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Patong, once known as the sleazy, red light district of Phuket, has undergone a period of transformation in recent years. The area's once notorious nightlife has been tamed somewhat to make it friendlier to women, couples and families and Patong now has something for everyone.

That's not to say that you can't find some wild action anymore - you certainly can - but it does mean that a much wider variety of entertainment options exist to make your nights in Phuket as much fun as your days.

Phuket Beer Bars Beer Bars & Bar Girls

A beer bar is one of the countless little places that are jam-packed together. These bars uniformally employ numerous pretty hostesses whose job is to lure patrons by various means. Read More...

Gay Parties in Phuket Gay Phuket - HOT SPOTS

At the Royal Paradise Complex in Patong an estimated half of the businesses there are run by, or are catering to gay people. Many are small bars with a selection of young men. Read More...

A Go Go Go Go Bars in Patong

Patong’s Go-Go bars are the main reason some people head there in the first place – they feature sexy, scantily-clad young girls swaying to music. Read More...

Music Pubs in Patong Live Music Pubs in Patong

If you're all about the music then you have plenty of options in Patong. There are quite a few places where the most important thing going is the tunes. For die hard rockers there's Rock City. Read More...

Phuket Discotheques Patong Beach Discos

Patong plays host to several nightclubs and discos where those so inclined can let their hair down and get their boogie on. Read More...

Phuket Cabaret Shows Cabaret Shows in Phuket

Colourful costumes, fantastic dance routines, music and magic -  the live theatre in Phuket provides a total escape into a flashy, glittering and carefree world.  Read More...

Alternative Sports in Phuket Sports Bars in Phuket

Sports Bars in Phuket generally divide into two concepts: Those with large TV screens and pool tables along with a darts board and those with just large TV screens. Read More...

Thai Boxing in Phuket

One of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand, and now gaining world renown, is the martial art of Muay Thai. Read More...


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Phuket Nightlife
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