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The bright sign with a built-in LED screen names this short street as "Soi Chino Dance Patong". However, the majority of the locals still know it as Soi Crocodile or, due to the presence of the Moulin Rose cabaret show and the dense concentration of ladyboy bars, "Soi Katoey". There are prominent stages in the middle of the street, where ladyboys shake everything they've got (and some things that were just recently added) while cabaret dancers can often be seen posing with tourists by the street entrance. This is the most consistently busy of the bar sois on Bangla Road, with plenty of punters around even on weeknights in the low season. Read More...

  • Location: Between Soi Gonzo and Soi Freedom
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Soi Easy

Best known for the upstairs Aussie Bar, which attracts a faithful crowd of... Australians, Soi Easy is the bar soi closest to the beach on Bangla Road.

A two storey complex of flashing neon and loud music, Soi Easy has about 25 different bars to choose from but the aforementioned Aussie Bar and Hollywood Disco are the main hotspots to check out. Check out 'The Secret' at the end of the soi with, an upmarket Go Go bar with a show trying something a bit more sophisticated.

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Soi Freedom

A very narrow, beer bar-lined soi running parallel to Soi Crocodile, it has, like several of Bangla Road’s sois, undergone a name change in recent years and may still be known by its old moniker: Soi Eric.

Unlike the neighbouring Soi Katoey, Soi Freedom’s hostesses are all female. Each of the bars follows effectively the same design – plasma TV showing football match, chrome pole seeing occasional use, neon sign with bar’s name, Connect 4 games on the bar and friendly girls keeping the patrons company. Almost the only variation is the bar names, which include the well-established Smiley, the eponymous Freedom Bar and the rather direct Blowjob Bar.

  • Location: Between Soi Crocodile and Soi Seadragon
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Soi Gonzo has undergone some significant remodelling recently, and still mostly resembles a building site. While the beer bars which once ran either side of its short length will probably be rebuilt soon, there are currently only two establishments to be found. At the entrance is Aussie Bar - a long-running and very popular bar complex - and, having passed through this and through the building work, White Room Nightclub can be found at the end. Read More...

  • Location: Through the Aussie Bar complex, close to Soi Crocodile
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Soi Patong Resort is the link between the long-established Patong Resort and the heart of Patong nightlife – Bangla Road. In Thailand, satellite businesses are a kind of an institution: wherever you open a hotel, even in the middle of nowhere, you can be sure that, within six months, a few restaurants, bars and shops will have opened in the vicinity.

Soi Patong Resort is about 100 metres long and offers the type of venues geared to tourists. As of February 2015, it contained: nine restaurants, six bars, three massage parlours, six tailors, an internet café, a drinks shop and a souvenir shop. Read More...

  • Location: Opposite Soi Seadragon
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Soi Seadragon has entirely been redesigned and rebuilt, featuring now two levels of beer bars in the central lane. A unique sound system cover the whole area and light effects are playing on the giant roof that now protect the full street. Lined on both sides with a lot of new go-go bars, and some others more known, Soi Seadragon is the place to go to watch scantily clad maidens shake what they've got for all they're worth. Places like Playschool A-Go-Go, Devil's Playground (our recommendation) and the famous Suzy Wong's A Go GoExotica offer plenty of eye candy, while those who would rather have a beer and a chat will find a home at Two Brothers, Crow's Nest and Mickey Mouse.

Scandinavian Bar is a perfect place to escape the bar girl scene and has hosted such luminaries as Noel Gallagher and Liv Tyler. Seadragon is one of the largest sois in Patong and has a guest house, a tattoo shop and a couple of eateries, as well as the bars. Read More...

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Soi Tiger

Opposite Seduction Night Club and the outrageous edifice that is Tiger Disco there are perhaps two dozen bars that make preludes or interludes to a night of boogie action. This is the old location of the Tiger Disco, before it moved to its new signature venue, but it still carries the old name and signage (though it is sometimes called "Soi Tiger 1" while the iconic disco building is "Soi Tiger 2"). One of the few bar complexes that is completely roofed, Tiger gets pretty steamy and crowded, but is the best refuge from a sudden rain squall.

The lines that divide one bar from another are pretty vague here and it sometimes feels like one huge party. Located right on Bangla Road, Crazy Horse is always popular while the brightly-lit Star 69 Bar is like a go-go bar without the huge drink prices. If you want to see ladyboys, head down to the end of the soi to the main entrance of Cocktails & Dreams Bar, which boasts a free cabaret show.

  • Location: Opposite Seduction Night Club
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Soi Vegas

The entrance to Soi Vegas (which may also be referred to as "Soi Happy") is flanked by the Moulin Rouge Russian A Go Go on the left and Koh Bamboo Bar on the right. As the entrance sign clearly states, Flaunt Night Club can be found down this road on the right, just after The Secret A Go Go, which is home to the ever-popular “Ping Pong” show, amongst other attractions. This is opposite a number of colourful beer bars, coyote bars and pool bars. Towards the end of the soi is Money Night A Go Go, directly opposite the Cocktails & Dreams ladyboy bar. The addition of a hairdresser, a guesthouse, public toilets and a seafood restaurant makes this 60-metre soi one of remarkable variety.

  • Location: Between Moulin Rouge and Koh Bamboo Bar
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