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Phuket is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, its wild nightlife and stunning scenery but there's much more to the island than just that. Its rich history has left a legacy of colonial architecture, colourful temples, Chinese shrines and a mixed and tolerant culture.

Phuket also has its quirky side, with a lurid and bloody vegetarian festival, unique customs and the extraordinarily popular cross-gender and transvestite shows, along with a culture both alien and fascinating to westerners; even the driving is 'original' in Phuket!

The following pages will act as your guide through the weird and wonderful experience of the 'Real' Phuket.

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Phuket Mini Guides

1st Time in Phuket - Mini Guide

It's your first time to Phuket. You’re confused. You've got more tour brochures in your hotel room than you know what to Read More...

Driving In Phuket

Driving In Phuket

Here are a few notes about road sense and manners, especially for those who have never been here before. They will be Read More...

Fun and Unusual Phuket

Fun and Unusual Phuket

What is unusual to a visitor can be quite normal to locals and Thailand is no exception with its fair share of quirks Read More...

The Art of Wai

The Art of Wai

For Thais, the wai is everything. It's a beautiful way to greet people, to say thank you or goodbye. You will feel more Read More...

Do's and Don'ts in Thailand

Smile & Body Language

Smiling is consider one of the trademarks of the Thai people – this is, after all, The Land of Smiles. Thais tend to Read More...

Visiting a Thai Homeuket

Visiting a Thai Home

To your delight, you receive an invitation from a Thai friend to visit his or her home. Here are some things you should Read More...

Discover Khao Lak

Discover Khao Lak

Khao Lak's major resource is an asset so in demand that it is worth its weight in gold – its beautiful, natural, unspoiled beaches. Read More...

Discover Phi Phi Islands

Discover Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi islands are some of the most idyllic islands in the world, with nodding palms, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. Read More...

Phuket, a Perfect Film Location

Movies Shot in Phuket

Movie-makers like the spectacular scenery and bright sunlight of the Andaman coast, which is why that view looks kind of familiar. Read More...

Phuket Elephants

Phuket Elephants

Not many years ago, there was considerable debate about elephants in Phuket. Elephants are not native to Phuket but were brought here to work in the tourist industry. Read More...

Mangrove in Phuket

Phuket Mangrove

Images of mangrove forests rarely appear in material advertising the delights of Phuket, but they are a crucial part of the tropical and coastal ecology. Read More...

Sino Portuguese Architecture in Phuket Town

Old Phuket Houses

A must-do in Phuket is a walk amongst the beautiful architecture of the old part of Phuket City; around Thalang, Dibuk and Krabi roads. Read More...

Phuket Island Temples

Phuket Temples & Shrines

Phuket's temples represent a touchstone, both religiously and culturally. Each of them has a fascinating story to tell. Read More...

Phuket Waterfalls

Phuket Waterfalls

Particularly popular with Thai families, Phuket's waterfalls provide cool shade and water in beautiful green surroundings. Read More...

Fresh Markets in Phuket

Fresh Markets in Phuket

In Thailand, you can soak up a whole lot of local flavour just by walking around the local market. Read More...

Sarasin Bridge

Sarasin Bridge

This 700m bridge was built in 1967 to replace the ferry which was then the only connection to the mainland. Read More...

10 cheap or free things to do in Phuket

10 Cheap Things to Do in Phuket

Check out our 10 cheap or free things to do in Phuket; it will give you some ideas to enjoy Phuket without breaking the purse. Read More...

10 Ways to Recognise Expats in Phuket

10 Ways to Spot Expats in Phuket

Phuket’s expats often take on the habits of the local people, whether they are unusual, funny, good or bad. Read More...

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