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Where to Go at Night in Karon

Karon is often described as 'Patong's little sister' and in some ways this description is apt: Karon has its own version of Patong's raunchy Soi Bangla – only on a smaller scale and it has its dining locations, only fewer than Patong.

Most of the nightlife is centred in the bars off Patak Road near the northern traffic circle and three kilometres to the south on, and just off, Luang Poh Chuan Road. The latter is known as Bangla Plaza (that should ring a bell in Patong connoisseurs' heads) and is a collection of beer bars with hostesses in which you can enjoy a few bar games and more.

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Top 10 Karon Nightlife Top 5 Karon Nightlife

Karon, often described as ‘Patong’s little sister’, has its own version of Patong's raunchy Soi Bangla – only on a smaller scale and it too has its dining locations, only fewer than Patong. Read More...

Angus O’ Tool’s Irish Bar & Restaurant Angus O’ Tool’s Irish Pub

Angus O’ Tool’s Irish Bar & Restaurant is a popular pub located on Soi Islandia (aka Soi Centara) in the heart of Karon Centre. It is a home away from home for any Celtic, Hibernian, Gaelic, and anyone hailing from the ‘old sod’. Read More...

Angus O' Tool's

This Irish pub is one of its kind in Karon – serving international ales, bottled beer and all-day pub food, there are no over-flattering girls telling you how handsome you are, and there's no ear-splitting music but expect plenty of sports on the huge screens and a genuine pub feel to the place. Occasional live music. Read More...

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 – 24:00
Location: Soi Centara Karon Resort
Type : Irish Pub
Tel: +66 (0)76 398262


Anybody's Bar

Does the name of this bar suggest something to you? Featuring fairly loud music and a large screen, Anybody's could be anywhere.

Opening Hours: 18:00 – Late
Location: Opposite Gun Bar, Patak Road

Bangla Plaza

This collection of shop-house sized bars is to be found on the right of the road, coming away from the beach. The soi is lined with bars and they're mostly girlie or ladyboy venues. All are open-sided with extra tables outside featuring the occasional pool table and go by the names of Winner Bar, My Way Bar, Nan, Nightflower, Black Cat and Jinda.

There's more of the same all the way to the end of the alley, the only exception being Montana Music Bar situated in a sub soi to the right about halfway down. This is an air-conditioned place with a few chairs outside that specialises in retro music and is bar-girl free. Good area for barhopping. 

Bar Soi

Just before Karma Lounge there's a U-shaped bar soi with bar after bar of unpretentious and friendly drinking holes. Amazon is a family-run place with sports on the box while a Reggae Bar is hidden in the back folds of the soi. The usual 'halloa, where you goa?' gang of provocatively-dressed ladies add to the atmosphere but the soi's nowhere near as seriously charged as a Patong equivalent. 

Location: East end of Luang Pho Chuan Road

Clapton Bar and Magic Bar

Coming from the beach and the traffic circle, the first turn off to the left leads to a warren of bars. The Terrace Bar, on the corner itself is upstairs and makes for a good people-watching spot. On the opposite side stand three bars – all so similar that they seem to be run by the same person – Football, Clapton's and Magic – all serving drinks in a flurry of loud music, friendly hostesses and general bonhomie. 

Opening Hours: 18:00 – Late
Location: Soi Islandia

Farang Bar, Asia Bar and Phuket Bar

The girlie bar to end all girlie bars in this area, Farang goes through transformations throughout the year, picking up pace at high season and limping through the low. Success breeds imitators so adjoining Farang Bar are Asia Bar and the mellower Phuket Bar.

Opening Hours: Late afternoon - Late
Location: Diagonally opposite Karma Lounge on Patak Road, Karon's 'high road'

Gun Bar

Featuring a bunch of friendly girls that seem to be on permanent lookout for a new 'friend' the Gun Bar is unpretentious and another place to watch the rather more raunchy action across the street.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 24:00
Location: Next to Little Mermaid, Patak Road

Karma Lounge

A good, two-storey Friday-night live music venue with impromptu jams. Karma has been attracting a musical crowd for years now and holds some pretty interesting parties and events. Downstairs is a straightforward bar while upstairs, where a lot of the action takes place, is more of a lounge-like affair. Tasteful music, interesting videos, a genial host and English-speaking hostesses all add up to a bar ahead of the local competition. 

Opening Hours: 12:00 – Late
Location: Corner of Luang Poh Chuan and Patak Road
Type : Music Bar
Tel: +66 (0)76 396 733

Soi One Man

Diagonally opposite Sutin Bar is One Man, a soi containing a dozen girlie bars, among them the Cherry Bar, Lucky Bar, Kenny's Bar, Sahara, Eva, September Bar and Bacchus. They're all open sided, quite intimate yet pretty noisy but the good thing is that they stay open late and are suited to night owls. Some bars feature pool tables and have dartboards. The street is festively lit by overhead strings of bulbs and in high season it rocks. 

Location: Off Patak Road, Karon Centre

Sutin Bar

Sutin is one of the few bars in this area that actually offers you something to do while sinking a few beers. That something comes in the shape of a pool table. Sutin also features a large screen and friendly staff.

Location: Further up Patak Road from Anybody's Bar

The Little Mermaid

A restaurant that turns into a bar later in the evening, the Little Mermaid is open-sided to the road and therefore a good place to observe the goings on in the girlie bars opposite. Plus, you can order some inexpensive food while you are drinking. Rooms for rent upstairs.

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 24:00
Location: 634 Patak Road
Tel: +66 (0)76 396 580

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