Patong's Party Zones!

Patong Beach Nightlife

Trying out every bar on Bangla Road is the life's work of a dedicated few and the comings and goings of different places are sure to keep those people happily occupied for as long as they wish. The nightlife scene in Patong is governed by immutable but unknowable forces.

One night a given place may be completely packed, come back the next night and it will be deserted. Bars come and go like fireflies in the night, meaning that keeping an accurate record is almost impossible so we won't even try. Instead, here's a breakdown of the general character of each area: what to expect and where to go (usually). Bangla Road (The most famous Hot Street in Patong)

Hot Bangla Road Soi Bangla + VDO

Bangla goes all out to entertain with girls, beers and music that increases in volume as the moon rises. Jammed most nights year round, it's a lively place to walk around in.  Read More...

Paradise Complex - Patong Beach Paradise Complex Patong

Phuket Island became a popular destination around 20 years ago for international travelers looking for incomparable beaches, sunshine and pleasure. Read More...

Rat-U-Thit Road Nightlife Rat-U-Thit Road Nightlife

The intersection of Rat-U-Thit and Bangla is a happening spot, with nightclubs like Tai Pan (FBI), VIP and Baya Beach attracting large crowds. Read More...

Sai Kor Road Nightlife Sai Kor Road Nightlife

The main nightspot here is the Tiger Complex which, bizarrely enough, houses a Thai boxing stadium upstairs and a warren of bars downstairs. It’s an odd arrangement but it works. Read More...


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Phuket Nightlife
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