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  • Phuket Kayaking

    Sea Canoe in Phang Nga Bay & Around Phuket


    Sea Kayaking around Phang Nga Bay and Krabi is an amazing experience you really shouldn't miss!

    Discover a unique and hidden world as sturdy canoes weave their way through a network of brilliant crystalline limestone caves, to reveal the mysterious hidden world of the "Hongs"

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    The "hongs" are actually collapsed cave systems in the interior of each island, only accessed by tough, purpose-designed inflatable canoes through sea-caves at low tide. Open to the sky and filled with jungle flora and fauna,the hongs conceal a unique eco-system with monkeys, birds, fish, and apart from the sound of birdsong, complete quiet.

    Local operators have so far gained access to dozens of hongs between Phang Nga and Krabi to the south. Each hong tends to have its own distinct character, and it's easy to spend days, even a week, visiting island after island.

    Phang Nga Sea Canoe

    Limited numbers of people are taken out at a given time; and experienced guides accompany every boat, not just to lead the way and to provide commentary, but also to advise on ways to conserve these precious natural resources. Although there may be a week or two of inclement weather every year, sea canoeing is fun virtually any time of year in Phang Nga Bay - even in the "rainy season." The islands and hongs often assume an surreal beauty in the rains and, inside the caves, stalactites sparkle even more. Still, for those who like their sunshine, December to March is highly recommended.

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