Karona Resort And Spa, Phuket, Thailand


Karona Resort And Spa

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"CHILIES" is the 64 sq.m. restaurant. This 40 seats restaurant is decorated with special handmade ceramic table, serving European and East meet West food with fresh seafood from Andaman Sea. For the Thai food lover, we recommend our famous Thai menu such as "Tom-Yum-Kung", and "Pad Thai". Our chef concerns not only the marvelous taste, but also the healthy ingredients of the food.

Two Levels Swimming Pool

With the concept of tropical rain forest, our pools are contrived with 2 levels. The top level is started from the pleasant waterfall, which gradually leveled down to the natural rock covered with fern and tropical plants of Southern Thailand. The stream runs down into the large natural pool and sprinkles over the plants. While swimming, you could see the pool depths embellished with floral garden. Moreover, there is waterfall from grand wall with great stream pours down into another pool connected to the "CHILLIES" restaurant terrace. You can decide on dinning outdoor at pool side with BBQ Party or Buffet Party in a fine evening.

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