Devil's Playground A Go Go

A Go Go Bars - Soi Bangla - Patong

Devil's Playground is the latest Go Go Bars in Patong and by far on of the nicest. Located in Soi Seadragon just off Soi Bangla, you will have no problem spotting i with it's cave like entrance guarded by some hot devilish girls. Don't be shy and get inside, as almost all Go Go bars in Phuket prices are fix and clearly indicated on the menu. If you are not sure, don't be afraid to enter and have a look. If you are not satisfied with what you see, just leave, no one with harass you. 

 You can choose to sit on the sofas around the room, or if you prefer to be close to the action, sit by the stage and have fun. Get ready for some spanking though... once in a while girls will pick up some foam bats and loudly spank you in the back as a welcome. It's really scary and loud... but soon you'll find out it is totally painless, but fun. Don't hesitate to spank back. As in many bars in Patong and at the contrary of Bangkok bars, Phuket A Go Go scene is fun and easy going, so don't be shy... step in and see it for yourself!

 Inside Devil's playground is a fantasy world... a huge cave lit by colorful lights well distributed around the room creates just the right ambiance. Not too bright nor too gloom.. more like a good party place. You'll find the usual central stage with few shiny poles and some hot girls always dancing. Fun fact, on some days the girls are dressed like devil with red flashing horns, and on some other they are dressed as little white angels with cute little wings. which will you prefer? 


Devil Playground

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