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  • Soi Vegas

    Bangla Road Side Street in Patong Beach


    Soi Vegas is the first of the side streets to split off Bangla Road from the Rat-U-Thit Road, closest to Jungceylon Shopping Mall. It is home to an interesting mix of mostly adult attractions, which is doubtless what gives it its other common nickname – Soi Happy.

    The street itself, being rather dimly lit, looks quite dark and gloomy. What lights there are consist mostly of the neon frontages of go-go and beer bars, with the star attraction being the Money Night A Go Go along the right-hand side (if you’re entering from Bangla Road). Home of the infamous ‘ping pong show’, among others, it is probably the most extreme of the adult entertainment establishments in Patong. The drinks prices are similarly extreme and are known to vary from night to night. If you question the price with service staff (politely), they might give you a ‘special’ discount.

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  • Along the opposite side of Soi Vegas you will mostly see the back entrances of the bars along Soi Tiger. This includes, at the very end of the 60-metre street, the Cocktails & Dreams ladyboy bar. As the venue boasts a free cabaret show, it is not that unusual to see one of the dancers in their full, feathery regalia, waiting for their turn on stage.

    Beyond Cocktails & Dreams you will find the bright entrance to Number One Seafood Patong. A collection of about 10 similar seafood restaurants in a market-like space, this is a great place for a cheap and tasty meal. The fish, in particular, are generally so fresh that you can see them still swimming around in tanks.

    The entrance to Soi Vegas is flanked by Tao Live Music Bar on the right and Moulin Rouge Russian A Go Go on the left. Moulin Rouge is widely regarded as the best club for seeing Caucasian dancers, but drinks prices are significantly higher than the venues which feature local talent. Other notable attractions to be found in Soi Vegas include the Belvedere Luxury Club, a guesthouse, a hairdressers and public toilets.

    Soi Vegas

    • Location: Between Moulin Rouge and Tao Bar, near the Rat-U-Thit Road end of Bangla Road, Patong
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