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    There is absolutely nothing that compares with a genuine 'after-spa' feeling; the sensation of walking on air – of complete bodily awareness and satisfaction in life.

    But first a lot of hard work went into getting me into that state of mind and all credit goes to Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness.

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  • A Haven of Peace

    The spa is located in central Phuket and is a veritable haven of peace, with elegant and expansive architecture with a classic atmosphere complemented by therapists and receptionists in traditional Thai dress.

    The large and verdant grounds feature plenty of running water and the scent of ripe blossoms – timeless stuff and very conducive to relaxation and forgetting the cares of life outside this little slice of heaven. 

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    Steam and Jacuzzi

    I'm greeted at reception and presented a cold hand towel and a refreshing drink as well as the spa menu. I choose a 180-minute 'Be Balanced' treatment. It's not long before I step into the steam room and the toxins are flowing out.

    The steam room is in the heart of this spa and there are separate male and female rooms as well as changing rooms and lockers. It's adjacent to a large plunge pool Jacuzzi where I get a good underwater pummeling before toweling off and padding to the therapy rooms. 

    Lots of Choices

    It has to be said that Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness is an impressive building. All in all there are 50 two-bed therapy rooms and a host of other amenities such as a large swimming pool, restaurant, boutique, a sumptuous spa villa and even cooking and massage classes.

    It's also worth looking into the overnight packages on offer as you can fit in an amazing variety of activities as well as eat wonderfully as you immerse yourself in ancient Thai traditions – a unique blend of wellness and learning about a fascinating culture.


    For the next 30 minutes my therapist gives me an in-depth, head-to-toe Thai tumeric body scrub. The scrub is said to prepare the skin for the spa treatment but it's also a great defoliation process. After a shower I'm back on the therapy bed for a two-hour Ayuravedic Sukko Massage and it's well and truly here that Sukko's 800-hour training course at Sukko's Spa Academy is self-evident.

    My therapist is in every sense an expert at her job and the Sukko experience comes into its own here. With the exact amount of pressure, muscles are kneaded, limbs are gently stretched and the rejuvenation process applied.

    Yes, I drop off to sleep a couple of times but only for a few seconds – I'm enjoying this too much. Often, one-hour massages can come to a close too quickly but a 180-minute treatment is a ticket to paradise and instead of wanting more at the end I find myself lighter of step, clearer of eye, de-stressed and looking forward to the rest of the day.  

    And it's no wonder: Sukko treatments are based on ancient Thai medical theories. Traditional massages, heat therapies and indigenous herbs are used to bring your physical condition and spirit back to a state of balance and all products used here are free of petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colours, complement the spa's natural concept and suit individual needs and preferences.

    Choose from a huge array of treatments and combinations and believe me, you'll be getting some of the best-trained therapists around in a magnificent setting. 

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