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Every country has its idiosyncrasies. What is unusual to a visitor can be quite normal to a local and vice versa.

Thailand is no exception and has its fair share of quirks and unusual sides. Here are our Top Ten Thai out-of-the-ordinary sights you will see here.

Beer with Ice in Phuket
Beer on the Rocks

In Thailand, beer needs to be refreshed with ice cubes otherwise it goes warm within minutes.What could be considered as a lack of taste in Europe is widely practiced in most local bars. Try it out and you will discover a new way to appreciate your brew...

Soft Drinks Served in a Plastic Bag
Soft Drinks Served in a Plastic Bag

It’s a mystery how Thailand got by before the advent of the plastic bag. They’re used for absolutely everything here – even cups.

Just take some iced tea/coffee, add ice cubes and a straw and away you go.

Soaked Policemen on Songkran Day in Phuket
Soaked Policemen on Songkran Day

On Songkran Day, Thailand becomes a huge water battleground. Even the police have no choice in the matter and they get soaked. Can you imagine throwing ice-cold water at a policeman back home?

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Toilet Paper used as Tissue on Restaurant Tables

Some local restaurants in Thailand don’t bother with the formality of table napkins: a simple roll of toilet paper in a container does the trick quite nicely, thank you…

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Several People on a Motorbike

In Thailand, if you are not wealthy enough to afford a car, a motorbike will do for you and your family. Up to five people (two adults and three kids) can fit on it, as well as the dog sometimes.

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Driving a Bike with an Umbrella
Driving a Bike with an Umbrella

Obtaining a motorcycle driving licence is very easy in Thailand and the exam would be considered somewhat of joke in the West. When it rains, you can often see people riding their bikes holding an umbrella in one hand to keep them dry with seeming little or no consideration for the risks they are running such as altered visibility and wind factor. So it's perhaps no surprise that Thailand ranks among the three highest countries in the world in terms of road accident statistics. Read more about travel around Phuket

Abandoned Helmet on the Road
Abandoned Helmet on the Road

This is a common sight in Phuket with a simple explanation: most drivers don't wear helmets when riding motorbikes; instead they place them in the basket attached to the front of the bike (see photo above!). Picture the scene; a cop appears a few hundred metres ahead and the driver quickly grabs his helmet in a swift attempt to cover his head. But even then if the motorbike hits a bump in the road off flies the unfastened helmet. Going back against the flow of the traffic to pick it up is not advisable, better buy a new one! 

Gasoline in Whisky Bottles
Gasoline in Whisky Bottles

Gas stations are not always easy to find in some areas. Even in Phuket it is recommended to fill your vehicle up before heading out. So some local people have found a simple way to make a bit of money while helping other drivers; they sell gasoline in whisky bottles. You can spot these colourful and somewhat misleading displays in front of houses or small shops here and there.

Beach Chairs Made of Plastic Blue Pipes
Beach Chairs Made of Plastic Blue Pipes

Ingeniosity rules! If you are a hotel owner and do not have enough money to invest in proper beach chairs, you will need a budget solution.

And here it is: Collect the spare plastic plumbing left over from your hotel bathroom construction and build your own sun loungers...

Bamboo Scaffolders
Bamboo Scaffolders

Bamboo scaffolding secured by rope, no safety harnesses; builders, painters and window cleaners among many others daily risk their life at work.

Indeed, for small Thai companies 'Safety at Work' is by and large still just a 'western concept'...

Parasailing 'Instructor'
Parasailing 'Instructor'

On Phuket's beaches, parasailing is a must if you want to see things from above. As most people coming to Phuket are not exactly experts, an ‘instructor’ will accompany you.

The only trouble is that he’s completely unattached – and we don’t mean romantically, either. If he falls, you’ll have to figure out how to land yourself…

Rubber Strips on Truck Wheels
Rubber Strips on Truck Wheels

Do you know why Thai truck drivers attach rubber strips above each wheel of their vehicles? To hang their hammock from them when they stop for the night? Nope.

The answer is that it’s an easy way to keep their tyres clean and black. When the truck rolls, the rubber stripes remove the dust and mud. Clever, eh?

Garbage Bins Made from Used Tyres
Garbage Bins Made from Used Tyres

Most garbage bins you see on the side of the road in Phuket are made from used tyres.

Phuket Provincial Prison inmates are in charge of making these ingenious creations. Car or truck tyres are turned inside out and sealed on the bottom.

Trucks Overloaded with Workers
Trucks Overloaded with Workers

Thai construction workers have enough dangers to deal with on the worksite without needing more but unfortunately just getting to work is a major hazard. Construction bosses think nothing of cramming their entire work force (women included) into the back of small trucks or even pickups. Every morning and evening you will see vehicles, straining and creaking under the weight of workers, all looking remarkably cheerful, considering that sardines have it better.

Weights Made from Cement
Weights Made from Cement

Ingeniosity rules again! How to stay fit if you live in a remote area, far from the ultra-modern fitness clubs available in cities and hotels?

Why, simply build your own weights! Just take some cement, a metal bar and you'll be all set to pump iron, big boy.

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