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  • Go Go Bars in Patong, Phuket

    Bar Girls and Phuket Nightlife

    Patong’s A Go-Go bars are the main reason some people head there in the first place – they feature sexy, scantily-clad young girls swaying to the music. A Go-Go bars aren't the raunchy circuses they used to be but they still provide plenty to look at. According to Thai law, total nudity is banned but in some establishments these rules are often bent, if not outright ignored.

    Before continuing, here are a few phrases to help you understand better:

    • A Go-Go Bar: An enclosed place where girls dance on the stage and perform various types of naughty shows a regular times.
    • Beer Bar: An open-air bar surrounded by girls calling you 'handsome man' with a big convincing smile, inviting you to drink there and more.
    • Soi: A small backstreet street or lane.
    • Ping Pong Show: A show performed by a lady involving ping pong balls, but not the way you remember it played at school.
    • Lady Drink: A small drink, probably more expensive than yours. The more drinks you offer to the lady, the more attention she will pay you. Look at it as a fee, but keep an eye on the bills!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER FOLLOW A TOUT! Bangla is small enough and it is easy to find Go Go bars. Following a tout will inflate your drink bill!

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  • What is it?

    Girls usually ‘pole dance’ on a central stage, wearing light skirts and bras. Customers can sit around the stage bar, but usually if it’s their first time in a girlie place they prefer to sit on the more dimly-lit sofas around the room to avoid looking embarrassed. Centrally located A Go-Go bars tend to get the young, cute, and slim girls, but the more you head away from the centre of Bangla, the older the ladies seem to be.

    Girls rotate every five minutes from pole to pole until they reach a complete round. They will then walk offstage to sit with the customers and possibly spend more time with the guests generous enough to offer a lady drink. Conversation might be quite limited as most girls don't speak much English, but it’s never boring chatting with them. As it gets late, bras and skirts tend to vanish.


    Most A Go-Go Bars are located around Bangla Road in Patong. The most visible ones are on each side of Soi Seadragon – a long, narrow U-shaped backstreet easy to spot in the central part of Bangla. You can find other more adventurous Go-Go bars at the very end of most Sois in the area, or on the second floor of bars.

    All these clubs are well advertised by dozens of staff members walking up and down Bangla Road with a 'picture menu', often illustrated in a very colourful manner openly inviting you to see a Ping Pong Show and other similar attractions. The shows are not totally male-orientated: Girls and couples are welcome as these shows are definitely an experience and something to talk about once back home. Note that photography is strictly forbidden and we recommend that you don’t even think about it.

    How Much?

    Prices seem to differ from place to place, more often charging around 120 - 150 baht for a small bottled beer and others, for some reason, have a high entry fee – sometimes up to 500 baht. Most will invite you to 'have a look inside' before deciding if it is worth the price or not, so don't hesitate to do so.

    The Show

    Depending on the time and the place, shows are performed once every 30 minutes or so but you might have to wait a while if the management feels the imminent presence of the law. Sometimes the show might not happen at all, but that is quite unusual.

    1. The Ping Pong Show: A classic... A show performed by a naked lady, usually more mature than and not as sexy as the dancers. The show not only involves ping pong balls, but also all kinds of other interesting accessories such as goldfish, birds, unopened beer bottles, balloons and even darts to name but a few. If you visit different Go-Go bars, you might see the same lady again as they seem to rotate as these kind of skills are not acquired overnight!
    2. The Bath Show: This will probably involve you, so don't be shy, nothing really seriously embarrassing happens… but stay in the background if you are ‘going commando’ or not wearing underpants. If one of your friends is selected, you will be disappointed that photos are not allowed.
    3. Body painting in black light: the artistic moment of the show. It’s actually quite impressive considering than an artist will paint complicated floral patterns on a girl's body in three minutes of almost total darkness.
    4. The girls shows: Involving two or more amorous girls… enough said.


    A Go-Go Bars look often look very similar but some try little ‘extras’ to stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of popular Go-Go Bars:

    • Devil's Playground  - Soi Seadragon (BEST)
    • Suzy Wong's - Soi Seadragon (HOT!)
    • Harem A Go Go (NEW and HOT!) Soi Seadragon - Read more...
    • Exotica  - Soi Seadragon
    • Rock Hard A Go-Go - Bangla Road
    • House of Sound - Soi Seadragon
    • Patong's Foxy Lady  - Soi Seadragon
    • Club Lover    - Soi Seadragon
    • Slippery    - Soi Seadragon
    • Naughty Girl    - Soi Seadragon
    • Intro  - Bangla Road, below Rock Hard
    • Moulin Rouge - Bangla Road (russian girls only!)
    • Diablo A Go-Go    - Soi Seadragon
    • Money Night - Soi Vegas 

    Some of the Best Go Go Bars in Patong

    Suzy Wong is well known for its catchline: 'Ass Smacking Fun'. Located at the end of Soi Seadragon the girls specialize in shamelessly 'spanking' the customers. However, you are allowed to spank back using a foam bat making a loud scary sound but it's painless and fun. Girls sometimes get carried away and use their bare hands... and that hurts slightly more. No entry fee, just order a drink, but if gets crowded, you can move to Exotica on the other side of Soi Seadragon. Read More...

    • Highlights: Happy spanking
    • Opening Hours: 22.00 - 02.00
    • Location: Soi Seadragon
    • Price Range: No entry fee, just order a drink
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    Harem A Go Go is the newest and probably the most cozy Go Go bar in Patong. The central stage is well lit and decorated with one smaller platforms on each side to accommodate some really hot and girlie shows. The room is decorated with large red velvet sofas and red the velvet walls with golden framing really add a plush and luxurious touch to the atmosphere, however the price of the drinks is surprisingly not different from any bars around. And since it is a new bar, the girls are rather prettier than usual, so get there now and you are in for a great evening! Note that entrance Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 22.00 - 02.00
    • Location: At the end of Soi Easy, under Hollywood Disco (in Bangla Road)
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    Unlike most A Go-Gos in Patong, Devil's Playground has definitely invested a lot in its design. With a castle-like entrance and a room looking like a cave in hell, Devil's Playground is twice as big as usual A Go-Gos, featuring platforms and different levels with girls dancing in tiny skirts.

    The girls are divided in two groups: devils with red flashing horns, and the angels with tiny white wings. The angels definitely look taller and cuter. Staff members are friendly and prices are as usual: 120 baht to 140 baht for the first drink.  Ironically, the downside is the consequence of the design: the room is large and the stage Read More...

    • Location: Soi SeaDragon
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    Rock Hard A Go-Go

    Larger than most other A Go-Gos, Rock Hard has been established since more than two decades and was one of the first A Go-Gos in Patong. Located right on Bangla Road, on the second floor, you can't miss it. Equipped with two large stages and prettier-than-normal girls, Rock Hard doesn't really have any shows but was recently rejuvenated and got a new life.

    • Opening Hours: 14.30 - 02.00
    • Location: Soi Bangla
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    At first, Exotica looks a bit different with an all-white motif both outside and inside and the place is also slightly more roomy than average. The central stage features a bath and only four poles, but eight girls are permanently dancing, with short skirts and optional bras as always. But that's it as far as originality goes...

    The shows, such as a lesbian show, are not particularly impressive as the girls don't appear to be very motivated but you do get to see all shapes and sizes here and it's not unusual to see a plump chicken or two. However, one girl really stood out from the crowd as she was tall, slim with a perfect body and long shiny hair. She could really move too, but yes, you guessed it... it was a ladyboy - which is also a good story to tell back home. If you see her, don't forget to close your mouth.

    • Location: Soi Seadragon
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    Diablo A Go Go

    Diablo is smaller than most A Go-Gos, and the rather short stage can only accommodate three or four girls. That's maybe why they seem to try harder to be more friendly and to feature a slightly different show, including a 'two girls soapy show' and some other modest fire dancing. No entry fee, drinks start at 120 Baht.

    • Location: Soi Seadragon
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    Play School A Go Go

    Playschool is now permanently closed

    Playschool has been operating in Phuket for about 15 years without many changes in its design, and the school girls are long gone, so it looks and sounds exactly like its competitors/neighbours. Small stage with a few poles and no entry fee as this the norm in Patong. Average prices – about 120 baht for a beer. Showtime has some interesting variations; the ‘usual’ goldfish was replaced by eels, which was a bit weird looking, but not as much as the fully-grown toad that looked rather unhappy to be disturbed! And pulling out a five metre-long string with attached needles was also a bit puzzling... Overall: friendly but very classic and a bit dated... Oh, don't forget to tip!

    • Location: Soi Seadragon
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    Moulin Rouge

    Free entry, but drinks such as beers start as 250 baht. The stage features two poles where  Russian girls are permanently performing a dance more athletically than in the usual A Go-Go, but the atmosphere seems much colder. Probably the only A Go-Go with blonde girls dancing. Girls will certainly come and dance in front of you, but be aware that a tip is seriously expected! If you are not willing to seriously tip, better tell her right away.

    • Location: Bangla Road
    • Type: Russian Go Go Bar
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    Money Night

    One of the least visible A Go Go in Patong, Money Night looks bigger and more 'old fashioned'... You'll find out very soon why it's called "Money Night": beer can starts at 800 Baht and a Sprite 500 Baht! You can bargain this price a bit but it is still much higher than any other place... maybe because the place also features a snake show.

    • Location: Soi Vegas
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    Foxy Lady A Go Go

    While there is now so much choice in Patong in terms of decorations, room layout or originality, it is difficult to describe 'Foxy Lady'... It is probably what A Go Go used to be in the 90's: a small squarish room with a stage in the middle and sofa with tiny tables around the room... Girls appears to be on the plus size side if your prefer it this way, and there seems to be no show here... .

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    House of Sound

    A small A Go-Go place with a long centre stage offering the 'same same but different' ping pong show. No entry fee: just order a drink and enjoy the few girls 'pole dancing' until the show starts (usually when enough customers are in the bar). Classic 'whistle blowing', pretty skillful 'pop a balloon' with a blowpipe followed by 'little bird' out of his cage. The goldfish part was cancelled the day we went there, as the fish passed away the night before and a replacement wasn't found yet. Overall simple, friendly, but the show was a bit short.

    • Location: Soi Seadragon
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    Some interesting tips and facts

    • Note that nightlife in Phuket is quite different from most part of Bangkok nightlife areas, it could be compared to Soi Cowboy... it's safe and harassment free, entry is usually free, prices are acceptable and clearly written out when you order. Bills will be kept in front of you until you decide to go, but some places prefer payment when drinks are served. 
    • Shows rotate from place to place, a show might be available one day, and not the next. The inverse in also valid, the same girl might appear in several places, since some skills are not easy to find.
    • Shows happen when there are enough customers in the room, so during low season, intervals might be longer.
    • Show will probably not be performed if a Thai guy is present in the room... management always worry about undercover cops.
    • Most place don't charge an entrance fee and require only a drink. Tipping the dancers is not really required, but tipping or offering a drink to the girl(s) sitting with you is recommended. After the show, the performers will walk around with a box, it is a nice gesture to give something. it's not as 'in your face' as in Bangkok.
    • It's not unusual to see couples in the room. Everyone wants a good story to tell back home. So keep an open mind!

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