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Phuket's parks are oasis of relaxation and if you're a nature lover expect to be surprised by the depth and width of the flora and fauna on show here. It's certainly not like back home! Wallowing in an ultra-cool waterfall the very best way to get to grips with the midday tropical heat. Phuket also has beachside parks that combine the best of the shade with cooling sea breezes. And of course don't forget the sensational viewpoints that afford sweeping vistas over this green island.

Visiting a national park in Thailand is not free. The rates are 200 baht for foreign adults, 100 baht for foreign kids. Thai adults 20 baht and Thai kids 10 baht.

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National Parks in Phuket

Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre

Gibbons are among humankind's nearest relatives, and when young make adorable pets. When mature however, they outgrow their cuteness and can become aggressive and even inflict injury. Thailand's wild gibbon population suffers from the poaching of baby gibbons for illegal sale as pets. This often involves killing the fiercely protective mother gibbons, and the abandonment or Read More...

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Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

Phuket's last significant virgin rain forest is a designated national park located in the northern part of the island. Spend a morning taking a leisurely walk up by the Tonsai waterfall, or, if you want to spend the day walking in the quiet majesty of a tropical forest, there's an eight-kilometre trek right through the park from Bang Pae waterfall to Ton Sai.

Guides are available at the park, and for eight kilometres definitely advisable! Much of the forest's wildlife tends to stay out of sight, but stay still for a while and your guide will point out the telltale sounds of all sorts of animals. If you're lucky, you may even see some of the forest's unusual creatures. A small museum and information centre is located near the bottom of the waterfall.

  • Location: To get there, take Route 4027 east from the Heroines' Monument for about 7 km. The entrance is clearly marked at the left. Note that all national parks in Thailand charge foreigners a 400-Baht entrance fee.
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Khao Rang Hill

Rang Hill fitness park, at the top of Khao Rang off Mae Luan Rd, is a nice shady area to go for a brisk walk or jog, or to simply sit and relax under the large, old-growth trees. The hilltop features a bronze statue of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit - the first Governor of Phuket. It's a fairly Read More...

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Loma Park

Along the beach at the north end of Patong is Loma Park, a refreshingly quiet spot to relax in the shade. Many festival events are held here during the year, and it's a popular park for local families to enjoy a nice afternoon.

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Phang Nga Bay

A distinctive feature of Phang Nga Bay are the sheer limestone karsts that jut vertically out of the emerald-green water.  James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are just two of the more famous spots in this bay. By far the best means of enjoying the spectacular scenery, with only brief encounters with the tourist crowds Read More...

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Saphan Hin

At the south end of Phuket Rd is Saphan Hin, is a large, multi-purpose park with fitness centres, a stadium, jogging trails, a software development centre, restaurants and food stalls, and a mangrove walkway. A popular site for festivals and fairs throughout the year. Muay Thai kickboxing matches in the stadium every Friday evening. Drive to Read More...

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Similan Islands

Just 84 km northwest of the deckchairs and the bustling crowds of Phuket's Patong Beach lies a gateway to another world. Koh Similan is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea, largely because of the wonders that wait beneath the clear blue waters that surround it. 

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Sirinath National Park

Sirinath National Park covers an area of 90 square kilometres, from an area west of Phuket International Airport all the way to the island's northern tip, and encompassing Nai Yang, Nai Thon and Mai Khao beaches. The park offers basic, government-run bungalows and tents for rent, or you can stay in a hotel nearby.

At the northern end of the park, situated near Tah Chatchai, is a mangrove forest with saltwater swamps supporting unique eco-systems. A nature trail and 800m wooden walkway have been built, along with signs indicating and explaining the various species of plants and animals. Entrance at the northern tip of the island, near the bridge to Phang Nga.

  • Location: Nai Yang, Nai Thon and Mai Khao area
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Suan Luang Park

King Rama IX Park, better known as Suan Luang, on Chao Fa Rd, is a lovely green park with large trees, lotus ponds and walking paths. Popular in the early morning with joggers and Tai Chi practitioners, and also in the late afternoons with strolling couples and takraw players (a game of agility where the feet are used to keep a rattan ball aloft).

  • Location: Chaofa East Road just outside Phuket Town
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