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  • Paradise Beach (near Patong)

    Everything you need to know about Paradise Beach

    Paradise Beach will surprise you. For a start, it's stunningly beautiful; one of the most attractive of the many wonderful beaches Phuket has to offer. It also features safe swimming all year round.

    It's compact and has a great view right across Patong Bay. The beach itself is barely 150 metres long and there is another small beach next to it, reached by a path through the rocks.

    Paradise Beach features shade-giving palm trees and tropical almonds (terminalia catappa). There are large granite rocks at both ends of the beach and a coral reef some 100 metres out.

    Jet-skis are actively discouraged from approaching the beach, resulting in a calm, peaceful location. 

  • How to Get There

    Situated about five kilometres southwest of Patong, you get to Paradise by heading south along the last stretch of Patong's Beach Road to Amari Coral Beach Resort, taking a left at the fork and going past Baan Yin Dee up on the hill.

    Drive past the entrance to Tri Trang Resort, and pass Merlin Beach Resort and follow the road to Emerald Bay (Naik Rang). There's a steep gradient and the road is not so wide and is certainly twisty but keep on going until it finally swoops down into Paradise car park. 

    Paradise Beach Facilities

    For those who are after a tan there are plenty of sun loungers here for 200 baht a set. There is also a restaurant serving European and Thai food and an outdoor toilet stands not far from it. People have a lot of fun swinging from a rope attached to an overhanging tree branch and dropping into the water. Paradise Beach is also a good spot to observe Thai fishermen at work on their nets and longtail motors

    Paradise Beach Activities

    Activities include snorkeling (rentals go for: mask 100 baht, fins 80 baht and snorkel 20 baht an hour) sea kayaking (400 baht an hour) and body boarding (100 baht an hour).

    There are longtail boats for hire (price negotiable) but these vessels will not go out if the waves in Patong Bay are too high. The coral reef is Paradise's main aquatic attraction. The beach opens at 00:09 and closes at 18:30. There are no beach vendors here. 

    Paradise Beach Restaurants

    A medium-sized and reasonably priced restaurant stands back in a grove of trees towards the car park. Beachgoers can sample Thai and international fare with the onus on seafood.

    You can also order a meal and drinks from your sun bed as well as dining at tables set nearer the sea. The restaurant hires out snorkeling sets and other water sports accessories.

    Where to Stay near Paradise Beach

    There are no hotels in the immediate vicinity of Paradise Beach. Tri Trang Resort and the Merlin Beach Resort are the closest at two kilometres back down the road towards Patong followed by Baan Yin Dee further along and then the Amari Coral Beach Resort Hotel four kilometres away at the south end of Patong.

    Paradise Beach


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