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Being an island, the best way to explore the wonders to behold around Phuket is by boat. However, why just enjoy the destination when you can enjoy the journey, too? Take in the slow lapping of waves against the hull, a warm tropical breeze in your hair, the sun reflecting off the water and the contentment of knowing that a day out seeing the remarkable sights that surround Phuket Island lies ahead.

With exceptional facilities, the space to lounge in luxury and a pace which is gentle enough to enjoy the view and the ride in comfort, choosing a cruise is the only way to make your day trip a pleasure from start to finish and will make you almost sad to reach your destination. Take a look at the fantastic choices listed below for a great selection of vessels and destinations.

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Phang Nga Bay Cruise on June Bahtra

June Bahtra in Phang Nga

Explore the verdant 'karsts' – limestone islands with hollow interiors – which rise vertically out of the emerald waters Read More...

Phi Phi Day Tour by Express Boat

Phi Phi Day Tour by Ferry

The waters surrounding Phi Phi are the most luscious turquoise imaginable and teem with thousands of exotically coloured Read More...

Island-Hopping Sailing Cruise

Island-Hopping Cruise

An island-hopping sailing cruise from Phuket is practically a dream come true. Our four-day trip departs from Chalong Read More...

Romantic Sunset Cruise

Romantic Sunset Cruise

What if you could take Phuket's most romantic aspects, weave them all together and set sail with them? The result, I'm Read More...

June Bahtra Sunset Cruise

June Bahtra Sunset Cruise

There’s a pastel-like touch to the Yacht Haven at four o’clock on a sunny afternoon. The dipping sun slants through the Read More...

Phuket Luxury Sailing Cruises and Yacht Charter

Luxury Sailing Cruises

Luxury is going slow and enjoying the scenery, taking time to bask in the finer aspects of life. Sailboats silently Read More...

All-in-One Phang Nga Bay Tour

All-in-One Phang Nga Bay

The All-in-One Phang Nga Bay Tour takes you on an exhilarating discovery cruise in one of the most famous natural Read More...

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Tour Reviews

Phuket Tour Reviews

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Phuket Cruises & Boat Charters

Cruises & Boat Charters

A cruise through the waters of Phang Nga Bay, Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands is the ultimate way to enjoy a balmy, Read More...

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