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  • Phuket Magazine

    Phuket Magazine

    If you’ve visited the Island before and are feeling a little jaded, or just want to avoid the usual tourist traps, check out magazine. Read More...

  • Phuket Hotel Reviews

    Phuket Hotel Reviews

    What makes a truly great hotel? Find out through our hotel reviews – honest and in-depth comments on Phuket’s finest hostelries written by experienced writers. Read More...

  • Best Restaurants Reviews

    Best Restaurants Reviews

    Where are the cheap eats? Is Thai food always spicy? Is Patong the only place in Phuket to look for haute cuisine? Find out with our monthly restaurant reviews. Read More...

  • Tour Reviews

    Phuket Tour Reviews

    In the same way you wouldn’t buy a car without taking a test drive, you shouldn’t have to book a tour without knowing what you’re getting. Read More...

  • Discover Phuket Island

    Discover Phuket Island

    In-depth information on Phuket's major sights, such as Phuket Big Buddha, Koh Panyee Village, Phuket Town and a lot more. Read More...

  • Thai Recipes

    Thai Recipes

    We all love Thai cuisine, but what’s the best way to prepare it? Find out through our monthly recipes from the island’s top chefs. Read More...

  • Unusual Thailand

    Unusual Thailand

    What is unusual to a visitor can be quite normal to locals and Thailand is no exception with its fair share of quirks and unusual sides. Here are some out-of-the-ordinary sights. Read More...

  • Phuket Health & Holiday

    Phuket Health & Holiday

    We’re all delicate creatures and we need a lot of looking after. Find out how to get the most out of your body and what’s the best treatment among the many Phuket has to offer through our health column. Read More...

Hotel Quick Finder | Select the date of your stay

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