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    Surin Beach is a cool and sophisticated place to relax on fine white sand, with a glittering blue sea stretching out before you. Its calm, clear waters are great for snorkelling and kayaking while boogie boarding and surfing are also popular activities on the 1km-long beach. With lively beach clubs at either end, it is a great place for a chilled-out afternoon, a stunning sunset, and a fun evening.

    You will find Surin Beach along Millionaire’s Row on Phuket’s west coast, surrounded by boutique shops, high-end resorts and the residences of the rich and famous. That does not mean that it is exclusively for the use of those with money to burn however. During the high season, it is one of the island’s busier places, popular with tourists and locals alike. It is even popular throughout the low season, though the strong currents that come at this time mean that swimmers should be very careful.

    Surin Beach Facilities

    Sunbeds are available at the clubs at either end of Surin Beach, particularly Zazada Beach Club. You can also buy mats and umbrellas at the stores just behind the beach. The access road that takes you from the main coast road to the beach itself has public toilets at the beach end and ATMs at the road end. Most of the restaurants along the beach also have toilet facilities.

    Surin Beach Restaurants

    Surin Beach has probably the best selection of food available of all the beaches in Phuket, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular with Thais.

    Hawker stalls, selling everything from barbequed chicken to Som Tam (spicy Thai salad) to cut tropical fruits to drinks. They can be found in the car park at the beach end of the main access road.

    Additionally, most of the beach is lined with reasonably-priced restaurants and bars, which mainly feature pizza, Thai food and seafood.

    Surin Beach Watersports

    Due to the lack of a launch area, speedboats are rare along Surin beach - a fact which pleases many of its patrons. Even in high season, jet skis are quite rare here.

    Kayaks can be hired and are particularly popular on the exclusive Pansea Beach a short distance away, which is only accessible through the hotels there or via the sea. Laem Singh Beach is a little further, but within reach if kayaking.

    In the low season (May - October), boogie boarding and surfing are popular. Due to rocks and the nature of the waves, surfing is best left to the who know what they're doing. Beginners should check out the northern end of Kamala Beach for more favourable conditions. Surin offers some good surfing opportunities at both ends of the beach. There are good waves on the high tide or on the low-mid tide. Watch out for the group of large rocks in the middle of the beach. The last rock at the northern end results in a sandbank with a fast left-hander.

    Surin Beach Activities

    In high season, the water at Surin Beach is exceptionally clear and some good snorkelling sites can be found by the rocks at the north and south ends of the beach. Equipment can be rented on the beach easily. In low season, the water is not clear and the waves make snorkelling very difficult.

    Volleyball is played when there's enough participants, over nets close to the car park. Throughout the length of the beach, several salas have been set up for Thai massage.

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