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    Phuket Real Estate Information

    Phuket's real estate market has ebbed and flowed with the global crisises, directly mirroring worldwide confidence and susequent lack of optimism. Regardless of the outside conditions, there are some lovely properties on the island and in nearby Phang Nga Province. Whether it be vacation ownership or outright purchasing a property, life is sweet with a luxurious roof over your head.

    • Vacation Ownerships

      Vacation Ownerships

      One of the fastest growing resort property ownership segments is the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, over the years developing into a sound lifestyle Read More...

    • Luxury Properties in Phuket

      Luxury Properties in Phuket

       One out of every three new real estate purchasers in the US is either buying an investment property or holiday home and its no different in Phuket. There's something Read More...

    • Patong Condominiums

      Patong Condominiums

      Phuket condominium and apartment projects are on the rise in Phuket. With diverse locations – ranging from ocean views to golf courses, overlooking marinas to hotel Read More...

    • Villa Development in Phuket

      Villa Development in Phuket

      Peter Tkac of Shibumi Villa Management is a man with secrets. "I can't tell you who my customers are," he said, "because part of my job is to protect their Read More...

    Phang Nga Property Market

    Phang Nga Property Market

    At first glance looking at the title of this article your first impression is ‘Phang Nga isn’t in Phuket’. But it's faster to reach than it is to go to many Read More...

Hotel Quick Finder | Select the date of your stay

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