a point break for experienced surfers.

    Kamala Beach Activities

    There's not too much happening on Kamala beach although jetskiing and parasailing is available. Sunbathing and reading a good book are the most popular activities here.

    November to April some good snorkeling can be found by the rocks at the north end of the beach, equipment can be rented on the beach easily.

    Renting a longtail boat to explore the neighbouring beaches of Laem Singh or Surin Beach is a very nice way to spend the afternoon.

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