L'esprit de Naiyang, Phuket, Thailand


L'esprit de Naiyang, Phuket

Facilities & Services

Guests at L’esprit de Naiyang resort, Phuket benefit from friendly, professional and personalized service, our enchanting resort facilities including:

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is surrounded with charms of the tropical garden and direct pool villas. Guests can enjoy their private sundeck encompass their bodies, minds and souls and feel free with the pool size 12 x 75 meter long.


Fitness is set up for mini-exercise which is suited for the leisure vacation.


Secret Cuisine offers a relaxing and sensation of the authentic Thai fusion food with garden and pool view for morning, afternoon and dinner for all day dining. Blance your flavor and aroma with our fresh brew coffee & organic tea. Guests can relax, read, and just enjoy the gentle sea breeze.

Pool bar is located on lower lobby with turquoise swimming pool view. Cocktails, a fine wine and light snacks are served for soft cool day!

L’esprit Indulgent Spa

Our spa is under construction

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