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Mandara Spa

MANDARA SPA - A Haven for The Senses

Mandara Spa at JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa offers a haven for guests to rest, relax and rejuvenate. A wide range of traditional and international health and beauty treatments are available, featuring high quality imported products as well as natural products grown in Thailand.

The name Mandara refers to an ancient Sanskirt myth: the quest to discover the precious elixir of immortality and eternal youth. Mandara Spa is considered a sanctuary of nature, where the essential elements of life are cherished.

Treatments include a variety of massage styles, herbal wraps and facials, salt scrubs, seaweed wraps, aromatherapy, reflexology and a selection of luxurious fresh water baths. Treatments are available for individual guests or couples.

The Spa

The 1,119 square meter (12,300 square feet) spa complex includes sixteen exceedingly spacious, private double treatment suites and a full service beauty salon. On entering the Spa you are immediately enveloped in the beautiful aroma of the oil lamps and a sense of calm is the first feeling of this memorable experience.

Charming and gracious staff attend to your needs and it’s like the whole world has been left behind as the noise of daily life is left behind as the doors close behind you.

On entering the suite, the gentle and gracious therapist leaves you to change and waits for you beyond the ensuite where you change, shower (in the gorgeous double showers), and envelop your body in the soft cotton robes in anticipation of the wonderful experience ahead. Dressing rooms are complete with a thoughtful little jeweler box for valuables and a lockable drawer.

On passing to the main treatment area, every treatment is preceded with a relaxing foot bath in local ceramic pottery.

Five of the suites feature black terrazzo flecked with mother of pearl décor. Ceiling to floor glass windows and doors let natural light in while relaxing the mind as you look out over the outdoor massage area with draped curtains, like a four poster bed on ground level, cooling ceiling fan overhead, and the tropical water garden that surrounds it, planted with tropical plants and papyrus. A little water fountain tinkles in the background beyond which the fabulous private herbal steam room (also black terrazzo) and romantic twin outdoor ‘bird cage’ showers await.

The spa interior focuses on the exotic beauty of Thai traditional architecture and artifacts subtly blending with the classic elegance of contemporary design, evoking a feeling of “spiritual tranquility and harmony” with nature.

The additional five treatment suites were added due to high demand. Behind copper-clad doors, terracotta walls are decorated with wooden lattice panels and floor to ceiling glass doors open onto a private outdoor garden with double cascade showers. These five suites have a shared steam room (one for men and one for women) and toilet facilities.

Conscientious attention to detail is paid to every element, to produce a completely blissful experience. Nothing is overlooked – soothing sounds, intoxicating aromas, tranquil ambiance, gracious and caring staff, peace, serenity and pampered indulgence. The combination of these elements creates a complete experience that caters for all the senses and soothes the body, mind and soul, resulting in a feeling of radiance and total well-being.

A range of heavenly treatments have been developed from ancient natural healing remedies as well as beauty and rejuvenation secrets of Asia. They are presented with nurturing mindfulness, by gifted hands. Exquisite products, adapted from traditional beauty elixirs, capture the heating and nourishing essence of nature, using the finest and freshest ingredients, rich in nutrients and lusciously aromatic.

Thai Herbal Steam Treatments

Herbal steam treatments are part of the Thai way of life and have many benefits. Some Thai people have steam rooms at home.

The treatments originated in the temples centuries ago and were available under the guidance of the monks. A mixture of herbs are combined for their individual therapeutic benefits and wrapped in a muslin bag together with a little camphor essential oil to assist breathing and placed in boiling water from which the steam is directed into the steam room.

The herbs used at Mandara Spa and their specific properties are as follows:

  •  Camphor – relieves aches in the joints and muscles and relieves pain from insect bites
  • Turmeric – moisturizes the skin and assists with the release of toxins. Gives relief to any rash or allergy on the skin and decreases any fever
  • Kaffir Lime – improves blood circulation
  • Amour Kieran Pierre – warms the body
  • Sap Indus Roark – relieves any respiratory problems

As you are gently enveloped in the soothing steam, the herbs go to work to release toxins through the pores of your skin, ease any aches, improve circulation and breathing and begin the relaxation process prior to your spa treatment.

Signature Treatments
The Resort has two blissful signature treatments.

The Balinese Divine commences with a relaxing Floral Foot Bath followed by a Balinese Exfoliation treatment, a cooling Carrot Splash treatment and a soothing Balinese Massage. The treatment concludes with an Aromatic Floral Bath and beverage refreshment.

Elemis Aroma Hot Stone Massage. This unique treatment involves the use of specially selected stones which retain and radiate heat that are used to heal the body with their mineral contact and induce deep relaxation. The stones are ‘basalt rock’ – a modified igneous rock that is formed by either a volcanic or sedimentary process. Having been broken or eroded by the passage of water over time, the stones are then washed along the river bottom where they become smooth and round, making them ideal for body treatment purposes.

The use of hot stones dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman times when they were used by native healers. The stones are used in two ways during the massage. In addition to being placed on various parts of the body during the massage, the therapist also places a stone in the palm of her hand during the massage process, multiplying the benefits as the heat deeply penetrates the muscles, providing pain relief as well as improving circulation and inducing deep relaxation – almost like floating on a sea of warmth.

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