Phuket Town

Everything you need to know about Phuket City

The bustling, administrative centre of Phuket is often overlooked in favour of the beaches, but there's a lot to see and do (and spend your money on!) in Phuket City/Town. Having been recently upgraded to city status, Phuket City features an exciting mix of old and new, simple and sophisticated, peaceful and pulsating.

The activity in Phuket City is nearly around the clock. In the early morning, stoic monks take to the streets on their daily alms rounds and the fresh market buzzes with restaurant owners buying ingredients for the day's meals. Non-stop bustle characterizes the daytime, and lasts well into the evening. Nights are reserved for enjoying good company, whether at a restaurant, a disco, a quiet bar, or a combination of all three.

Madame Saigon Madame Saigon

Madame Saigon is an attractive and clean-cut Vietnamese restaurant located in the impressive and expansive Royal Phuket Marina on Phuket’s east coast just north of Phuket Town. Read More...

Flavor Organic Kitchen Flavor Organic Kitchen

Flavor - Organic Kitchen is a newcomer on the buzzing Phuket Old Town’s dining scene. Opened in January 2014 by the talented Belgian chef Erik Vranckx, Flavor is small in size but huge when it comes to the quality and elegance of the dishes it serves. Read More...

Phuket Walking Street Phuket Walking Street

Phuket Walking Street is the latest attraction featured in Phuket Old Town. Also-known-as Lardyai (talaad yai), this weekly market started in October 2013 and is hosted on the beautifully renovated Thalang Road. Read More...

Wonderland Phuket Wonderland Phuket

Wonderland Phuket is the latest addition to Phuket Old Town’s bustling nightlife scene. It’s a classy cocktail and champagne lounge setup in the Sino-Portuguese district of downtown Phuket. Read More...


Phuket Town Travel Guide
Hotels in Phuket Town Where to Stay

Asian tourists and Thai business people are the primary customers of the big hotels, but travelers from all parts of the globe are warmly welcomed. Read More...

Phuket Town Hotels Phuket Town Hotels
Here's the full list of Phuket Town hotels in alphabetical order. Alternatively you can find hotels by price or hotels on a map. See also Last Minute Hotels Offers for Phuket Town.
Phuket Town Attractions Phuket Town Attractions

The streets of Old Phuket Town are lined with 100-year-old shop-houses that house restaurants, guesthouses, printing offices, gold shops, art galleries, coffee shops, and personal residences. Read More...

Old Phuket Town Houses Old Phuket Town

The streets of Old Phuket Town are lined with 100-year-old shop-houses, restaurants, guesthouses, gold shops, art galleries, coffee shops, and residences. Read More...

Phuket Town Restaurant Reviews Phuket Town Restaurants

Phuket Town’s got quite a history to it and it’s in the historical old quarter that you will find some of its best restaurants. Read More...

Phuket Town Restaurants Phuket Town Restaurants

Often overlooked as a dining venue, what Phuket restaurants lack in sophisticated ambiance and award-winning wines they more than make up for in local colour, value and taste. Read More...

Phuket Town Nightlife Phuket Town Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Phuket Town is certainly different from the all-out assault on the senses that is Patong. Read More...

Phuket Town Shopping Phuket Town Shopping

Check out the city's night markets, stroll along the streets of downtown or stop in at a department store - the variety of goods on offer is truly bewildering. Read More...

Phuket Town Maps Phuket Town Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

Phuket Treasure Map Phuket Treasure Map

Find on this map location, description and photos of all famous old houses, temples and attractions of Old Phuket. Read More...

Hotels in Phuket Town

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Phuket Town
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