Phuket Beer Bars

Beer bars (or bar beers) are basic outdoor bars with barstools and a sound system. Many look exactly the same but for some reason you'll see one bar packed out while the near-replica beside it is barren. The bars are usually staffed by a bevy of girls clad in their sexiest gear trying to attract customers with pole dancing and simple bar games (like hammering a nail into a block of wood)

Although the most bars cater to men, women and couples are equally welcome with no hassle. There are also a number of bars like Kangaroo Bar, and U2 on Bangla Rd, and Wet Spot on Soi Gonzo, that simply play good music and regularly attract a young international crowd who often dance in the street and on tables.


Hello, Welcome!

The quintessential Patong entertainment, a beer bar is one of the countless little places that are jam-packed together on the bar streets and sois of Patong. These places uniformally employ numerous pretty hostesses whose job is to lure patrons by various means. The most common tactic is simply to stand out front and repeat "Hello, welcome" like a mantra to anyone who walks by. 

What to Expect

Once you're in the bar, expect to be surrounded by these girls who will lavish attention on you like you're Hugh Heffner and entice you to play a game of connect four or hammer-the-nail-into-the-block-of-wood. Be wary if a girl wants to bet on one of these games; they have little else to do during the day time and spend lots of time practicing.

The day you beat a bar girl at connect four you've been in Patong way too long. The games are just a diversion, however as the real entertainment is the girls themselves. For a modest fee you can relieve her of her bar duties for an evening on the town.

If you'd like to spend a little more time with her, that can usually be arranged as well; for that you and your new friend will have to come to your own arrangement. Beer bars are ubiquitous in Patong and there's no shortage, just head to one of the many sois off of Bangla and you'll be hip deep in them. A few of the better ones are 69 Bar in Soi Lion, Sharky Bar and Black Cat.

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