Kata Beach Nightlife

Where to Go at Night in Kata Beach

Less hectic than Patong, more compact than Karon, Kata is the ideal compromise between the two. Most evening venues here are geared towards families and couples with outdoor cafés and restaurants. Happily, Kata's small roads have contained fast and furious development and helped retain the village-like atmosphere.

The actual beachfront is dominated by the Club Med and because of this most nightlife is clustered along the back road (Kata Road) running parallel to the beach. There, you’ll find noisy and wild girlie bars galore while, generally speaking, the rest of Kata is family friendly. For the real hedonistic party scene, head to Patong, just a 10-minute drive north.

Boathouse Friday Jazz Nights Boathouse Jazz Nights

Boathouse has inimitable style and has come up with another winning idea: Friday evening jazz over dinner. There’s just something about a good glass of wine, a gourmet meal, and good jazz music. Read More...

5 Kata Noi View Bars 5 Kata Noi View Bars

Just above Kata Noi, a couple of minutes’ drive out of Kata you’ll come across three adjacent hillside bars/restaurants that enjoy great views and are a lot more relaxing than the sometimes crowded Kata Viewpoint. Read More...

Duke's Sports Bar Duke's Sports Bar

Some years back, your typical sports bar was a dimly lit smokey place with drinkers of dubious reputation glaring at a tiny screen above the bar. Duke’s Sports Bar in Kata is the total opposite. Read More...

After Beach Bar above Kata Noi After Beach Bar

After Beach Bar & Restaurant is located just a short drive up the steep hill close by Boathouse in south Kata. This bamboo-and-thatch restaurant offers great views out over Kata Noi and Kata Bay. Read More...

After Beach Bar

Just a short drive up the steep hill out of south Kata by Boathouse, you’ll see a group of parked cars and three, what appear to be, rather ad hoc restaurant/bars precariously clinging to the hill. These are After Beach Bar (aka Afterbeach), Small Viewpoint and Baan Chom View.

Afterbeach itself is the establishment in the middle of these three and it could be said that it's in the middle when it comes to food and service as well. Baan Chom View is classier and certainly neater while Small Viewpoint is a little frayed around the edges, to put it kindly. Read More...

Location: On the hill road between Kata and Rawai, directly above Kata Noi Beach
Type : Reggae bars (with a view!)


Anchor Bar

Another old-timer, the Anchor has been made over, from a rather dusty and rundown (yet popular) bar into a modern and spotlessly clean watering hole where you can play pool, check the sports out on the large flat-screens and generally watch the world go by from its street-side seats.

Location: Towards the east end (away from the beach) of Thai Na Road
Type : Sports bar

Bluefin Tavern

Once boasting the island’s biggest collection of CDs, Bluefin has gone from hosting the area’s expats to catering more for visitors. It features both a breezy terrace from which you can watch the street happenings and an air-conditioned interior. Bluefin also serves burgers and Mexican food.

Location: Thai Na Road central Kata
Type : Tex-Mex bar

Bounty Bar

Bounty is not exactly a red-hot hopping spot but it certainly is a cheaper alternative to sitting at the brass-and-teakwood bar at Mom Tri’s Boathouse. With flat-screen TVs and a pool table, it’s got all the basics for those who are not too fussy.

Location: Opposite Mom Tri’s Boathouse, Kata Beach south

Dino Park

One of Kata's most famous attractions, Dino Park is a mini golf course with a difference. The course and accompanying bar and restaurant feature a manmade exploding mini-volcano that erupts on cue every hour. Various pyrotechnics and strange Dino-noises surround the course, which naturally involves a (cement) dinosaur or two. Open during the day from 10:00 onwards, Dino Park is actually better in the evening when you can see all the visual effects in their full glory which means that you can get a few drinks in, have a decent meal (the burgers are good here) and play mini golf until midnight. Read More...

Location: Karon Road, just north from Kata’s three-way intersection by Marina Phuket Resort
Type : Mini golf/restaurant/bar


Kata used to have only one rocking music venue and this was it. With all the paraphernalia that goes along with Thai heavy rock – huge choppers, lots of wood and Confederate flags, Easyriders isn’t exactly original but it is loud, friendly, has good live music and is open daily. Not a large place, it gets going past 23:00 and doesn’t even open until 22:00.

Location: Small soi (on the left if heading to the beach) off Thai Na Road, Kata Centre
Type : Hard, raunchy rock – loud

Duke's Sports Bar

Some years back, your typical sports bar was a dimly lit smokey place with drinkers of dubious reputation and temperament glaring at a tiny screen above the bar. Duke’s Sports Bar in Kata couldn’t be further removed from this dismal scenario and is the total opposite: Open sided and fan cooled, Duke’s is a super-friendly bar where sporty punters are spoilt for choice by the five flat-screen TVs showing sports as varied as Super 15 rugby union to ping pong. Read More...

Highlights: 89/6 Taina Road, Kata Centre
Opening Hours: 12:00 – late
Tel: 087-2641155

Girlie Bars near Kata Conner

Girlie bars scene in Kata is not at all a big business, especially comparing to Patong. But visitors can find some of them if they want to. There’s a group of girlie bars near the Kata Corner where solo male travelers will get more than enough attention from friendly girls sitting outside the bars, inviting passersby for a drink or two as a start. All are simply set up and fan cooled.

Opening Hours: Late morning until late at night
Location: Kata Road near Kata Conner
Type : Beer/girlie bars

Hollywood Bar

This is probably the only alive bar in the Ket Kwaan Road area and it caters for people staying at the Sawasdee Village and Alpina Resort as well as Centara Kata Resort. Wood-and-terracotta designed, it keeps its lights down low (in fact the brightest light in the place is the aquarium) and the music consists of evergreens. Not outwardly girlie, it does however, have several hostesses that will sit with you.

Location: Ket Kwaan Road, opposite Sawasdee Village
Type : Scandinavian beer bar

Kata Night Bazaar

The Bazaar is a collection of more than 15 girlie bars of various sizes, styles and noisiness. Basically, some are cathouses and some not, but all feature girls in tight mini-shorts, halter tops and a motorcycle at the ready. If you’re a single male and choose to walk on this side of the road past 20:00 expect some serious attention, if not downright manhandling in the strictest sense of the word. Kata Night Bazaar is a whole lot of fun later on but gets to be a bit of a hustle at closing time.

Location: Kata Road, north end past the Club Med
Type : Girlie Bars

Number One Bar

A quieter alternative to Easyriders, Number One Bar is open to the street and a great people-watching spot. This is Kata at its most informal.

Location: Opposite Easyriders
Type : Laid back, street-side cocktails

Rick N'Roll Music Cafe

Rick N'Roll Music Cafe

Rickie Zen is a local personality with a big heart and enviable qualities as a host and MC. This is his stomping ground and where you will more often than not find live music, good food and a warm welcome. Large screen TV shows ‘live’ music that you can watch while sipping a cocktail on the sofa in the fan-cooled lounge.

Opening Hours: Midday – late
Location: On Kata ‘new road’

Robert’s Pub

Once the star of the show at Easyriders, Robert is a truly impressive showman with great guitar and vocal skills. Expect an evening of excitement and great covers as the band go through old favourites at the speed of light. Not the place for a quiet conversation, Robert’s Pub is also free of pushy bargirls and a sign at the door half seriously requests that you refrain from taking any firearms in, just in case you’re packing a piece. As it doesn’t open until 22:00, the pub gets going a lot later than most Kata bars.

Location: Towards the east end (away from the beach) of Thai Na Road
Type : Hard rock and pop covers – loud

Ska Bar

The Ska Bar is built on huge granite boulders at the south end of Kata Beach and has a great view along the strand and out to sea. You can reach it by going down the little alley near Mom Tri's Boathouse, following the sign saying 'To the Beach'. Alternatively, take the steps down to the beach by Kata Beach Resort and head south. Here, expect lots of reggae, dreadlocks, Bob Marley look-alikes and a friendly atmosphere. Keep your eyes open for organised events as Ska Bar has been known to throw major parties with good live music. Read More...

Location: Very south end of Kata Beach
Type : Reggae beach bar

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