Layalina Hotel, Phuket, Kamala Beach, Thailand


Layalina Hotel


Traditional Thai Massage

We like to stimulate your senses. It's a whole new world of pampering and there is nothing like the comfortable pleasure of a massage, facial, scrub or manicure and pedicure en suite. Nobody rushes. Everyone is cool. It's a fascinating dimension of 'Thai-ness'.

With Thai herbs being the core ingredients of Layalina's Thai-style in-room spa philosophy, we use only natural handmade herbal products and herbal teas, cosmetics and beauty products.

Renewall Therapies: The private ReNEWall therapies. Body, mind, emotions and spirit are all connected. When we begin by clearing the mind patterns and thoughts, we send happy crystals to our water-based body (Messages in Water By Emoto), or, when we dance and move joyfully, the body responds and as a result the mind shifts to choosing joy, the emotions are released and you express your unique spirit which simple IS.

En-Suite Bath: Relax and forget your worries. Let us provide a memorable bath experience in the comfort of your room. Summon the bath concierge to draw a bath with a sensuous blend of oils, bath salts and specialty soaps, or a fun bubble bath. We'll set the mood with scented candles, rose petals and soft music and let you dream away. The experience includes loofah-sponges and bath pillows. Select from a menu offering sensual, relaxing, stimulating or traditional Japanese followed by a shiatsu acupressure. Reinvent yourself. 

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