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Patong’s A Go-Go bars are fun and friendly places to have a drink. Despite the chequered impression of these bars, they aren't the raunchy circuses they used to be. There will be dancing, loud music, and a fun party vibe to enjoy for adults only. 

Before continuing, here are a few phrases to help you understand better:

  • A Go-Go Bar: An enclosed place where girls dance on the stage and perform various types of naughty shows a regular times.
  • Beer Bar: An open-air bar surrounded by girls calling you 'handsome man' with a big convincing smile, inviting you to drink there.
  • Soi: A small backstreet street or lane.
  • Lady Drink: A small drink, probably more expensive than yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER FOLLOW A TOUT! Bangla is small enough and it is easy to find Go Go bars. Following a tout will inflate your drinks bill!

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What is a go go bar?

The basic premise is a bar with seats facing towards a stage. Girls usually dance on the central stage to EDM and dance tunes. Customers can sit around the stage bar, but usually if it’s their first time in a girlie place they prefer to sit on the more dimly-lit sofas around the room.

Where are they?

Most A Go-Go Bars are located around Bangla Road in Patong. The most visible ones are on each side of Soi Seadragon – a long, narrow U-shaped backstreet easy to spot in the central part of Bangla. You can find other more adventurous Go-Go bars at the very end of most Sois in the area, or on the second floor of bars.

All these clubs are well advertised by dozens of staff members walking up and down Bangla Road. The shows are not totally male-orientated: Girls and couples are welcome as these shows are definitely an experience and something to talk about once back home. Note that photography is strictly forbidden and we recommend that you don’t even think about it.

How Much?

Prices seem to differ from place to place, more often charging around 120 - 150 baht for a small bottled beer and others, for some reason, have a high entry fee – sometimes up to 500 baht. Most will invite you to 'have a look inside' before deciding if it is worth the price or not, so don't hesitate to do so.

Go Go Bars in Phuket

A Go-Go Bars look often look very similar but some try little ‘extras’ to stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of popular Go-Go Bars:

  • Devil's Playground  - Soi Seadragon (BEST)
  • Suzy Wong's - Soi Seadragon (HOT!)
  • Harem A Go Go (NEW and HOT!) Soi Seadragon - Read more...
  • Exotica - Soi Seadragon
  • Rock Hard A Go-Go - Bangla Road
  • House of Sound - Soi Seadragon
  • Patong's Foxy Lady  - Soi Seadragon
  • Club Lover  - Soi Seadragon
  • Slippery  - Soi Seadragon
  • Naughty Girl  - Soi Seadragon
  • Intro  - Bangla Road, below Rock Hard
  • Moulin Rouge - Bangla Road (russian girls only!)
  • Diablo A Go-Go  - Soi Seadragon
  • Money Night - Soi Vegas 

Some of the Best Go Go Bars in Patong

Suzy Wong's A Go Go

Suzy Wong's has already become an icon in Soi Seadragon, and has been popular for more than a decade. Despite being at the very end on the lane, it has always been more eye-catching than any other bar, with the Chinese red lanterns, the rickshaw and the staff wearing Chinese attire.

  • Opening Hours: 22.00 - 02.00
  • Location: Soi Seadragon
  • Price Range: No entry fee, just order a drink
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Harem A Go Go is one of the best and most luxurious go-go bars in Patong. Built in what used to be Candy Club, it has been completely redesigned to create a tasteful and really comfortable place. Despite the plush red velvet sofas, fancy decoration and general appearance of a high-price venue, the drinks prices are the same as any other bars around and entrance is free.

  • Opening Hours: 22.00 - 02.00
  • Location: At the end of Soi Easy, under Hollywood Disco (in Bangla Road)
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Devil's Playground A Go Go

Devil's Playground is the most creative Go Go Bars in Patong. You will have no problem spotting it, with it's cave-like entrance. Inside, Devil's Playground is a fantasy world - a huge cave, lit by colourful lights well distributed around the room to create just the right ambiance. Not too bright nor too gloomy, it's a good party place.

  • Location: Soi SeaDragon
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Rock Hard A Go-Go

Larger than most other A Go-Gos, Rock Hard has been established since more than two decades and was one of the first A Go-Gos in Patong. Located right on Bangla Road, on the second floor, you can't miss it. Equipped with two large stages, Rock Hard doesn't really have any shows but was recently rejuvenated and got a new life.

  • Opening Hours: 14.30 - 02.00
  • Location: Soi Bangla
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At first, Exotica looks a bit different with an all-white motif both outside and inside and the place is also slightly more roomy than average. Drinks are on par with the rest of the street.

  • Location: Soi Seadragon
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Diablo A Go Go

Diablo is smaller than most A Go-Gos, with a rather short stage. It features slightly different shows, including some modest fire dancing. No entry fee and drinks start at 120 Baht.

  • Location: Soi Seadragon
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Moulin Rouge

Free entry, but drinks such as beers start at 250 baht. The stage features Russian dancers. Probably the only A Go-Go with foreign dance performances. 

  • Location: Bangla Road
  • Type: Russian Go Go Bar
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Money Night

One of the least visible A Go Go in Patong, Money Night looks bigger and more 'old fashioned'... You'll find out very soon why it's called "Money Night": beer can starts at 800 Baht and a Sprite 500 Baht! You can bargain this price a bit but it is still much higher than any other place... maybe because the place also features a snake show.

  • Location: Soi Vegas
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Foxy Lady A Go Go

While there is now so much choice in Patong in terms of decorations, room layout or originality, it is difficult to describe 'Foxy Lady'... It is probably what A Go Go used to be in the 90s - a small squarish room with a stage in the middle and sofa with tiny tables around the room.

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House of Sound

A small A Go-Go place with a long centre stage offering the infamous ping pong show. No entry fee: just order a drink and enjoy the few dancers until the show starts (usually when enough customers are in the bar).

  • Location: Soi Seadragon
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Some interesting tips and facts

  • Note that nightlife in Phuket is quite different from most parts of Bangkok's nightlife areas, it could be compared to Soi Cowboy... it's safe and harassment free, entry is usually free, prices are acceptable and clearly written out when you order. Bills will be kept in front of you until you decide to go, but some places prefer payment when drinks are served. 
  • Shows rotate from place to place, a show might be available one day, and not the next.
  • Shows happen when there are enough customers in the room, so during low season, intervals might be longer.
  • Most places don't charge an entrance fee and require only a drink. Tipping the dancers is not really required, but tipping or offering a drink to the girl(s) sitting with you is recommended. After the show, the performers will walk around with a box, it is a nice gesture to give something.
  • It's not unusual to see couples in the room. Everyone wants a good story to tell back home. So keep an open mind!
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