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  • Simon Star Cabaret Show in Phuket Town

    The Latest Ladyboy Show in Phuket


    Simon Star ladyboy cabaret show in Samkong, Phuket is definitely for everyone including families, couples and all-girl-get-together events. Some people come to see the transgender and transvestite show out of curiosity but many are simply looking for nothing but a fun night out.

    Let’s put things straight: There’s not a single ‘real’ woman in this cabaret show. These lovely showgirls (some of them are stunningly beautiful) were once men.

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  • Simon Star Cabaret Show

    You may wonder why anyone would want to sit and spend an evening looking at drag queens dancing around. Well, it’s because the cabaret show is very entertaining and is put together by a professional team and without good training, there’s no way that these performers could dance, sing and carry on for over an hour on a nightly basis, usually on very high heels and still keep a broad smile on their face.

    The most entertaining moment is when a big mama comes out and gets the crowd rolling in the aisles with her funny antics! The choice of music is also quite good. You’ll get to hear many all-time favourites from ‘It’s Raining Men’ and ‘I Will Survive’ to quite recent hits such as ‘Run the World (Girls)’ by Beyoncé as well as some Chinese and Korean tunes.

    What Not to Miss

    The stage is not very big but that doesn’t stop them creating magic with good sound systems, lighting and some incredibly colourful stage props (a private helicopter anyone?)

    Let’s face it; not all the actors and actress are extremely talented and remarkable but the ones that are, make it all worth seeing. To be on stage, they need to rehearse often and it’s no different than hard routine exercise, especially when wearing heavy stage costumes. This is why it’s surprising that you don’t see more manly-looking ‘girls’ and that they all have slim and fragile bodies. It would be interesting to know what their secret is!

    But why not go see for yourself? Guests will have an intimate experience, getting close-up and personal with the performers at the end of the show. The showgirls will be more than happy to have their photos taken by and with you. Tips are expected, of course.

    Good to Know

    After about a 130-million-baht investment, the theatre can fit well over 600 people per show. Though it’s a camera-friendly theatre, please avoid using your flash as it will disturb not only the actors but also other members of the audience.

    If you are staying in the southern part of the island, you can catch an even more extravagant show in Patong, the Simon Cabaret Show (Simon Star Cabaret’s big sister company). With a bigger theatre and more experience in entertainment, they are known as one of the best shows in Southeast Asia.

    Simon Star Cabaret Show

    • Opening Hours: Twice daily at 18:30 and 20:00
    • Location: Simon Star Cabaret is in the Samkong Area of Phuket City. It is located in the same compound of a venue formally known as Phuket Orchid Garden & Thai Village behind Phuket Rajabhat University. You’ll also find a Thai-Chinese restaurant by the name Phuket Orchid Garden right next to it.
    • Tour Available: Book a ticket
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